SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / ferry algeciras-tanger thursday 13th april 2017

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
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Dear Sir/Madame,

Our 4pm Balearia Ferry with the AFerry reference No. 8984137 was delayed by almost six hours on the 13th April 2017. There was no a reasonable or extraordinary reason for this delay and we are entirely entitled to claim a full or partial refund.

After a 6 hour wait and a 2 hour ferry trip, we had to face the Custom controls at 12am and a long drive to our destination. We were also about to lose our reservation on the hotel due to the late arrival, which was 2am. I will not claim for consequential losses but we kindly ask for a compensation.

I would much appreciate it if AFerry could give me a respond shortly. Thank you.


Marina Naranjo

Apr 25, 2017

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