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We rented a car through Advantage rent a car, on Travelocity. My flight info was entered. It said that this company meets delayed flights. As our plane left the gate they saw a low oil light on and had to pull back into the gate. We never got off the plane. We arrived at 12 18 am, instead of 11 45 pm. I went to the car rental counters. There was no one there. A girl at the Hertz counter was closing up after renting out a car. I asked her if they were on break or someting. She said No, they left at midnight. What was I going to do? The airport was abandoned. I needed to drive to Iowa City. My sister reserved the car for me because she was at home with her 11 month old and three year old. Her husband has been deployed. She probably wouldn't even hear the phone. I called Travelocity. The man at customer service called the local Advantage, he ofcourse got no answer. He called their customer service line. He talked to them first, then would come back to me. Which is good because I was hysterical and probably wouldn't have said anything that made any sense. He said that the counter was closed for the night. He suggested taking a taxi to a hotel and coming back in the morning. I had no cash. I knew I couldn't afford that. I asked him if the car company was going to pay for that, my response was they couldn't guarantee it. I asked if they could call someone in to get my car. They couldn't. The travelocity customer service eventually transferred me to Advantage customer service. I spoke with that woman for awhile. Asking the same questions, and not hearing an answer I liked. I finally called my mother. She told me to go to those one call kiosks and find a hotel that had a 24hr shuttle. The Des Moines Holiday Inn gave me a ride and a room. The drivers were nice even though I couldn't tip them. The front desk clerk said the rental car companies do this all the time. I went to sleep at 2 am and was up at 7 to go back to the airport. The girl there said they usually wait, and she had left a note telling them to wait. I had taken medication to calm myself down, so I wasn't irate. I told her I was really upset that this happened. She apologized. She showed me the rental agreement. I asked her if there was anything she could do for me. She got the manager and told him what happened. He was very calm about it and said he would address it. He said he would give me a day free. Which becuase this was an economy car was like 17 dollars. When we finally got to the car I was a little disappointed that it had manual locks and windows. But I knew it was cheap, so we went on our way. I was ten minutes on the highway when I was searching for cruise control and couldn't find it. I couldn't believe it, I asked them for directions to I 80 they asked where I was going. They knew I had a two hour drive. They didn't even think about the fact that cruise control would be necessary? When I got to my sister's I searched my reciept for a local branch #. There wasn't one. I went online and emailed every Advantage email I could get a hold of. No one EVER responded. NO ONE! When I finished my trip and returned the rental car, I had to wait at the counter for 5 minutes before an agent came. She was outside. I told her that I had been abandoned, she said "Oh yeah, I heard about that, " I told her I would like the mgr to call me becuase 17 dollars was nothing on the 140 I had to spend on the hotel for five hours. She said ok. I never heard from the manager. My calf had a cramp the rest of that day, no cruise control!

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  • Ki
      Sep 28, 2010

    Tell me at least it had a sunroof, built-in GPS and an I pad hookup...WAKE UP's an economy car not a Cadillac Escalade...IDIOT.

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  • Jo
      Jul 22, 2011
    Advantage Rent A Car - CAR INSURANCE
    Advantage Rent a Car
    70East Kaahumanu
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    We made a car rental reservation 0n June /03 /2011, after waiting for 20 minutes at the airport for the shuttle to take us to the car rental location, the salesperson keep pushing us to buy more car insurance, even after we told him that we have purchased car insurance in advance, after 20 minutes of arguing we didn't buy more car insurance, but he put a $450.00 hold on my credit card, I couldn't cancel the reservation because I was already at my destination, and it would of cost me 3 times as much to do a new reservation .
    We picked up the car on July 07, 2011 the car was dirty inside and out and also smelly .
    This is the worst car rental company, don't rent with this people.

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  • Gl
      Jun 15, 2016
    Advantage Rent A Car - OVER CHARGES - MESS
    New Jersey
    United States

    Be careful, this company has rude staff and untrained personnel ... lack professional customer service attitude.
    They wanted me to pay $250.00 for "detailing / cleaning" the car upon return. I went to a garage and vacuumed the car and upon return to Advantage Car Rental, they checked the car again and said they would only $100.00 to clean the car. The counter staff kept me waiting another 35 minutes and were rude. I had to catch a flight so I couldn't wait any longer and told them I would contact their customer service department and they said, "THEY CAN'T HELP" we make our on decisions. I was charged and extra $117.56 on my credit card and now I am taking my complaint to MasterCard.
    I will NEVER rent from this outfit again and advise everyone else to be aware of this "SCAM" mess of a company.

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  • An
      Jun 15, 2016
    Advantage Rent A Car - unable to contact to figure why charged
    United States

    Here is the letter of complaint I sent to them. Kevin "manager of Colorado" "the only one in Denver " when asked his name- is a rude pompus person with customer service skills of a gnat.

    Refusing to give name and number of superior gave me email this is the letter:I am letting you know how ineffective your "manager of the state of Colorado" is.

    I rented a car through orbitz. which I will pass along to them. which got me to Advantage. I have never heard of it and there may be good reason.

    My experience with this organization started with arrival to Denver airport, December 14th . Due to broken technology it took 45 minutes in line to rent a car. Many people were frustrated and angry. I felt bad for what I thought was a momentary misfortune for the company. Figuring it wasn't intentional.

    I returned the car on December 17th. No problems as far as I knew.

    On December 18th or 19th I couldn't figure out why the $200 hold was still on my account. I called American Express and they told me to try to contact advantage first. I did. I tried a number on the american express site, advantage's website. I got to Denver and New York City and not sure if another number. I was on hold multiple times twice for at least 45 minutes and never was able to reach a person. I believe I emailed at that time as well and never recieved any contact to figure out the $200 charge. So I called American Express back and they filed a dispute. At the end of December. I moved from Florida to Denver. During this time I found keys in a pocket of a winter coat. In florida it isn't something I wore so it was put away for 2 weeks. When I found them I wondered if that was realted to the charge. I emailed the company again trying to reach someone. No response.

    I finally got a response10-16 days later from "the manager or Colorado" who is not at liberty to give out his name, thankfully he is "the only Kevin in Denver".

    When he called he told me sorry I could sent them back but he couldn't reverse the $200 dollar charge. I was very frustrated that this is the first contact and that is my first response. I am sure my voice was clear that I was irritated. He immediately cut me off and told me "stop right there and don't yell at me". I did stop righ there cause I thought "wow this is a person involved with customer service" and he immediatly lectures me about my tone a voice though I didn't even know I had the keys and was unable to make human contact with anyone to find out and he tells me a message was left on my phone number which he verifed and was correct. I said I'm not quesitoning you and I realize another person may enter notes but I assure you I did not get a message from advantage". He then procedes to tell me "well I think that's about it now you are questioning my integrity".

    I am stunned this is a manager? Really there are no better choices in this market? WOW!

    He refused to give me his name and did give me this email when I asked for his manager, quite obviously in another location than CO. Since he is in charge or the state. Sorry that fact just keeps boggling my mind!!

    I think you should let me return the keys for my deposit. It did not cost you $200 . NO one told me I had them. No one told me they weren't there when i turned in the car. No one called me and told me. No one left me a message and no one answered the phone on multiple occasions when I tried. I tried multiple option in the phone tree to reach ANY HUMAN. NONE!

    I am amazed that you can survive in business with practices like this.

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