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Las Vegas, United States Review updated:

I am writing a summary of my experience with Adore Cosmetics to hopefully prevent others from making the same expensive mistake I did.

My daughter and I were spending a fun day shopping at the Miracle Mile shops in Las Vegas on May 15, 2014. As we were about to leave the mall, we were offered a beauty sample by a lady standing outside the door of Adore. As we reached for the sample, she got very close to us and asked us to please step over the door threshold so she wouldn’t get in trouble. Of course, we didn’t want her to get in trouble so we crossed the threshold and were immediately whisked into a chair by a very smooth and flattering guy named Josh. He said he had some products that were better than a facelift that he wanted to demonstrate. He put some gel under my eye, let it dry, than placed another product on top of it. It did look better than the other eye and he could sell them to me $900! I said no thank you. Then he started offering to add some other products to the deal and demonstrated a facial peel on my daughter’s forearm that looked like it removed a lot of dead skin and dirt. (From other reviews I’ve read it will do the same thing to a clean countertop and light bulb!) Then he starting lowering the price and telling me other people in the store had gotten less and paid more. Before I knew it, I was suckered into 6 products for $400. I felt uneasy about spending that kind of money, but I figured I was getting a high end product for a deal. He had someone else ring up the purchase and bring the receipt to the chair I was sitting in rather than have me go to the register. I do not recall if it was a paper or electronic receipt that I signed. When I asked for the directions on how to use the product, Josh gave me his email address and told me to send him an email and he would instruct me on how to use them.

We rushed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. I washed my face because Josh did tell me to use the product at night and not to wear make-up over it. The longest I could have had the product on was one hour. The area under my eye was a little red. We went out to dinner and spent the evening doing some sight-seeing. The entire time, the eye under which the product had been applied was watering. By the time we got back, the area was very red and swollen. I immediately realized I had made a mistake in purchasing these products, but I figured I would be able to return them since they appeared to be such a high end store. I found my receipt and was dismayed to find “No refunds” on it. This was my first indication that these products were not refundable. I was not told this and I did not see it when I signed the receipt.

After a fitful night of sleep, I returned to the store prepared for a fight, but hoping they would do the right thing. I had not opened any of the products. The girls at the store told me I had applied it wrong. (I didn’t apply it. They did!) Then they told me they don’t take returns and pulled out a sign from behind the register stating that fact. (Remember, I did not go to the register to pay.) They offered to exchange the items I bought, but I explained that since I was leaving town the next morning, I would not have time to test another product. Then they started talking to each other in another language which I thought was very rude and unprofessional. They suggested I call customer service which I did while still in the store. When I called, the representative asked which line of products I had bought and gave me the impression that Adore is not their only line of products. She told me to fill out a customer claim form and fax it to her. When I explained that I was leaving town and would not be able to return to the store, she told me I would have to mail the items to them. She gave me the impression that a return was possible.

After returning home, I filled out the form and emailed it to them. On May 27 I received a reply that they don’t take returns due to liability issues. She also said that the law requires that they place a sign stating their no refund policy in front of the register. She offered to exchange the products or give a store credit. When I explained that I had not seen the no refund policy because the receipt was brought to me, she claimed they do it that way as a courtesy to their customers. When I pointed out that reputable cosmetic companies allow you to return products, she compared their no return policy to Forever 21 and Bikini Bay which I thought was ridiculous since they aren’t comparable products. She did admit that not all of their sales people relay their return policy verbally as they are trained. I asked her to send me a copy of the receipt that I signed so I could possibly tell whether it was electronic or paper receipt. She did, but I cannot tell for certain what kind of receipt it was. However, I usually take the time to neatly sign my name and this one looks messy which makes me think it was an electronic receipt. I don’t believe what I signed had the return policy on it.

By the way, my husband stayed a few days longer in Las Vegas and walked through the mall and saw Adore was in the process of changing their signage. Are they using name changes to keep ahead of the complaints?

In summary, I believe this company is one to stay away from. If their products are so great, why do they use such deceptive and pushy means to sell them? Don’t fall for their charming sales people and their disreputable sales methods.

