Acre Replacement Windows / Acre anderson windows

Bethlem pa, US

Film on every window that when they came out took a hour to scrap off of just one. Then said it was makers fault maker said it was installers fault. Bing going back and forth for over a year and nothing is being done. I paid 15000 dollars for these windows and its rediclou s. I can not get them clean they first told me to take a razor blade and scrap each window, which I wouldn't do, they also told me to try acitone, which I would not do. I notified them as soon as they installed them and it has been going back and forth ever since. This substance is on a picture window and7 others. Fist they came out and said it was the factories fault. Factory came out and said it was there fault. Every one of the see the substance, looks at each other and says hum we don't know. Now they are not calling me back

Acre Replacement Windows

Mar 09, 2017

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