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Advanta / larceny at it's worst

1 Irving, TX, United States

I too... have been totally "had" by Advanta and it's businesss practices. from 9.9% to 20.99% then to... 37.58%!!! Never late. No late fees. credit score in the mid 7's. this is sick... Way to help people out in this economy. Does anyone know what they get to borrow money at currently? below 1%. what the [censored] I hope this bank goes down. bad. and all the employees with it. it is one of the most egregious blantent thievery i have ever seen - let alone be a target of it. I am all over a class action suit with anyone that has the time to undertake it. i can be reached at [protected] I also think that the big business networks ie: Fox CNN etc... expose them - especially when they are talking about banks. do you think anyone could come up with a strategy that might help the economic woes that are plaguing this country...? how about having the banks take some of the billions they just got for below 1% - ask them to lower the interest rate by - oh, say 50% of what ever they are charging the consumers... thereby allowing them to pay instead of defaulting. Let that same customer gain some sanity back and well being - maybe they will have learned a lesson, cut back and "spend" more wisely - but spend. isn't that what the goverment wants us to do... spend? cant do it if we are paying Advanta 37.58% interest profit. The name of the VP of client services at Advanta (as of 12/08) is Anne Howley. but good luck getting a hold of her. I am trying again right now... good luck everyone - and FIGHT!!!


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