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P Oct 03, 2014 Review updated:

I had sent adidas this mail

I bought Adidas barricade Team shoes on 12 July 2014 from I have worn these shoes just about 20 times in past 80 days. These shoes have turned out to be defected. I am attaching some of the photos of the shoes and the damage they have caused to my foot.

The left shoe has deformed.

The right shoe has given me a shoe-bite after just 20 mins of jogging. ( My socks are also a new pair of adidas). My previous barricade shoes still provide me comfort after hours of continuous exercise.

I hope for a quick resolution to my problem.
and they replied:
We regret to inform that your claim has not been approved, as the customer needs to inform us regarding any discomfort within 15 days of purchase. Since you are informing us so late, thus we would be unable to we would not be able to process your request further.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

I guess there is a 3 month warranty
Also there ws no discomfort in the beginning but as i hav used the shoes..they have turned out to be a very bad product.
If your products cannot last even 3 months with less than 20 days of usage then i think i would better switch to other brands and also impart information about the durability if your products to other people using appropriate social media means.
I would also like to take this matter to consumer forum if your attitude towards your customers is so oblivious.
I would also like to mention that i had compalined to about the product within the first month but was unable to follow up with them due to personal reasons.



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      Dec 30, 2015

    I bought adidas shoes from janak Puri distt centre for 3400/-rupees on November 1, 2015.somehow the net on the shoe is starting to withers. I kindly request adidas to kindly look into the matter and give me an appropriate solution for my name is Rajan and my mail I'd is [protected]

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  • S
      Apr 26, 2016

    Exactly same situation with us, bought 2 pair of shoes in 40% sale and the net started to wear off within few days. When we raised it with customer care, they are not ready for refund or exchange but asks us to buy something for the amount we paid. Now the sale is over, we have to shell out money from the pocket. Looks like they sell defective shoes in sale.

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      Apr 26, 2016

    So what was the resolution of your concern?

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