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Adobe flash player / Browser High jacking

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I have lately been getting bombarded by pop ups that stop my browser and key board from Adobe Flash Player. When you give in and download it your fine tell the next visit to any web page. This is no different than a browser high jack attempt. You can not e-mail the company unless you have a registered product. And phoning is a joke. I have read forums with thousands of others wanting the same answer. I could understand downloading it and being left alone but this is just a quick fix to get through your session with out your browser/screen being grayed out with Adobe's plea. Are thay above the law? And who else or what organization handles stuff like this.. I cant even find an Address on there web site.. And yes, I already have Adobe Flash installed. I have even uninstalled it with no relief at all..

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  • Bu
      27th of Apr, 2010
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    Adobe Flash - interferance
    United States

    all of a sudden I can no longer pull up videos unless I sign up with adobe flash?-Its supposed to be free?-I dont trust it, and evan though I tried 7 x to sign in it does not happen.anyone have the same problem?

  • By
      1st of May, 2011
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    I have tried innumerable suggested fixes. including shutting down security. uninstalling reinstalling. All the things I was able to view are reduced. I do not wish to waste half my life trying to get my computer to work with a non compatible program that is supposedly compatible to my system. I have even tried some back door approaches such as using different browsers. Noe of the suggested fixes work. I am not computer illiterate and have been building my own systems for years.

  • By
      1st of May, 2011
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    The above complaint refers to Adobe Flash Player 10.2

  • Ca
      3rd of Feb, 2012
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    I too have tried everything possible to get Adobe Flash player to stop crashing my internet browser. I have tried several browsers and the result is always the same- frozen internet. And you are right there is no way to contact them to tell how worthless the flash player is, and unless you want to not have the option of watching youtube videos, playing apps on facebook, seeing content on different websites, you have no choice. You have to use flash. Somebody needs to come up with an alternative. I am so sick of flash!

  • Ti
      17th of Jul, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I am in the same situation than byd and catsmeowjrk.

    In the end I decide to uninstall Adobe Flash Player adn now I am bomarded with offer to re install it.

    I can not see the YouTube videos, So what? The end of the World?

    I did ban all commnications from Adobe in Panda and Spamfighter and end of the history, because there is not way to contact Adobe for a solution, help or complain. Do they belong to the "chaps" in Messina or what?

  • Br
      30th of Apr, 2013
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    the new adobe has crashed my computer 6 times in the last hour and thats just today, its really irritating to have to start my computer over and over again and the computers reason for the download is pointless because the program still isn't working with the new adobe flash player and even trying to uninstall it has caused my computer to crash and its still installed.

  • Wo
      30th of Apr, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Use Yahoo browser and you want have the problem.

  • Ma
      13th of Jun, 2013
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    just upgraded the adobe flash before I realized what I was doing and ever since 1130 when I upgraded my system has frozen or crashed and now is unable to record. Earlier I was recording 3 videos. This has happened again and again PLEASE does anyone know another flash program I am ready to dump adobe for good and I have aLL all their programs read flash and two others i am to pissed to remember. I am done please someone just give me a direction to a better program.

  • Te
      17th of Jun, 2013
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    I have selected an option of not allowing websites to embed information on my computer without permission and a pop up window shows who wants to embed information with allow and deny buttons to click on. I try the entire time the video is running to click the deny button and even though it appears to have worked, often times it does not phase it. So, I have this window in the middle of my screen and no way to get rid of it. The site that most often this happens with is and I have no idea who this is or why it is impossible to deny them this ability but I have to think that this problem is going to have to be solved by a class action law suit. I will write a letter to Adobe Flash Player and give them the heads up to fix the problem immediately and let me know they have done it, or I may have to set this lawsuit in place soon. Can't take it any longer.

  • Ph
      4th of Oct, 2013
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    I'm very disappointed about the Nokia windows unsmart phone if i was told about it not being able to get adobe flash player i wouldn't have got it what a let down. I'm going to get a Samsun i just think I've been scamed.

  • Id
      9th of Apr, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Pandora informed me that I needed to update flash player again. I went to the Adobe website and did that. Adobe hijacked my computer, replacing Google with the Yahoo search engine. I immediately uninstalled flash and changed the automatic link to Yahoo. I cancelled my Pandora subscription since I no longer have flash. Pandora very quickly processed a refund. That refund will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Adobe referred me to the forum. It was obvious that they hadn't really read my comments. But I solved my problem. Since they want me to get unneeded help via the forum, I am showing my disgust in a public forum.
    I will NEVER install flash player again. Hijacking is a crime!

  • Sa
      7th of May, 2015
    0 Votes

    ABSOLUTELY, DO NOT EVER TRUST Adobe Crashplayer. I can't even enjoy a half-hour tv show (which I have no choice but to watch on a laptop) because Trashplayer crashes anywhere between 15 seconds & 6 minutes into a show. The constant need to "Send Crash Report" & reload the page means I miss most of the program. There is no tv reception in my area without cable service & with the extortionate rates for service here, this nonsense with adope trashiplayer is BEYOND unacceptable. Of course they couldn't care less about complaints; I'm convinced the place is run by parasites & maybe an amoeba or two, & there's not even one functional brain cell in the entire company.
    Saoirse S.

  • El
      31st of Aug, 2015
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    I, too am having problems with the Adobe Flash Player crashing every two minutes. It does not matter if I am using a Facebook app, looking up information, or even when I am at work. The Adobe Flash Player crashes at work all the time as well. i just hope that it does not decide to crash if I am paying a bill online. I have complained numerous times to Adobe Flash Player when I get the gray crash report screen. I am sick and tired of having to spell out the details every time it happens. Just to keep an opened mind, I have even checked with Mozilla Firefox hoping that they could help to fix the problem, but on my computer, Mozilla is completely up to date. A while back when looking at past complaints and comments about Adobe, whoever it was on Adobe said that they want to help, if you have a problem, give specific details, but keep nasty language out. They said that they are all volunteers that run and operate the system. If that is true, then that is a big part of the problem An organization, regardless of what it does, is going to get mediocre help and support if they use volunteers vs paid staff. Besides with the fees that internet providers charge, and the ads that are all over the internet, you would think that they can afford to have a few reliable and COMPETENT support staff. I wish that I knew who I could complain to regarding this, as I am sure that other on this blog would as well.

  • Fr
      3rd of Oct, 2016
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    I too am sick and tired and angry that adobe flash player are spoiling my viewing time on my laptop, I like to watch sport and
    my lap top is my only medium..but again and again and again this adobe flash player wants to use my laptop info square keeps coming up like a [censored]n wasp over your drink!!! surely we can sue!.its a form of computerised stalking..I would like to find the employee details of Adobe so I could take it to a much more personal level...

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