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Aelous Property Management / Fraud and cheating

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I signed a 12 month lease with Aelous property management. I didn't move in until the 4th day after I signed the lease. Utilities were not on so I had to start new services there. I moved in on the 6th and out on the 7th. The night I stayed there, everything went wrong. I couldn't use the kitchen sink because it flooded my counters. The living room light would not work. Even with a brand new light bulb. When the water guy came and turned the water on, the floor flooded because of rusty knobs in the laundry room. The water man told me there was a plumbing problem because the water wouldn't stop running somewhere in the townhouse. The downstairs bathroom wouldn't stop running and the upstairs didn't run. I had no blinds in the apartment when I moved in, although she did say she would replace the blinds. In the front yard, there was a bag of molded chicken nuggets in between the bushes. Along with other trash. It was nasty. That's not even everything that was wrong with the place. It is too much to type. So, we moved out the next day. I tried to contact her on several occasions that weekend and she never returned my calls. Finally about a week after I moved out of the place, she calls and says as far as she is concerned, I still had the keys, so I still owed rent and she wouldn't give me my deposit back. The townhouse wasn't even a descent living environment for my children. There was no working hot water in the house. So, I mailed her the keys to the place and a notarized document telling her i tried to contact her about the damages before the 5th day after signing the lease. After that, she considers the damages your problem. There was no way for me to know there was plumbing and electrical problems because the utilities were not on when I signed the lease. Yesterday I checked my mail and the keys and documents I sent her were returned to me because she did not exist at that address. Now that I'm taking legal action, she's nowhere to be seen. This woman is a ruthless, coldhearted individual. I know she wouldn't think that apartment was acceptable for her children to live in. Why should it be acceptable for mine?

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  • Ju
      27th of May, 2009
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    This person has mis-stated the facts. I am the property manager for this unit and here are the facts:

    She signed a lease with us on Tues, Mar 3. She paid her $300 deposit and received the month of March RENT FREE!! At lease signing she was told that the water had never been turned on by us so we were unaware of any water issues with the apt. We had only turned on the electricity to clean and repair, the cleaning people bring their own water. She was then given a move in condition sheet and told to fill it out noting any defects in the apartment and if she wanted any items fixed she needed to fill out a written repair request and we would have them taken care of. She called on March 5 to ask about miniblinds and the hole in the closet where you could see the tub plumbing and I told her we could have maintenance there Monday, Mar 9 at 9:00 am, but to still include those items on her move in sheet. She agreed that would be satisfactory. I received a phone call from her at 8:10 pm on Sat. Mar 7 stating there were problems in the apt. She did not state there was an emergency, but that she needed maintenance. She called again Sun, Mar 8 at 7:30 am saying she was sorry about the phone call last night she was just upset at the situation she had gotten herself into. I don't know what she meant by that statement. I do not understand that if indeed the water guy told her there were problems with the plumbing why she didn't contact us immediately so we could send someone out right away? Maintenance was at her apt as scheduled Monday, she would not answer the door or the phone. Maintenance called me to tell me this, I tried to call her she did not answer, so I left a message asking her to call us back if we needed to reschedule. She did not call back. I called again twice each day for the remainder of the week. She did not return any calls, nor did she come into the office. After about 2 1/2 weeks I get a call from her boyfriend asking for the deposit back. I told him he is not on the lease and she needed to call me. She did not. A week later he calls again, I tell him the same thing, still no call, no show from her. I finally get a letter from her dated April 27th asking for the deposit back. We sent her a letter May 1, explaining that she did not follow procedure and she still had the keys to the apt and she needed to return the keys and pay rent for April. She is considered to be the legal tenant of that apt until she turns in the keys. I then receive on May 15 the keys and a notarized letter dated March 7, stating the issues with the apt. I sent her back a letter May 19th letting her know the time frame was unacceptable in which she returned the keys and her repair request, she owes rent for April and now for May. I received an application on May 13, and approved the tenant. She moved in and immediately turned in her move in and repair notice and all items in the apt were repaired to her satisfaction and I received a call from her today, thanking me for getting right to her and she was very happy with her new apt. Had the previous tenant followed procedure as required, we would have done the same for her. The reason why the keys came back to her was likely she didn't address the envelope correctly. I have not moved my business, it has been in the same location for over 2 1/2 years now. I am not ruthless and coldhearted. I did not expect her to live in an unfit place. But I do expect that people follow the rules and turn in notices as required as soon as they are aware of problems. I cannot fix anything if I don't know there is a problem. She never turned in any paperwork to us as required. I must have the written notice of repairs to verify the bills to the owner. I would not treat her any differently than any other tenant, and I have several letters from tenants praising us for being so prompt on getting repairs done. This girl obviously doesn't understand about rules and regulations or how to follow directions. Whatever situation she "got herself into" is not my problem. I have all of these facts, paperwork and all other documents pertainging to this in my office and if she feels the need for legal action, I am prepared to meet her in court.

  • Do
      7th of Nov, 2009
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    Julie Winn is a pathetic excuse for a property manager. She lies out her as* and treats her tenants like dog shi*...And what is this BS about being "prompt" to take care of repairs?! Yeah effing right! I can't count on my hands and feet how many times we notified her of issues and she either never responded or took her precious time getting to them. There are TONS of "ripoff" reports of Julie Winn & her shi* company posted all over the internet, not just locally, but nationwide as well. Do your research before renting from this crazy as* bitc* because rest assured, she WILL [censored] you over!

  • Sp
      9th of Nov, 2009
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    Are you kidding? Did you read the lease before signing it? If not, you probably should have, because it is a legal contract. Did you look at the townhouse before you rented it? If there were issues, you needed to address them BEFORE you moved in. You DID have a FREE month.

    Exactly who was supposed to get the utilities turned on? Ummmm, YOU! It is part of the move-in process.

    If you are taking legal action against Julie, you are wasting your time and money. She documents everything, especially due to people who threaten to sue. Good luck with that.

    Cold-hearted? No way. Does she protect her clients? Absolutely. Can she see through lies? Absolutely.

    Honestly, I don't know how she does it, because whiners like you make my skin crawl.

    If you are used to people NOT holding you accountable as an ADULT for your own behavior, there is a word for you. It is called a "Sponger." My guess is that you found someone who would let you live somewhere for free, and are simply angry because you weren't allowed to "skate." Grow up.

    Also, it is spelled "Decent, " not "Descent, " Genius.

    I have known Julie for five years, and we all know that she is great at what she does. It takes a tough person to deal with people who, in general, don't take responsibility for their own actions and expect everything for nothing.

    Good luck with that!

  • Re
      1st of Apr, 2010
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    I've had Julie as a property manager for four years. At times there have been normal issues that come along with living in a house. Every time I've ever called Julie she has taken care of the problem right away. I have had absolutely no trouble with Julie. The above tenant just sounds angry and irrational. I would totally use Aeolus again if I was renting.

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