I am disputing the charges with my credit card company. They say I have a good case. I encourage others to do likewise.

Jun 05, 2014
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  • Pr
      Aug 14, 2014

    I absolutely agree, had same experience just this week. This is a well trained but deceptive sales group and probably the product is sub-standard also. I did not buy it. It started at a slick $900 but because I was staying (she said) at the Hotel I could get it for $400. I wasn't buying, actually I was toying with her. I know cosmetic ingredients and I probed and she stumbled about" Seaweed "... she had no clue. Finally as a special 'favor' to me she offered the product for $200 !!

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  • Fu
      Aug 15, 2014

    Same exact thing happened to me. This company is from Israel and the products are made in Israel and the sales people (mostly young men) are Israelis, but they pretend to be Italians and they told me the products are made in Italy. They are smooth talking con artists acting like Italian models and by talking sexy and paying complements to women they think they can fool us into handing them our money. Their products are ridiculously expensive, and highly allergenic. Got allergic reaction from the in store sample, took back the product in its original packaging not open in less than 7 hours and they wouldn't take it back. DO NOT be fooled by this company, their products DO NOT WORK, put them out of business and send them back where they came from or they will change our rights and the way we shop in this country.

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  • Kr
      Aug 23, 2014
    Best Best Advice

    I had the exact same experience in Covent a Garden in London this week. They gave me a sample as I walked passed their store, he followed me and said he could give me another sample for my face but I just needed to follow him into the shop. Once there I was literally whisked into a chair with the guy standing so close I could not escape! He then proceeded to use every hard sales tactic in the book to make me buy the products which again started out at £99 for the face peel then as a special favour for me only it came down to £49. I nearly gave in to the hard sell but stood my ground and said I wanted to see how the product reacted with my skin for a while and that I would come back if I was satisfied and I'd done some research on it. When he knew he had lost the sale he became extremely rude to me and I had to practically run from the shop! I'm a pretty strong person but I felt very shaken by this experience. There were a couple of people in the shop who were buying products and again I witnessed a hard sell and the receipt being brought to the persons chair. I would stay away from this horrendous company. If it has to have its employees using such hard sell tactics to sell its products then they can't be that good

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  • Un
      Aug 29, 2014

    The same thing happened to me, in Adore Planet Hollywood mall, Las Vegas. In fact, my story is almost identical to Kathleen's...and I think it's the same store. Sales person was I believe Kevin..but they too talked in another language and pretended to be Italian. I can't recall what country he said he was from, but eastern Europe. The girl stands in the hall and offers free samples, and when you say thank you, you're swiftly moved into the store with a salesperson and feel on the spot to comply with their kindness to try on a product on your eyes that are going to show amazing changes immediately.

    I also got the same treatment Kathleen (above) did. Gel under eyes with another product on top--tightens under eye, Because I have allergies and my skin is sensitive, I was concerned and told him no several times. He just kept it up (likely on commission) and insisted & totally assured these products were tested, and I COULD NOT be allergic to them. He also said "no problem" if I had a problem, so I also thought I could return it. High pressure, and after I tried to nicely say no, but thank you for the experience SEVERAL times, and the ladies with me walked out of the store, he sat there basically blocking me from getting out of the chair. Then he said he could give me another discount and needed to see my visa to verify something. Price kept coming down...and was so highly pressured, tons of compliments (I am 53 so want to keep my skin up), I finally caved. Ordered products because I didn't want to carry them home in luggage. I also thought it would give me a day for my skin to react, and I thought we have 3 business days to cancel an order, so I'd try it. I am still regreting decision! Not once did he say I could not return it, he misled me saying no problem if I had a reaction.

    I never saw any no returns sign, in the window or by the register. He did the transaction while I was in the chair, but I did stand up near the register after that. Like her, I SWEAR that I did NOT see "no returns" on the copy I signed either. (I suspect the copy we sign on top doesn't state that, then they put the receipt in a bag or hand it to you with samples to distract you from noticing).

