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Aflac is a great company. You just need to know how to file forms and what documents you need to get from your providers. You also are given policies in the mail that you need to actually read. Aflac gives you a ten day free look to make sure you understand what you are buying. They also have a wonderful website full of information and their customer service department are very helpful. Ok. If you go to the emergency room of a hospital with or without admission, the hospital uses a form that you can get a copy of after about a week called a UB04. These form shows the charges for everything you had done...ambulance ride, tests, medicines, lab work, treatments, equipment, admission/discharge date, surgery, days in hospital, intensive care, just ER visit, etc. Submit this with your Aflac form and generally that will be all you need for that visit. If you are treated by a physician or urgent care then you need the 1500
HEALTH INSURANCE CLAIM FORM to go with the claim form. This form basically has the same type information as the UB04. Both forms include diagnoses. Again, you would normally have to wait about a week or two before requesting copies of the forms. Normally, I just tell the providers that I want the forms for my medical records if they ask. They do not charge for a copy of today. That could be different in your area. Once I submit that form by fax, and my claim form, thru Aflac's website because it is easier, my check/s are in my hands within a week or so. Hope this helps. Remember, read your policies. Once I learned what Aflac needed to verify my claim, it was easy. I wouldn't expect my homeowners insurance to pay me for a damaged house without coming out to see it and do an estimate of value. With these forms, I find that I end up getting paid more money on things I didn't know would be covered because Aflac has the total information and because I have multiple policies, they cross check my coverages and pays me on all of them that it applies to the incident, even though I didn't file a separate claim on the others.

Mar 29, 2013

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