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Ace Industrial Supply / Harassment

7535 San Fernando Rd.Burbank, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 8182521981
Make harassing calls, intimidating my husband to order their tools which we have no use for. When I tried to explain why we could't use the tools, Mr. Stearns swore at me and made rude threatening comments. Called repeatedly, we had to unplug our phone. Finally we contacted the State of Calif. Attorney Genreral's Office in order to stop the harassing calls.


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  7th of Oct, 2009
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In regard to Ace Industrial telephone sales, for telephone harassment, people need to contact the Federal Trade Commission on this matter. I have been in contact with the Federal Trade Commission, they say that they have not received enough complaints about Ace Industrial, so if you are feed up with the ongoing calls and unfair sales practices make the call to the FTC @ 1-877-382-4357. I can't even begin to tell you how much my small business has been Harassed. A Small Business in NH
  27th of Feb, 2010
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calls from 'private number' and says that I have placed an order with them. they then send me to their website and give me a call back number, so I know its them every time. Called over 15 times in one month, they never remove my number and continually harass me. Even going so far as to laugh when they call, the guys name supposedly is "Robert Manning" and he thinks its funny to continually call, as late as 8pm.
  12th of Oct, 2010
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We have been receiving numerous calls from Ace Industrial Supply, extremely rude and very pushy. We have asked them to stop calling and we are now receiving shipments that we have not ordered!! I have been calling to try to get someone to call me back and have had no luck!!! Thank you for the heads up on calling the Federal Trade Commission! I have filed my complaint!!! After calling, they also suggested that I make a complaint with the California State Atty General's office at 800-952-5210 - A small business in TX
  6th of Dec, 2010
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We hagve been receiving phone calls to our business from Ace approx. 2-3 times a day. Apparently they opened an account up for our muffler shop with out our permission. Now they call all the time wanting us to place an order. The sales people are pushy and will not take no for an answer. I have notified FTC and the do not call line and have notified my phone company. Hopefully between all of this they will get the message.
  13th of Jan, 2011
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Just received a phone call from Eric at Ace. He asked who was in charge of the Industrial supplies for my company. I told him we used local sources and not interested. He asked to speak to the "Man" in charge of making the decision; at which, I replied, I am in charge of these decisions. He said, but you are a woman. I am dumbfounded. This is the year 2011 and cannot believe a person would actually say this. I am not sure what I am going to do about this, but something will be donw.
  27th of Jan, 2011
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Ace Industrial Supply is not the culprit in these calls. Our suggestion to any person who has received telemarketing calls is to have their number removed from any listing such as Dunn and Bradstreet or any other contractors list that he may be on. Most salesman purchase these lists on their own and research the internet and phone books for potential buyers.

We are a large and well known company and our name is often used to get salesman “in the door” whether they are with our company or another. We at Ace Industrial Supply rely on repeat customers and certainly respect their rights to terminate a business relationship.

We are a business that has been in existence for almost 30 years. In this industry, disputes do occur. That being said, we certainly make every attempt to be fair and quick in our resolve. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us at our toll free number (800) 223-3129
  21st of Apr, 2011
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After today and reading the mail the female salesperson sent in a card. God you think she was his wife. what tatics do you call that/ prositution ? Nice one ACE (Bari Robbins needs a diffrent hobby)
  21st of May, 2011
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my wife and i are also getting calls several times a day. its always the same first sentence, ( hey man u kicken a$$ and taken names, haha, your a hard man to get ahold of). U would think when they get get told to stop calling and remove me from the list over 50 times that they would. thanks for the info on the FTC. THey will definetly get a phone call on monday. Also i love the post from Ace Industrial on here trying to make excuses, no body buys it. Their tools and supplies are junk. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.
  1st of May, 2012
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I have for them gonna be complete the musician standards. Up the yellow, up the blue. No body. Not no body. One time Ace Industrial called me when my son was in the hospital with brain cancer. I told them they needed to call me backs at a different time when I wasn't so busy. The next day I recieved a phone call from the Owner Tim. He asked how my son was doing and if I needed any help and I told him that the hospital just needed to step their game up in the cancer department. I thought this was strange at first. The next week there was a donation of 150, 000 dollars to the children's cancer clinic of the hospital. I would like to thank Tim Sterns for his donation.
  30th of May, 2012
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you people get harrasd cause you treat us like ###. you curse at us when we havent done anything but out job, whats wrong with sticking up for yourself when the person you are trying to talk to is cursing at you, our products arent cheap, your attitudes are.
  31st of May, 2012
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I had to get the CA Attorney General and the BBB involved and then I filed a complaint with the Do Not Call Registry. I have been sending them certified letters requesting to be taken off their "leads list" for almost a year and even the managers are liars! This is the worst company I have ever experienced and would suggest you filing the same complaints with the above mentioned entities to get them to discontinue their harrassment tactics. I figure if enough consumers complain something will have to be done, so do not hesitate, contact the Do Not Call Registry, CA Attorney General and BBB.
  31st of May, 2012
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I will tell everyone who is or has had the same issues with Ace Industrial that we have had. I got the CA Attorney General and BBB involved and filed a complaint with the Do Not Call Registry! I suggest you do the same thing as the more complaints they get on Ace Industrial the faster they will investigate and fine them for their business practices!! I sent several certified return receipt requested letters to them asking them to stop and they continued to call, I even spoke with several "managers" and they proved themselves liars! I truly hope that everyone I have sent comments to will indeed file complaints to get this company the fines and penalties that they have earned!!
  31st of May, 2012
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I just have to post again... it totally boggles my mind that there are even posts on here from ANYONE at Ace Industrial trying to "defend" themselves. I personally did not swear at or be rude to any one of the 20+ phone calls we received BEFORE I asked Ace to stop calling our company BUT Ace Industrual did in fact swear at me and our employees, hang up and call back laughing and calling us names and then just calling and hanging up time and time again!! This is the most child like behavior I have ever witnessed in all my professional career and you are defending your JOB, if this is what you are hired to do AND you truly get paid for it WOW is all I have to say!

