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i attempted to purchase fuel at mapco @5211 poplar ave in memphis tn. i had a balance of $59.00 on my total pay card. i only wanted $9.00 worth of fuel. adp allowed mapco to place a hold on a declined charge for initially $100, then they allowed them to debit the balance of my card which was $59.39, on a declined charge? that was monnday 11-16-09, today is thursday 11-19-09 they have now debited the charge, mio=nd you i did not purchase gas. i tried to call the store and the corporate office, to no avail. i then called adp and was charged $3.00 to be told that they could not help me. this card is a rip off. it does not make consumers aware that they charge you .50 to call an automated phone system and get their balance, , i intend to write and let all of my fellow employees know about the hidden fees that are charged, this is predatory pimping at its best!!!

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  • Er
      Nov 27, 2009

    I made a purchase for gas at a wilco Hess for just 10.00 fuel and then suddenly after making a desperate withdrawal from an atm that alway charges 6.00 for out of network i discovered that my card was billed 75.00 on top of the 10 fuel i purchased to see if they were sufficient funds into the account. I called to check the balance and discovered what it was for on the option to check last 10 transactions. I then called customer support 3 times trying to resolve the issue to only find out that i have to wait for 3 business days to pass before it would return. I then was told that i was being charged 3.00 a pop to talk to them which after that and account access of 50 cents add to almost 20.oo they ripped off of me theirself. My company i work for enrolled me with this as was my only choice at the time but now i am planning to make a move to a regular checking account. This company is scandalous and i would never recommend them at all as they rip off peoples hard earned paycheck from which they sit and gain interest off your money. I think a class action may be in store for them.

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  • Ih
      Dec 08, 2009

    I HATE ADP and their rip off Total Pay cards!!! If you have a job that pays through this service, run as fast as you can. They charge you to do just about anything with this card. They even charge you $2 to check your balance at their supposedly free All-Point ATM's!!! And then they charge you by the minute if you need to call them about something. I LOATHE this company. I hope that this company collapses with all the other failing banking institutions.

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  • Ya
      Feb 06, 2010

    This company is dedicated to completely falsifying information. There have been three different instances in one week where I have misplaced my card and prior to 3 hours I found it. They have already processed the new card after I was informed to cancel it if I was to have found it. I must've spoken to 6 different agents, 3 supervisors, and one manager. Every conversation I have had with each individual have been a different story. Ten different people and not one have said the same thing except for no they can't cancel the request. This company should be banned from issuing checks on a card. Employee Roma id number 8033112 and Alex 8033111 are complete replicas of what a supervisor should NOT be. These people have no empathyand they lack work ethic. They base their hourly pay on saying what they want and not even offering a solution. I have never spoken to a company where they just say off the bat "I am sorry there's nothing else I can do" as opposed to saying "I am sorry but this is what I can do for you". This company needs to be reevaluated. They need better training on what protocol to follow. I feel like an absolute fool for putting trust into a company where they base their career on falsifying information.

    Edison, New Jersey

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  • Ve
      May 13, 2010

    I attempted to purchas fuel at a Murphy's station 2 days ago. The pump accepted my card but would not pump any fuel. I then tried to purchase gas at another station, only to find that a hold had been placed on my card. I managed to scrape together just enough change from my pockets to get home on. The rest of my money is on the card and I cannot access it. The next morning I called Murphy's. The responded quickly and faxed a release form to ADP. ADP did not accept the form because they used the last 4 digits of my card # for security reasons. ADP did not communicate to Murphy's or myself that more information was needed. After several calls, I finally found out what was holding us up from ADP. I called Murphy's again and once again had the request form faxed to ADP with the full card #. Murphy's had to get special authorization because this is not normal practice for security reasons. ADP should only need the last four digits and your name to pull your account. More time goes by, still no release of my account. I call ADP again. Now they decide they don't agree with the amount requested because Murphy's included the transaction fee in the amount to be released. I agree, this should be returned to me because no purchase was made. But, I still need my money so onc again I have Murphy's fax the form to ADP. I still have no access to my money. The customer service is terrible. I can't make out what the customer service reps are saying half of the time. Issues with ADP customer service have been communicated to a corporate level by many of our employees. I is on the agenda to be discussed during our management meetings next month. We only have about 1500 employees. I heard laughter in the background the last time I spoke with a supervisor from ADP. Maybe I'll be laughing when the lose an account of 1500 employees!