    We left, walked back to our hotel for dinner, and my eyes started to tear up, tissue swelled, and my neck and eyes itched. On the way to dinner, I had to go to a bathroom and wash it off! The irritation however had started, so I was miserable. The next morning, we walked back to that store first thing to cancel my shipment before it was sent. He was there as was a brunette lady who I think was supervising. He said he couldn't do the transaction of canceling the order in the store--never once said it was not returnable nor refundable--which would have been the professional thing to do. If I was allergic, he should have gotten me a better product if no refunds & I could only pick out something else. But no--neither he nor the other lady who he asked to go somewhere down the hall and "get me a form to fax in my refund/order cancel" request!!! I waited and saw other suckers in chairs... She returned with the form, they showed me the address on top, and said I had to fax it in. When I stated that I was on vacation in Vegas and didn't have a fax handy, wanted to cancel it before it was in the system and mailed, I was told that was the only method of stopping the order. Again, no one said it wasn't stoppable!

    When I returned home, I faxed it in, then followed up with email. Fed Ex came a couple days later & dropped off the box. When I realized what it was, I didn't open it and refused it, they picked it up and returned it to them, getting a signature for the pkg. delivery. Via the email, I was told they don't return anything due & I could have 30 days to pick out something else (yes from home) or accept a store credit to use in Vegas or give the $300 away in a gift certificate. By then, I was out of state returned home so picking out something else or the other options didn't make sense.. Like Kathleen, she compared their no return policy to Forever 21 clothing store (once you buy clothes and take them home you cannot return them), which to me was a comment from a young girl without life experience, cold, and cut throat attitude. When I explained that I had not seen the no refund policy, no sign, and was totally misled by not only the sales person, but the day I returned to the store! Like the lady above, she said they don’t take returns due to liability issues. I said there was no liability, as I hadn't received any products.

    I sent a statement off the internet website for Adore showing they value their customers and any product you are unhappy with could be returned (obviously opened) for a refund! She said it didn't matter, and the 3-day rule to cancel an order didn't apply in Nevada, that they are a franchise which had nothing to do with the internet, and all sales are final, --they can make ANY return policy they want.

    Do NOT even go near that store. They are liars, who are only concerned about their sales commission, and will lie and do anything for the sale. I feel for the ladies in the customer service area. They also have to have "who cares" attitudes as it's not a company or franchise, that truly cares about it's customers, doesn't care about repeat customers, reputation, etc.

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  • Gr
      Aug 30, 2014

    I had exact same experience in the Beverly Hills store. Stay away from this store and their smooth sales people pretending they are Italian and the magic their product offers. I was told products are made in Switzerland and packaged in USA. While label say Israel. I said I have sensitive skin and need a tester. He said "I guarantee it" and I took it as I can return. I had sever allergic reaction to the product. It was never mentioned to me that I could not return the product. Same chair on signing technique! They are offering store credit or exchange after they refused to take the product back the next day untouched. Asked me to fill out their customer service form and don't worry about it. I am out several thousand dollars which I am disputing and wont stop fighting. Don't fall for their free sample and 60 second demo, they trap you and won't let you leave until they sell you products offering you discounts payment plan and free facials. Google them and read the reviews. Products even if they work are much cheaper on line even on their own website than what I was charged.

    Stay away from this company and their deceptive sales practices.
    Stay away from this company and their deceptive sales practices.
    Stay away from this company and their deceptive sales practices.

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  • Sh
      Sep 04, 2014

    I was told DR. Oz had endorsed this product and was speaking in Vegas. I ended up with $1500.00 worth of Adore products, with very poor instructions as to how to use the different creams. I can't say my skin has improved but my bank account sure suffered.

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  • Sw
      Sep 05, 2014

    In addition to everything above, their name is Adore Organic Innovations, and although there are organic plant extracts and such, they are also full of chemicals and heavy perfume. I even asked if the product was all natural during the demonstration, and I was told they were. The girl even tried to convince me that the fragrance listed in the ingredients came from flowers. I just smirked and tried very hard not to laugh out loud at that statement.

