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My name is Maria Del refugio becerra alvarez on 7/31/18 at 6:40am I was going to fly to guadalajara mexico from richmond va, I wasn't able to fly because of a last name error on the plain ticket, it didn't match with my passport, please refund me with this issue, my husband also had same flight but he was able to fly. His name Daniel Becerra vargas. My phone number [protected] Email is [protected]

  • Updated by teresa becerra, Jul 31, 2018

    my name Maria Del Refugio Becerra Alvarez 7/31/18 at 6:40 am on this date i was going to fly from Richmond VA, to Guadalajara mexico, i was not able to fly because off
    one of the last names was missing on the boarding tickets error on the ticket, the boarding tickets and my passport dint match unfortunately, i would like to see if i can get refund for this error. my husband and i we both got the tickets for same fly, he was able to fly. his name Daniel Becerra Vargas. my phone number [protected] Email

Jul 31, 2018

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