Advance Cash USA / lawsuit

Virginia, MN, United States

I have been receiving calls that say I need to contact them and its very urgent so I called and they told me I have a lawsuit being filed against me because they have tried over and over again to contact me and I have a loan that I took out with advance cash usa and I haven't paid it so they are suing me for fraud. I thank asked can I speak to your supervisor and he said there is no one above me and got really #. I than said well give me the information for this company that I took this loan out from, he said I already gave it to you, but he did not. So I was very aggervated so I started yelling at him and told him to give me this information and I told him I do not have any loans and he got real # with me and said, "well tell me how they got all your information tell me that." And he than told me he was going to have the police come arrest me than hung up. I call led back and he told don't call him anymore, so I kept calling eventually he I got a busy signal and they haven't answered since. I also recieved a email tha tgives me what they say I have to pay

Feb 13, 2014

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