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  • Da
      Jun 11, 2010

    I was issued this card forcefully by my employer advance auto. I had no choice in the matter, nor did i agree to use this service. I informed my manager that i wanted a paper check but was told no. She said, "this is how corporate saves money and you did sign a paper agreeing to the adp card." I setup my card pin over the phone and took it to walmarts to withdraw my measly 148.50 pay. I first did a balance inquiry and noted my whopping 148.50 balance. I then swiped again and tried to withdraw 147 using the credit card option. It said transaction declined and spit out a receipt stating my balance at 147.08. ERG!! So i swiped it again and this time tried the savings option and was declined again taking my balance to 146.50. I then grabbed a supervisor and she got to work trying to figure out WTF happened. She called the ATM machine company and they blamed it on the ADP. She called ADP and they blamed it on the ATM. At this point i was furious and just wanted my money off the dang card! The employee asked me to try the card one more time using the checking option and it was declined again taking my balance down 145.50. Not one red penny in my hand of my paycheck for this either... I got back to work and called ADP and got a lady named linda 'with a thick indian accent'. She replaced the money as a 1 time curtosy and i ended up using one of the 3 checks i got with the card to pay myself with paper. I ran back to walmart to cash it but they wouldnt do it. My manager was filling out the check while i was on the phone reading out transaction numbers to her and she mispelled my name and scribbled it out. Luckily, i bank with woodforest and they went ahead and deposited my check...saving the day. I wonder if there is some kind of law against this or something? If it wasnt for lack of work in my area and getting lucky finding this job, i would quit over this very matter.

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  • Tf
      Aug 04, 2010

    What you experienced was an "authorization hold." Gas stations do this when you pay at the pump to ensure they get paid for the full amount of gas you pump. Since you swipe your card before you know how much you owe, they automatically hold say, $100. You may only pump $20 worth, but they've held $100 just in case, and you get the $80 back after several business days of processing time. This isn't a big issue if you have lots of spare money in your account, but unfortunately most people can't afford to have their own money kept from them.

    To avoid authorization holds in the future, always pay INSIDE the gas station rather than at the pump.

    Check out this helpful article explaining authorization holds:

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  • Mo
      Oct 14, 2010

    This place is a total joke. When I press '1' for English, I expect it to be fluent and understood. WRONG!! If you ask them something off of their paper that they are reading, they pause, say, "I understand your frustration." Yeah, sure you do! Somebody needs to investigate this place and see what a scam it is to the people who work their [censor] off for their money and then don't get it all or don't get it AT all.

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  • Sa
      Feb 22, 2011

    Yes, I totally agree with the fact this card or any ofthese pay cards do not tell you.
    I too went to a gas station to 5, 00 worth of gas, my card was declined and then money help up my card.

    What found out is these cards are not as secure to gas they all will hold funds on the card unless you are using it as a debit transaction..And you must go into the cashier to do that, do not attempt at the pump.
    So now I just do not use the card at a gas station at all.
    only for straight purchases.
    But I have check against my card..when my money is deposited on my card, I write a money network check and get all my money of. except for their monthly transaction fee.
    Which you have to remember to have on the account as well.