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  • Du
      Sep 11, 2014

    Also got scammed by them in Las Vegas!
    Filed BBB complaint.
    After 6 mos they finally responded with a refusal
    to do anything. Corporate says they are NOT franchises,
    so they can do whatever they want!

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  • Ge
      Sep 29, 2014

    I had an identical experience tonight in New York City: the girl at the door handing out free samples, complimenting me on my eyes, pulling me inside to demonstrate the product on one eye, and saying: see the difference? The price was normally $800 but just for today, it would only be $400. I said I'd have to think about it and asked for her card. She gave it to me, reiterating that after today, the price would be back up to $800. Sure. As I left, there was another girl at the door, trying to pull more people in off the street (Lexington Avenue). My gut feeling was this was a scam. It reminded me of the high pressure used to sell time shares. After reading all the other posts here, I'm glad I trusted my instincts. My advice to all who got hooked: don't pay the credit card bill. Fight it!

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  • Da
      Oct 01, 2014

    I am going through the same exact thing, pressured into buying there products with my mother purchasing also last night at Aventura mall, Miami Florida. I am standing at there kiosk now fighting for a refund. Had them call the managers I threw a fit, I told them I had a blog and social media will take them down and I would call the better business bureau. Don't back down I got mine and my mothers refund.

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  • Ka
      Oct 15, 2014

    I just returned from Las Vegas and had the same experience at the Adore store in the Grand Canal Shops. However, I did not purchase anything from the very high pressure salesperson, as I felt there was something terribly wrong with the product. She applied the product under one eye, fanned it dry and I immediately felt a tightening under the one eye. After applying it under the 2nd eye, I inquired about the cost. She told me $400 and when I said I would need to think about it, she offered to lower the price. I also told her that I wanted to leave it on and see how it felt after a few hours. She insisted on removing the product, stating that it would only work when applied before going to sleep. In reading the other complaints, it now makes perfect sense why she removed it, as she must have anticipated that it would prove uncomfortable and I would certainly not be back to purchase it. I plan to write the hotel company where this store is a tentant and suggest that they remove them from their property. More people need to share these reviews on Google and the BBB as well.
    Definitely stay away from these stores.

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  • No
      Oct 16, 2014

    I read all of the above article only after I have already bought the products. I have such bad reaction on my skin and my daughter. I purchase over $2000 and still fighting to get my money back from the credit card.
    Adore organic innovation should not continue to harm any more people. I believe what goes around comes around.

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  • Ca
      Oct 20, 2014

    I had the same experience at the Aria that everyone did - high pressure sales, put the eye product on, looked great when he did, and started with $399 and then reduced to $199 - this idiot bought it. Two hours later I had white flecks under both eyes (supposedly salt) and then, to top everything off, got home with eye cream and it was empty!!! Am writing email and based on what you are saying I will get nowhere. Will try to get my money back and will contact better business bureau.

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  • To
      Oct 27, 2014

    My experience was EXACTLY the same as Kathleen. I was going to go back and purchase later today as I did not carry my purse into the store. Fortunately, I decided to look online first. So glad I did. Kathleen, thank you for your story as it saved me $400. Amazing how everyone gets a deal all the way down to $400. regardless of the date in which you enter the store.

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  • Th
      Oct 27, 2014

    I had the same thing happen to me in Vegas. Stay away from this company. If it is so good why is there a non returnable policy. I did not know that until I got back to motel and decided I may not be able to take the products on the airplane but then saw the receipt that stated not returnable. They got me. They are shysters stay away!!!

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  • Ka
      Nov 03, 2014

    Hi! This is Kathleen P! I just wanted everyone to now that I successfully had the charges reversed on my credit card. I think the key was that when I was communicating with Adore, they sent me an email stating that although they train their sale people to inform customers of the no return policy, they admitted that not all of them do. I also filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. I encourage others to do this also. I'm sure the credit card companies are getting familiar with this companies tactics.

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  • Ke
      Nov 06, 2014

    Kathleen...can you share the email that they sent to you?

