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I have had achieve card - visa for almost a year, and last month i had just put 200.00 on my card and in about 10-15 minutes later someone .I had gotten a text telling me that the purchase was made on my account, I called achieve and they told me they would send me the dispute forms to fill out, and they shut off my card, I couldn't get the rest of the money and they told me it was an international purchase from China and gave me the number, i called it was someone in Utah, they denied my claim and this company is total ###.How can they do this and get away with it ? My next text will be to the B.B.B. And then an attorney.

Sep 02, 2014
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      Jan 16, 2013 - Do not use this card, there is no possibility of getting your money back if stolen
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    My Debit card was lost, someone found it and was able to rack up over $500.00 in purchase, First I called Achievecard and after 8pm you have no way of cancelling your card, then the rep told me that there is nothing they could do, I have to contact the store where the purchase took place, she also said with their card and ID is not used when making a credit purchase, so there is nothing they could do... Do not use this card, there is no possibility of getting your money back if stolen. Use Green Dot.

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      Aug 04, 2017

    there was an unorthrize amount of $49.00 withdrawal from my account.on July 22 2017 no one else have use my card. I keep my card in my wallet and in my bag.also no one has my pin number. because I have it memorize.

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