Afhco Property Management / unit b025 platinum place...

Johannesburg, ZA

Much to our surprise, as it rain yesterday [protected]), rain water ran down the walls as if there were no pipes to contain it no time the room became a pool . We quickly turned of the local main, raise most electrical appliances to the bed and rushed to security desk, as the intercom does not work. We found the manager, as we ran back with him, unbelievable-says the manager, rain water had inundated the rooms .As the manager went round the back of the rooms, we discovered how the six drainage pipes at the back of the rooms delivered their content with such force that the exit pipes could not handle such a flow, so water spirals violently in to the corridors and rooms and it took 10 men, 3 hours of hard work to contain and chase water out of their rooms and corridors .It rained for 30 minutes, we chased more than 10000 liters of water out of the rooms .had we not been at home, what a loss this could have been. please AFHCO get us other rooms while you deal with this problem.THANKS TO BOTH MANAGERS AT THE BUILDING.

Nov 28, 2017

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