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ADP is holding our HIPAA statement hostage! even though we were covered for a year through their administrative cobra services, they now refuse to send us the letter that states so. they claim their client (american express) did not contract for that service. excuse me? how are we, the employees hit by a lay-off and trying to stay afloat, supposed to know that? and why should we be responsible? where do they get off telling someone they can't issue such a statement, even though the law provides that insurers and administrators MUST do so? we are escalating this issue to the highest level, to insure we receive comprehensive health coverage. in the meantime: if your business is thinking about hiring ADP, save yourself and your employees a giant headache and don't choose them. they are unethical and they break the law.

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      Nov 24, 2010

    Dear Complainers-
    Im not saying everything is always perfect, but I work at ADP and there have been a lot of strides taken. Just IN MY CASE ALONE ..i recieve faxes that you have to make out then you go to call the client leave messages they dont call back ...ect...some of the blame is on you ...THE CONSUMER...Im not saying all instances someone here has dealt terrible customer service BUT we are also governed by laws, policies, and procedures...ADP is a filing cabinit...we take YOUR info...process THE INFO YOU GIVE ...file it and store it...we do not set tell us how everything is to be taxed ect...if you dont know then you need to hire a CPA! so lets know the whole story before you start throwing daggers

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      Nov 23, 2013

    ADP is handling our COBRA. They sent us two notices of payment due, then stopped sending them. Their initial info package directed us to contact our previous employer for any questions and we were told (several times) to wait for the invoice which never came. So we were dropped from COBRA, losing our insurance coverage. We went through the appeals process, which included supplying them with copies of all email correspondence with the employer telling us not to pay until we got billed. They turned down our appeal!! It took threatening our old employer with legal action to get them to get us reinstated.

    ADP is still not sending us invoices and I am going to switch to paying over the internet to insure the payment is received and properly credited since we have been told that there will be no further opportunities to appeal. They seem to enjoy taking advantage of any opportunity to cancel you. Probably because they work for the employer, not the insured.

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      May 22, 2017

    We are going through the same thing. We had to keep calling for the invoice. The calls were sent overseas. We could not even understand the reps. Then my husband had one month left so he went for a procedure. Next thing you know, they mailed back his payment then told us we didn't make the payment so they just canceled his insurance and now won't pay his claim. We have even sent the canceled checks as proof. Currently waiting for the next reply. Terrible service on this appeal process because it's all done through fax, no communication with a person. Ugh

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