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  • Je
      Nov 11, 2014

    Is there anything Adore can do to stop these scammers?
    I experienced the same horrible tactics and now I am suspicious the product is not authentic. Still unopened and my receipt says I can return it in seven days. Has anyone had trouble with their credit card charge reversals?
    I did experience puffiness several hours after his application.

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  • Ir
      Nov 20, 2014

    Hi Katheleen, thank you. I plan to do the same. I'll go to the store tomorrow to return and if not (apparently my check says no refund - but i was not told!!) I will file a complain with Amex. And anyway plan to send an email to then right now

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  • Er
      Nov 27, 2014

    So I fell prey to this company and their tactics today Nov. 27, 2014 while viditng Fremont Street with my sister and mother, I got pulled into their storefront while my sister and mom escaped - they served me champagne and moved me from one chair to another. And initially charged me 500.00 that I was comfortable paying for what I was getting - however when I walked away my card receipt stated almost $7500! I went back to complain as they were shipping items to me and the gentleman Lucas got very upset and offered to refund my money - however he took my original receipts with the $500 and $7500 charges and gave me a refund receipt for $4300 not the full amount - I kept saying I don't have my glasses and can't see and since he kept doing eye treatments I couldn't put them on...needless to say I have contacted my credit company and filed a complaint and stated that I refused to pay and asked for a refund - I have product that I will return once I can file a formal complaint - I have never fallen for a scam like this and am shocked that Lucas claimed he told me the cost which he never did other tha. The initial 500 dollar charge! I a, embarrassed and my eyes are red on the spots the product was applied!

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  • Ka
      Dec 05, 2014

    I had the same experience with Adore in Las Vegas. They prey on people's insecurities.

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  • De
      Dec 06, 2014

    i just had the bad experience at Covent Garden. Attracted in the store by a handsome young man and nice romanian young girl.
    Got a sample outside the door. Once inside could almost not get rid of the man who tried to sell me him products. Price started at 269, 00 £ and at the end offered for 99, 00 £. A real robbery !!! Don't trust these people.

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  • Mr
      Dec 09, 2014

    I wish I had known about these posts an hour ago!! Just had the same experience at the Venetian in Vegas. I don't usually give in to high pressure sales people but for some reason I left the store with $200 of eye cream and a "free" facial peel. He was VERY high pressure, I said several times that I would walk around and think about it and that I wanted to make sure I didn't have an allergic reaction. I immediately regretted spending the money (although after reading other posts sounds like I got off light) and my eyes are now burning and watering while typing this comment. I was repetedly told it was guarnteed for two years. As in the other posts, I never left the chair, he said he needed to see my ID and talked about how young I am (I'm 37...really?!), then took my credit card to the back for processing. While I was signing he put my receipt in the bag. I was never told it was non-refundable nor did I see a sign. By the time I got back to my room my eyes were burning. Since I was told it was guarnteed for two years I assumed that meant I could return it until I looked at my receipt and saw it said no refunds. I will go back tomorrow and try to return the products...and warn everyone I know not to fall for this scam!

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  • Pi
      Dec 11, 2014

    It's not just women who have been sucked into these unscrupulous sales tactics! I too was taken in by the faltering sales talk, and what appeared to be an authentic change following a demonstration around my eye. I went ahead and purchased the Instant Lift Cream, paying $300.00. Like your previous reviewers, it soon became clear after leaving the Adore 'Spar', that nothing had changed following the cleansing post sample procedure, the eye area looked just the same apart from a reddening which was the beginning of a allergic reaction to the product. I can't believe that I allowed this product to be applied before having a test reaction first! I did get myself booked for a full facial, but having had my suspicions, and then reading the comments, I imeadiatly cancelled! This company needs to be brought down, and I will be doing my upmost to help bring this about. Thank you for this helpful site.

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  • Yv
      Dec 17, 2014

    I sure wish I would have read these comments before I was suckered in! I walked away with spending $1, 000 on products that burn my skin and will now sit on my bathroom shelf. I'm so mad!