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  • Ne
      May 09, 2011

    This company is the biggest fraud. They charge you for everything. I have ADP through my employer and have had the card for 2 years. My card expires this month. They sent me a new card with the same number but when I called to check my balance it MADE me reset my pin to the new card. So now I am waiting for my new card which was sent out on the 3rd and was supposed to be here on the 9th... it's still not here!! I can't use my old card and there is an ACTIVATED new card floating around in the mail system somewhere! to make matters worse the idiots that are working for the company are in another company. They are real life "Peggy"s! They are obviously reading from a script and can not help you with ANYTHING you call about! Tell your employers to read the reviews and DO NOT let you employer load your money onto this card. They charge .25 cent PER transaction and $1.50 to take cash out of the ATM. So you are paying to use your own money so that they can pay Peggy 2.00 an hour in Bum [censored] somewhere! This company is SO un-American I hope this company fails and quickly!

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  • Sk
      May 11, 2011

    i wrote a check on the money network from adp on the 6th.
    aftern having to void the check, i was told by customer service
    to write void on the check and fax it to them, which i did on friday also.
    they said it would take 48 hrs to credit back my acct.
    it's now wednesday afternoon and i still don't have the funds
    available. this company sucks!!!

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  • Rg
      Jul 08, 2011

    I was married and changed my lasy name. After 5 attempts of sending them my SS card, ID, marriage certificate etc. EVERY time they told me the fax was too dark. But they do not call to tell you this, they leave you guessing untill you call to see the status of your fax, WHAT A JOKE. After changing my name with them they said sorry to inform you ma'am but if I send you a new card will will have to shut off your current card and you will recieve a new card in 7-10 business days for a 9 dollar charge. So i asked them can you go 7-10 business days withoug money? The lady said yes!!! haha them she tells me to withdraw all my money, I told her yeah that would be great except they only allow 400 dollars to come out per day!!! This place is a joke, not one employee speaks english and they charge for EVERYTHING!!! Why did I even bother changing my name with them if they won't send me a new card. Needless to say I closed my account today!!! BYE BYE PAY CARD YOU SUCK!

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  • Ih
      Jul 15, 2011

    I totally agree with this. I was just at a store yesterday and tried to use the card to pay for a $15 clothing item. I have at least $200, perhaps more in my account. My card was denied and when I called in, the lady told me my card was on hold and she was not 'authorized' to tell me why it was on hold. Strange, much? She also told me the only way to get it off hold was to fax in a copied picture of my social security, a photo id, and a bill as 'proof'. Who knows how long that will take ! Such a crappy company, and now I can't touch ANY of my money on this card when I really need it right now, I hope this company burns to the ground.

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  • Sh
      Apr 22, 2012

    Most MOTHER###ING company on earth, where we have to pay 3$ to speak with their mother###er customer service...I haven't seen such a hopeless policy in my life...STAY AWAY...They must have ripped me off for 10-20$...but I will be glad if hundreds of their potential customer stay away after reading my comments and company goes bankrupt one day.

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  • Th
      Nov 29, 2012

    This ADP card is the most fraudulant card in this country. I was charged $3.00 @ customer service call to get a DDA and ABA number because the number posted sent to a voice mail system!!! A voice mail sytem that apparently is a diversion Customer service reps are so poorly trained, they read a script.I think I heard "I'm sorry" 6 times in one call. No intelligent life what so ever. So in one month I have racked up $20. 00 worth of charges just to get MY money.THE CARD LIST WHERE YOU CAN USE ATM WITHOUT BEING CHARGED BUT I AM CHARGED $3.00 BY "PNC" AND $3.00 BY ADP. WITHDREW MONEY FROM A "PLUS" WHICH CHARGED ME $3.00 AND $3.00 CHARGE BY ADP. PEDRO IS THE REAL "PEGGY" AND HE IS ANSWERING THE PHONE AT ADP...PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS CARD. IT IS THE WORST MISTAKE. I AM CONTACTING MY STATES ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE TO FILE A PUBLIC COMPLAINT AS WELL AS THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU

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  • Th
      Nov 29, 2012

    Put your money into a Credit Union instead of a card, you don't have all those charges. My checking and savings are free, no monthly fees.

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  •   Mar 14, 2017

    @thatnameisalreadytaken People use those cards because they have screwed over too many banks to get a bank account.

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