Ace Cash Expressdenied loans (when there's no reason to deny)

On July 27, 2010; I made the payment to pay off my loan, as well as the returned check fee for ACE Cash Express to what is now known as Midwest Recovery [protected]). After a year of not applying for a payday loan through ACE Cash Express, I needed to go through them again to get another loan, after being told last year by the Representative (Mr. Josey, Mr. Brown and Mr. Jackson) that I would be able to, and that the debt was now considered "Resolved, free and clear."
When I applied for the loan with ACE Cash Express on June 10, 2011; ACE Cash Express told me that their system still shows that I owe them money from last year. I have e-mailed the Recovery department five times now, with the evidence to prove the debt was paid off last year, even faxed the information via ACE Cash Express's fax machine, as well ; and they have done NOTHING to resolve it. However, Ms. Morgan Taylor and Mr. Richard Chin of Midwest Recovery stated, "If you pay us another $285.00, we'll waive the processing fee of $15.00 (which nobody ever told me about, that there was an additional processing fee)."
I showed them the evidence, and they refuse to remove it from my records or even clear it from my credit report (for nearly a year).
There were three transactions. in July of 2010 they took out the owed amount of $385.00. Three months later, they credited it back, BUT took it out again that very same day in December of 2010, after my bank account was closed. However, my bank clearly allowed them to get their payment, and NO further crediting was made after that point. I went out as far as January 2011 to see for any crediting or changes- there were no changes, even when I tried looking up information on my bank statement beyond January 2011. There was NO information, as my account was closed.
The evidence I have is only allowed in .htm format. I don't have the files that are in any of the respected formats, but I do have the files on my computer, in my home.

Thank you!


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