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Ace Industrial Supply is located next to the busy Burbank Airport in the Burbank Commerce Center. Doors opened in February 2004 and the enthusiastic 'Ace family' settled right in. In an instant the company grew to over 100 in-house sales people, 35 administrative employees, 14 warehouse employees and many sales offices nationwide.

Ace Industrial Supply Complaints & Reviews

Ace Industrial Supply / harassing phone calls

Feb 05, 2018

We have a business in Saskatchewan Canada. We are receiving up to five harassing phone calls a day and I mean every day from Ace Tools. Three years ago my son took a phone call from them and fell for their drill bit scam. He paid a lot of money for them along with a big freight bill. The...

Ace Tools / Unsolicited phone calls

May 23, 2016

Does this company think we're all idiots up here in Canada! Once again we have started receiving unsolicited phone calls from this company claiming we have done business with them in the past. Today when "Nick" called - he claimed he was located in Winnipeg which is in Manitoba. I searched...

ACE Industrial Supply, Inc / Harassing sales call, customer service

Jul 01, 2015

They call and will not identify themselves or their company I have asked over 20 times that they stop calling I am being treated extremely disrespectfully. This company really should not be in business. they have no respect for the people they contact and they do not provide any help with the matter at hand

Ace Industrial Supply / Bait & switch tatics / phone harrassment

May 05, 2014

I was contacted By ace industrial supply, by phone, and ended up ordering milwaukee brand Saw blades. The blades i received were not milwaukee, but "bahco" brand. Immediately after We received the invoice. . . I was shocked! I had been quoted $5. 80 per pack, Which is comparable to local...

Ace Industrial Supply / Shoddy product, threats, harassment

May 02, 2014

Original Report: I was contacted by Ace Industrial Supply, by phone, and ended up ordering Milwaukee BRAND saw blades. The blades I received were NOT Milwaukee, but "Bahco" brand. Immediately after we received the invoice... I was shocked! I had been quoted $5.80 per pack, which i...

Ace Industrial Supplies / harassment and refusing to take back goods sent

Oct 23, 2012

Continually phone and tie up our Mechanics at peak busy times and in frustration after multiple calls they agree to see the product.Auto tools that are of poor poor quality are delivered.Prices are extremely over inflated.Try to send back and get the run around and then get harrassing...

Ace Industrial Supply / harrassing phone calls


This company has been told many times to remove me from their calling list, even after being rude with this group of salespeople the calls keep coming, even sometimes the day after they have been told. Every one of them say they are the manager and it never gets remove, instead i think they...

Ace Industrial Supply / Harassing phone calls


I too have been getting phone calls from Ace Industrial Supply after asking them many times to be taken off their list. I made the mistake of ordering from them, probaly 10 years ago. I didn't like the products and tried to return them. I finally agreed to take the product at a...

Ace Industrial Supply / Harasing phone calls


I keep receiving phone calls from this business even after asking them several times not to call me back. It seems to be a game for there telemarketers to call me back immeadiatley after hanging up the phone for the sole purpose of interupting and harasing me, and then they had a different...

Ace Industrial Supply Inc. Ace Tools / Disreputable sales practices/phone harrassment


After a number of years of occasional purchases from Ace Industrial Supply-Ace Tools Inc. telemarketers we began to receive rude, aggressive foul mouthed sales calls when screened by my wife. In 07 I retired telling each salesman as they called to take me off their list. I tried...

Ace Industrial Supply / Harrasement


After cancelling an order of tools we didn't need, we continued to recieve calls 10-12 times daily trying to 'resell' to use. Thank God we didn't give them our CC#. I had to call letting them know I was filing complaints w/ the Better Business Bureau, CA Attorney...

Ace Industrial Supply / Unauthorized charges


Phone salesman continue to call even though we have asked them not to, as we have found better prices elsewhere for our building supplies and tools. During one phone call, the salesman said he had some stuff lying around he needed to get rid of, and would like to send them free of charge...

Ace Industrial Supply / Harassment


Make harassing calls, intimidating my husband to order their tools which we have no use for. When I tried to explain why we could't use the tools, Mr. Stearns swore at me and made rude threatening comments. Called repeatedly, we had to unplug our phone. Finally we contacted the State...

Ace Industrial Supply / Charged $400 for &free& items


For starters, we have asked their salesmen to stop calling our house because we have found better prices elsewhere on building supplies. They must be desperate for business because they continue to call. During one phone call, the salesman said he had a lot of odds 'n ends lying...