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Ra Grandville, MI Review updated:

Accurate Engines is THE worst company I have ever dealt with is any business category. We chose them because they gave us a cheap quote on a new engine, this is where the problems began. After the new engine was installed we stated having problems related with the engine, but since it was not part of what the actually replaced they were no help and said we must pay to get them fixed, so much for the warranty!

After getting it fixed I came to pick my car up and they said we were all set, left the parking lot and they have not fixed a thing! Calling them back they said there wasn't anything they could do. So much for the money we gave them to fix that!

Do not believe the so called "warranty" lines they feed you. They look for any excuse to not honor their warranty. For example: when they replaced the engine they also replaced the water pump. Less then two months later the water pump went bad... TWO MONTHS LATER. The warranty is good for 1 year. They said that they were an engine company so their warranty wasn't going to cover a water pump...even though they were the ones that installed it two months earlier.

So beware of any dealing with Accurate Engines, they maybe cheap, but its because they have no customer service and don't have to honor any warranties apparently.

I also got to walk into the garage where they work on the cars because a mechanic wanted to show me something going on in my car... I could not believe my eye when I saw how filthy and cluttered this garage way, don't get me wrong I know that working on cars is a dirty job, but I have been in more then one garage in my time and I have seen much more organized and professional work areas then this. After seeing this I understand why some people have not gotten their car back for months due to losing parts.

We wrote this review because we wish that we would have been warned about the dishonorable antics of this company. Beware and warn your friends!

To this day my Jeep in not running well and there is nothing I can do about it, I have even paid for other, more reputable companies to look at it and see if they could fix it, for which I had to pay for, and still no luck.

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  • Ja
      Nov 11, 2011

    The people at Accurate do nothing but lie to their customers. They repaired my vehicle only to find out that I had lost a gallon of antifreeze and 3 quarts of oil in 6 weeks. It took them over a month to get my vehicle back to me because they kept breaking things. They lose original parts and replace them with whatever will work (ie. clamps bolts, screws). They even had to take my truck to the dealer to get fixed because they couldn't figure it out (after 3 weeks). The dealer figured it out in 4 hours.


    Unless you like getting the lied to constantly.

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  • Ha
      Jul 06, 2012

    Totally agree. I had absolutely terrible experience with this company. I hope they go out of business and quit ripping people off.

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  • Bt
      Aug 06, 2012

    I can't speak for those that had a bad experience but I can say I am extremely pleased with the way they took care of me. In four days they pulled the 4.2 liter from my 1998 Ford F150, cleaned, machined, rebuilt and installed my engine and delivered the truck on time as promised. They also informed me of sensors and other small items that should be replaced just to play it safe and I gladly went along with the techs suggestions. After driving the truck back home a little over 300 miles I feel confident that the rebuilt engine will continue to run flawlessly. I would also like to mention that had I had the work done here it would have cost me another $2000.00.

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  • Ti
      Sep 24, 2012
    Best Best Advice

    I agree wholeheartedly with all of the negative remarks made about Accurate Engines. I have had two engines replaced there over a 10-year period, lured in by the seemingly reasonable quote and the 100, 000 mile "warranty". The warranty is a complete lie and a fraud and they do nothing but give you the run-around and hold your vehicle hostage if you bring it back to them for "warranty work". I have had to take my vehicle back to them twice for the same problem (leaking head gasket). The first time, it took them 8 weeks to finally get it done and back to me. During that time, expecting regular updates, I had to call and "pester" them on a regular basis. To my shock, I actually had the owner, Lanny, scream at me over the phone and tell me to stop calling. Customer Service at it's lowest possible point. The girls in the office are usually reasonably polite, but forced to spew out the normal spin of "next week", "next week", until 4 to 5 weeks have passed. This "warranty" is either a Ponzi scheme of some kind of a complete and utter fraud. They should be sued out of business. These guys are terrible mechanics and you are left hanging for weeks on end with no vehicle and no answers. STAY AWAY FROM ACCURATE ENGINES!!! HORRIBLE DOESN'T BEGIN TO TELL THE STORY!!! IT'S BEEN A NIGHTMARE FOR ME AND MY FAMILY!!!

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  • Ka
      Oct 21, 2012

    I'm having my own nightmare with these ### clowns myself right now. I wish I had read all of these reviews before deciding to buy an engine from them last year. To say that they lie consistently is a vast understatement. I've composed a scathing 5 page letter to the company, not that I'm sure it will help anything. They probably won't understand half the language in it. By reading these posts, it seems the owners aren't concerned at all by screwing people over once they have been paid. I'm already researching small claims court in Michigan to see what the procedures are. I actually think a nice class action lawsuit would get their attention. Anyone with me?