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  • Bu
      Dec 27, 2014

    I can't believe I got suckered into this high pressure sales experience at a kiosk in a local mall. I held strong for most of the sales pitch and but then caved in, figuring that I could always return the items if I changed my mind. BIG MISTAKE! When I returned a few days later with my receipt, I was told that I would have to send a email in order to receive approval to return the products. When I told them that any other merchants accept returns and issue refunds, I got the "Forever 21 comparison", just like Kathleen and "unhappy from Iowa". At the time of my purchase, I was not informed of their return policy, nor was there a sign to inform people of this matter. The first time I saw the words "No Refunds" was when I looked at the receipt. I just sent a return request to the email address that was provided to me, which looks like a personal emaiI. I'll see what happens. I am prepared to fight this until I get a full refund!!! Now I feel like going back to the mall to warn other women who are approached by these fast-talking, deceptive people and to hand out copies of the experiences that everyone has posted on this site.

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  • Al
      Dec 27, 2014

    Thanks for all the honest reviews! I, too, was whisked into a chair in Vegas even though I said I was in a hurry. "Oh, Americans are always in a hurry." I wanted to try the eye tightener so said just put the product on, skip the sales pitch and if I like it I will come back. He was indignant and said he didn't give sales ptches, just explained the product. My daughter was playing in a chess tournament and I needed to take her food. I could see a difference and asked the price and was told you order online and not at the store. I rushed back to the hotel, brought food to my daughter in the tournament hall, then read these reviews. I think I will live with my puffy eyes!!

    I want to say, though, that some of the emails sounded predjudiced. There are honest people and scammers whether you are from the US, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, etc. Buyer beware when you are dealing with expensive "miracle" products!

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  • Na
      Jan 04, 2015

    I had the same experience. They put cosmetics on my eyes and they looked better. When I got back to the hotel there was a white residue under my eyes and they didn't look any better than before. This is such a scam. I charged it on American Express. How did you complain to ax and did you get a resolution. I think we should do a class action suit against them. Keep me updated at [protected]

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  • Na
      Jan 04, 2015

    I had the same experience. I charged on American express. Can you tell me how you got the charges reversed? They did not tell me either about no returns and they went to the register and brought the receipt to me. I feel very foolish. Please help me The email Kathleen got would help also. Thanks.

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  • Ma
      Jan 04, 2015

    I am disputing a charge on my credit card right now. I was tired after work & got pulled into Adore in San Francisco by an "Italian" franchise owner calling himself Josef, handing out sidewalk samples. (Italians don't name their sons Josef, it's Giuseppe.) He seemed Middle Eastern to me after doing his sales pitch. He was smooth and stylish. Unfortunately, I should've walked right out of there. He was unsuccessful at selling me $600+ worth of cosmetics. He did another pitch of something else for $271. I agreed reluctantly. We ran my credit card on the computer. He said he was sorry, it DECLINED. He offered to take my card and run it on another computer in back. That was the final red flag. I said right then I was CANCELLING THE TRANSACTION and that I was unprepared to make this purchase anyway. Thinking the sale was declined, I LEFT THE STORE WITHOUT PRODUCTS OR RECEIPT. I should have checked my credit card balance in days following, but I only noticed on my next bill that MY CARD WAS CHARGED ANYWAY. The sale transaction had, in fact, gone through. I received no goods at all. He robbed my card. I'm dealing with this through my card company. They have told me to visit slimy Josef to discuss this matter. If he does not agree to void this transaction, I file an affidavit of fraud.

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  • Bu
      Jan 06, 2015

    Here's an update from busybee53: I have sent four return & refund requests to the email address that was provided to me from the seller when I went to return my purchase and I have not received a reply yet. (Can't say that I'm surprised.) I also sent a blind copies to [protected] I did receive a reply from them and was told that stores and kiosks across the country are individually owned and operated and they (the online department) have no jurisdiction over them. They cannot refund my money since the payment was not made through them. They said that any issues that I had would have to be taken up with the owner. So back to the mall I will go!

    Next I will try the phone number that was given to me and then I'll return to the mall for Round 2.

