Adore Face Lift Gel / allergic reaction

Rio Hotel and Casino , Las Vegas, NV, United States

Shame, shame on their selling practices. I felt like I was ambushed into purchasing this product. After returning to our hotel, the skin around my eye started to itch and burn. I told Frankie I had very sensitive skin and had to be careful on what I used. He told me the price of 199.00 for the eye lifting gel aND I politely said no to the price. He told me he liked me so much that he would give it to me for $99. I bought it. Can you say SUCKER? I did not use it and called the 1-855 customer service number. I told the lady my problem and she said that I shoulshould just go back to the store and that she would also have someone call me. Remember now, cabs aren't cheap. I paid mmy way back over to the Rio Hotel just to be told that Francesco was in a demonstration meeting to come back at 6pm. I waited for 2 hours in the hotel until Frankie got back and he had me speak to his boss in Tel Aviv. He did not or would not refund my money but only exchanged the product. Hell, I would have kissed his face if he had not stood there and argued with me. No more Mrs. Nice guy here. There was also some lady at Cumberland Mall in Atlanta Ga. Doing the same pushy crap! Geesh!

Jan 15, 2015

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