Again, I have filed complaints with the Do Not Call Registry, CA Attorney General and BBB against Ace Industrial and I hope that everyone on this tread does the same thing ASAP... Ace Industrial needs to be stopped in their tracks and I hope nothing short of fines and penalties come your way as they are truly earned and deserved.
  19th of Jun, 2012
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90% of th people that have a complaint on this is a proven fact. that they are employees that have been terminated for mis treating our customers!!! if you had better buisness edicate you would still have a job ou job as "Sales Men/Women" are to put smiles on customers faces...!! i'm sorry that you were caught being rude or disordly with customers and were terminated but effecting everyone else and their livelyhood with this company is appalling!!
  18th of Jul, 2012
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We were called to purchase products which we received along with several "free" items. We field tested their product against one we use regularly and found them to be equal to, but not in any way superior to them, at twice the price. After several attempts to reach someone at the company, I finally gave up. I refuse to pay for a product, that did not perform as promised, when I have tried to do the right thing by contacting them to return them before my 30 days was up. Maybe the employees who monitor these posts, instead of returning calls or answering their phones, will give us their real contact information.
  19th of Jul, 2012
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I fell in their trap years ago and the cutoff wheel came apart and almost killed one of my employees. We have received harassing call ever since. The mentality of their employees is defiantly rare and something I have never experienced before in the 30 plus years of my professional career. I strongly advise that everyone call the FTC @ 1-877-382-4357 as it would only make sense for them to do something about it if the volume of calls about them increased. On a lighter note I guess I would look for a way to entertain myself if I were in their shoes and only had the skills to hold a career "so satisfying" that I was bored at my desk. God Bless America!!
  12th of Aug, 2012
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i just received some tools from ace industrial. i am a small business owner and am working 55 - 65 hours a week . ace gave me the convenience of ordering tools over the phone that i didn't have time to shop for. i agree there phone calls are quite annoying but the convenience of things makes it a good thing. I've ordered tools 5 times and every time i get what i ordered one time there was a high shipping charge, i called and we got it resolved easily. i would do business with them again. the only thing i wish would stop is there talking to me about first aid kits...
  18th of Sep, 2012
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@steve11629 keep telling ur lies! All these people have dealt with Ace for years, and its always the same story, ur lies, harassing phone calls, junk tools, the list goes on and on...
  18th of Sep, 2012
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This company has called us for years, begging to sell us their junk. When you do place an order you better check your credit card statement for multiple blown up charges because they will be there. When you try to call them to remedy the problem Surprise you cant get anyone to take your call or return your call. Watch out what numbers you give them because the females will text pictures of "themselves" to your cell, pictures you don't want your kids to see. The female employees cross the line from things as simple as hanging up on the secretary and calling right back (over and over) to sending porn and talking nasty. They have sent porn movies and sex toys in tool packages. I am so sick of this companies crap! I could go on and on but just know they just don't stop!
  9th of May, 2013
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In 2011 a sales rep with ace called me trying to sell Me some air hoses at a price that was extremely high. I said no thanks. The rep said he had my address and Would ship them to me so I could try them out. I said no thanks. Three weeks later I get a
bill for over $200 for air hoses I never received. I called ace industrial to complain. They Said they would ship more. I said I never wanted any hoses. I told them do not ship any hoses to me. Two weeks later A box of air hoses showed up with an invoice of over
$200. I call them to complain. They said they would send me a Return shipping label. They never did. I could care less. I'm not spending my money to ship something back that I never ordered. They keep calling and leaving threats. I am filing a complaint with
the Ar. Attorney General, and the Ca. Attorney General.

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