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  • Ms
      Jan 08, 2015

    Hi Everyone,
    My husband and I had a very similar experience in the Vegas Miracle Mile Adore shop. A lovely young lady offered free samples and then a young man, who claimed to be from Milan (and was only in Vegas for the weekend for a convention) promptly sat us down. After a convincing sales promotion for the facelift serum, he asked my husband to write down his name and give his driver's licence to check to see if we had ever ordered Dr. Oz products (if we hadn't we were entitled to free additional gifts). We were lead to believe that we were purchasing two products at $199 each and that we were being showered with free promotional gifts.
    Once we got back to the hotel, we noticed that our receipt was just a blank piece of paper. I called the credit card company and found that we were charged an additional $216.20! There was a second receipt for that amount. I believe that they had my husband sign an additional receipt when he had to write down his name. Once we discovered this discrepancy I contacted the company, who said that the stores are independent franchises and we would have to go through them. Since the store was not answering phones, I contacted customer service at Miracle Mile, who referred me to Adore customer service for that store. I sent a letter of complaint indicating our issue. They promptly wrote me back and indicated that we had signed two receipts and that we still received a good deal, considering the cost of the product. I will contact the BBB regarding this matter, however, these practices are obviously continuing. How can this be allowed?

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  • Mt
      Jan 08, 2015

    I was just in Las Vegas this last week and came across the Adore store in the Canal Shoppes. I am kicking myself for buying anything from that store. It feel they are very dishonest. I was sold $1500 worth of skincare, after the price originally starting at $3500 and then lots of free stuff being added and then the price dropped to $2500, then down to $1500. The items were to be shipped. I had already bought $400 worth of eyecare (I feel so stupid). I was given attention by a guy who claimed to be Italian and from Milan - and who was here for the Medical Convention (really, a medical convention in Las Vegas during CES?). He complimented me, made friends w/me, pampered me, blah blah blah. Well, after I left the store (without the product, it was going to be shipped), I got online and looked and was horrified. I went back within 20 minutes and said I wanted to cancel the sale. Of course, they wouldn't do it. I said "I don't even have the product, it hasn't been shipped, I don't have it, I haven't taken it)...then they told me some story about how the product is approved by the FDA and legally they cannot take it back because it would be like taking back prescription drugs. I started crying in the store (which freaked them out completely). Then they whisked me back into the facial room and the guy told me that he could void the $400 of eyecare I bought and would let me keep the product, only I had to stop crying IMMEDIATELY. If he saw one more tear the deal was off. OMG -- what a horrible, horrible, horrible store. I am just sick to my stomach that I even bought anything from these folks. They voided the $400 receipt and let me keep the eyecare, but I was still in for the $1500 of skincare. They quickly smashed all of it in to a bag and told me they couldn't ship it because they had no money in the deal anymore. So I walked out with a full suitcase of so much skincare I don't know what in the world I am going to do with all of it. These guys are scam artists and should not be allowed in a store. And they should be ashamed of themselves, how can anyone have such a dishonest job of lying to people and taking advantage of them and feel good about themselves. These "Italian" boys had better cross their fingers that Karma isn't real, because they are playing with some fire being such bad people and scamming folks like this. I just hope that the skincare is actually good stuff, because apparently I'll be using it for the next 8 years or so. Good Lord. **so embarrassed I was taken for a fool**

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  • Bu
      Jan 09, 2015

    Busybee53 here with an update.

    After sending five emails (from Dec. 27 to Jan 6) to get a "return authorization", I FINALLY received the following reply on Jan. 8th:
    "We do have no refund policy. Although we do display a no refund sign at the kiosk, we do except refunds ap to 36 hours from purchasing. Buy contacting costumer service. Because it is a cosmetics product we do not except returns after long period of time."

    Please note the poor grammar and spelling in this email. Also...there was NO sign at the kiosk informing customers of their no refund policy. I sent them a reply telling them that I was told that I COULD get a refund if I sent an email requesting a "return authorization." I will not give up on this issue. This company makes my blood boil! I'm so upset with myself for giving in to their sales pitch!

