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Like the other lady who submitted comments on this Cruella Diville, I will say that I agree with all of the statements and will add to. First of all, these are NOT "miniature" dachshunds!! They are FULL size!! Mature to 25 pounds!!

Since I drove the long distance to her home for a puppy, I decided to ignore several red flags... It sounded like there were 100 dogs in her back room and I viewed a room with dog crates piled up the walls. I firmly believe that this is a puppy mill and I do not understand why no-one (SPCA) has done anything about her. I did not see any outdoor runs for these poor dogs. Second, she sent us home with a puppy that was obviously too young. This dog still had a very strong suckle desire and became very anxious. It was only 6 weeks old and most legitimate dog breeders keep the puppies to at least 8 weeks, especially for small breeds.

I ended up having to rehome the dog due to its anxiety issues and size and tried to contact her to discuss. The full size of the dog was an issue for me because of frequent travel.

She completely ignored my emails and continues to advertise her "mini" dachshunds. She is a real slime ball and is charging criminal prices. I would worry about interbreeding as I doubt any legit breeders would sell her new breeding dogs unless she managed to trick them.

Adorable Mini Dachshunds

May 08, 2017

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