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My name is Sergejs Baziks. Reference number: 9589638
When I bought a ticket for ferry in your company, I chosed the option of flexy ticket. I paid for it £20 extra. The option of flexibility was available for 72 hours. I have to go later. On 12/08/2017 in the morning I sent a message on your message service and explained that I have a problems with my PayPal and can't change the date myself. I asked your staff to help me to chance my date and time of my traveling for 13/08/2017. The personel told me that I have a flex ticket and can go without any problems. Depends on time I am going. I provided the time and date. Finally, when I arrived to the Dovel port they told me that I have to pay £60 extra because I was late. I was waiting 4 hours and didn't know that to do. I didn't have money with me. I was driving 14 hours before the port and after that I have to sort the situation with ticket for 4 hours!!! This is not appropriate service that I expected to have. First, you staff provided to me a wrong information. Second, no communication when I had s problem. I wasted 4 hours of my time and still have to pay £60 extra. I have to find out the options not to lose my trip. This situation made me extremely stressful.
Could you please check all communication within me and your staff. I was promised that port will sort the situation without any problem. But it did not. I am so unhappy of the service you provide me, how much stress I had and how much time I wasted that I would like to ask you to return all money for the trip I had (£116 - I paid for ticket). Also, I would like you to return me £60 that I have to pay in the port. I can provide a receipt for this. This is first stage of my complaint. I will wait 10 day for resolving this problem. If I will not received any reply from you within these 10 days, I will go to complain to higher level.

Kings Regards,
Sergejs Baziks

Aug 22, 2017

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