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  • Ir
      Jan 12, 2015

    It's Irina Ku. So I filed with AmEx in Nov and just got an answer that they decline my claim as apparently an electronic copy I signed said not refunds (they attached it). I definitely have not seen it on the screen when I was signing. I'll try to call them tomorrow to see if there is any sense to reopen the case and also plan to visit the store to check if there is a no refund sign visible.

    OI also feel like to walk into the store when there are a lot of people and loudly mention it to customers - just to see reactions of salespeople

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  • Sk
      Jan 26, 2015

    Adore organic innovations is a JOKE, Here in Tucson, it is carried by a store called "Le Visage, " previously known as "L'Visage" in the La Encantada mall, they had to change the name due to legal reasons (apparently) I worked for this company and they would make you stand by the store and talk people into trying a sample of the product telling them it will give you amazing results, that one jar of the peel they're selling will last you 2 years to justify the insane prices, $200 for a face cream? They sell Adore as an "all organic" line and let me tell you, as somebody who does have an experience working with actual organic products, it is definitely not organic. Look up the ingredients! The main ingredient is silicone which fills your pores so it would look like their anti-aging products are working, they tell their sales people to make sure NOT to wipe the customers face with a wet wipe after application as this will remove the fillers in the pores. If they get you in their chair and feel as though you MIGHT buy but the price is too high, they start giving you stupid amounts of discounts, a $600 product goes down to a $50 just to make the sale! They also state that the product is from Switzerland? It's from Israel, the owners I worked with had personal connections to the makers. If you're familiar with how ridiculous Oro Gold is, this is pretty much the same thing

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  • Ho
      Feb 03, 2015

    I saw these posts and it just made me sick. The exact same thing happened to me at the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, Florida. I was completely suckered in and did not even know it until I saw this post chain. I guess this is a global scam by this company as the stories set forth in this chain are nearly word for word what happened to me. It's certainly not a coincidence or rogue employee. It must be how they are trained. Since I have been using these products for a month, I don't think there is any hope for a refund. Not seeing too much difference in my skin after a month of use. What a schmuck I am.

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  • Ma
      Feb 04, 2015

    I also fell prey to their aggressive sales tactics if Galleria Mall in Fort Lauderdale. They claim their products are organic, even as I complained that even the smell gave away the artificial composition of these products... as you read the ingredient list, it is obvious that they are not even NEAR natural, botanical nor organic!! Shame on me, as an educatred consumer I should have known better, but the salesman's promise of a "full refund" lured me into buying overpriced products I did not need nor I intended to buy in the first place. Got to give them credit on their hard sale tactics. This is a scam.

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  • Lo
      Feb 09, 2015

    I had exactly the same experience in Beverly Hills Store. I was walking in Rodeo Drive and window shopping. then a handsome and smooth man approched me and offered some samples. Then made me go to the store and applied an under eye cream and claiming and it would reduce the puffiness and also wrinkles around my eyes. While he was talking, I asked him if he was Israeli, but he said he was Italian.
    Any way he pushed me to buy the product and when I said I needed time to read the reviews online he said " where do you live"
    I said " In Beverly Hills" so he said " Ok, You can have the product for $300.00 if everytime you hear a complimaent you tell them about Adore".
    I bought the product. 1/2 an hour after I left the store, a white crust appeared under my eyes and it was very ugly and I was embarased when people saw me with that ugly crust under my eyes. I went back to the store and asked them to return the product.
    they absolutely refused my request. I will fight it with my credit card company.

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  • Bl
      Feb 11, 2015

    I was in the Pelazzo Shops in Vegas last April the sales people were pushy and their eye creams and other items were way over priced so they sold me 2 items eye cream and serum for a total price of $216.00 I thought it was reasonable I do like the 2 items that I bought however I am out of the eye cream now, I was told that I would have a locked in price of what I paid I contacted customer service sent them my receipt and they will not honor the price, they just said they would give me 50 percent off the retail value which would be double than what I had initially paid, I told them to forget it and that I will never buy anything from any of their stores ever again because they are not keeping their word to good customers.

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