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About nine months ago during open registration at my place of employment AFLAC put on their Dog and Pony show about what great supplemental health insurance they were and how they would help pay your bills, etc. What AFLC doesn't bother to tell you is that they make filing a claim that they will accept as difficult as possible. They have already denied a perfectly legitimate claim from me. I was looking into filing a claim for my wife, who was recently injured at work, when I discovered that AFLAC expects you to provide their claim form to the physical while you are being treated for the accident. So while you are in the middle of an emergency you are expected to stop, logon to the AFLAC website, sign in, download and print the claim form. Perhaps AFLAC thinks you should download and a keep a copy of their accident claim form on your person at all times in the event that you might have an accident sometime in the future. Most of us don't have time to make an appointment with an attending physician after an accident to have them fill out an accident claim form, and most physicians are too busy treating the patient to take time to fill out AFLAC's accident claim form. Is this a criminal action? Sadly no, but it goes beyond unethical. I understand that AFLAC is in business to make a profit, and I am sure they do quite well by making it as difficult as possible for it's customers to file a claim. They might want to add the requirement that the accident form be signed with the blood of a virgin, during the dark of the moon. The board of directors should be all over that idea. Anything to sweeten the bottom line and up those bonus dollars.

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  • Lm
      3rd of Nov, 2014

    Basically you wanted them to pay you just because you said so. I only know AFLAC by the claims of mine that have been paid. But you naturally don't have the form when going to ER..ok, makes sense. And ER docs will NOT fill out AND form if you didn't have it with you during treatment.. why you ask? Because by the time you show back up to ER with the form can be hours, days or even weeks later. In the meantime, he/she has seen hundreds of patients and the doc doesn't know or recognize you. So, to get the form filled out, you need to go see your regular doc for a follow up appt, but you won't do that. REGARDLESS that you were to GET a followup and didn't want to PLUS you can get ur form done than.
    And YOU are upset that they won't pay basically just because YOU SAID SO!
    READ YOU PLAN, FOLLOW THE RULES, and you be pleasantly surprised!!

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