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  • Os
      Dec 28, 2016

    @Katherine Yes, this is the second bad engine I have received from them in a 3 month period. Giving me the run around. I would be more than willing to go along on a lawsuit. [protected] Thanx

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  • Ka
      Dec 07, 2012

    I am having the same nightmare, my husband is horrified with all the same complaints that where haveing.
    Our motor only 3 weeks old didn't even get put in our jeep yet and already had issues. had to send it back for more repairs and there charging us another $760.00 on top of the $2, 200.00 already spent they said its not warrantied because it was the garage's fault they got dirt in the motor. how many people heard this... they sound so nice on the phone and make it sound like they'll take care of the problem until they get the motor back and want additionally money to repair it. DON'T BY ANY MOTOR FROM ACCURATE ENGINE BE AWARE THEY LIE

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  • Ka
      Dec 10, 2012

    I think all the people having trouble with accurate engines should be doing something about the issues, instead of just doing a review, its not doing anything to solve the problem, we need to have a trouble shooter TV station 8 to do a story on this business.
    We are all getting cheated and lied to. and think about the mechanics that are fixing our vehicle and taking up space in the garage because there waiting for the motor to come back after getting repaired.
    if we can save someone from going threw the nightmare we are all encountering. AM IN WE NEED TO START A PITITION WITH SIGNATURES AND SEND IT TO SOMEONE TO DO A STORY ON THIS COMPANY

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  • Ka
      Dec 11, 2012


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  • Mi
      Jan 29, 2013

    this has been the worst company I have ever dealt with. Lies, cheats and I am getting to the bottom of this. I will not sit here and tell you that I have not had all of the same issues with them that the rest of you have, but until we as consumers move toward getting this business "out of business" it wont do any of us any good to sit here and complain. I have contacted the BBB and they stated that they are aware of the "bad business" practices of Accurate Engines but because they are not part of the BBB there really isnt anything they can do. So, I contacted our Attorney Generals office who is looking into all of these complaints and states that if any of you have complaints that you too should contact them. I have also contacted the Federal Trade Commission and have asked that they look into this company and all of their fraudulent claims and bad business practices. Now to get action started, I will contact every TV station in Michigan and report the crimes that we have all endured at the hands of this company. We all must stand together here and get this business shut down.

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  • Mr
      Feb 19, 2013

    2000 - Lincoln Navigator - V8-5.4L DOHC I had my engine rebuilt with accurate engine in October of 2012, I received the engine back and it was painted and looked pretty clean so I was pretty happy with it appearance wise. Due to the holidays and increased demand on my mechanic I did not have the engine installed until January of 2013. Upon installation and cranking the engine on we had this balloon of white smoke billowing from the tail pipes. We initially believed that this was collected condensation burning off but the smoke never subsided. My mechanic did some further testing and diagnosed that coolant was leaking into the number 7 cylinder. For the install I purchased all new parts including spark plugs, coil packs, motor mounts, radiator, water pump etc... just so I did not have to go back into the engine. I called accurate engine and spoke to Janessa Bayne in the warranty department and she initially advised me to have my mechanic pressure test the engine. I gave her my mechanics number so that he could further explain his findings. She asked that the engine be removed and sent back to accurate engine for repair. Now I live in Virginia and Accurate Engine is in Michigan. She sent me a Bill of Lading for the engine to be picked up and Accurate Engine determined that some internal parts had failed and that they would be remedying the problem under warranty. I just got off the phone with Janessa and we are in conflict over the labor amount for removing and replacing the engine. She offered me $800.00 for 15 hours of labor at $55.00 per hour, however there is a tremendous gap in the hours and amount. According to All-data the total job is 24.7 hours and my mechanic charges $75.00 an hour. So I have approximately $1, 000.00 additional that I would have to cover on my own... is this fair for an engine that has not moved 1 mile and was shipped defective from the onset. I will give accurate engine the chance to make this right but if satisfaction is not achieved i will be taking them to small claims court. This means i will have to travel to Michigan but at some point consumers can not continue to be cheated. I will keep everyone updated on the resolution.

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  • St
      Mar 21, 2013

    I am filing a claim against them on behalf of a wronged customer who they will not honor the warranty or even call them back. They know if they don't call and the costs associated with returning the engine to them are so high, that people will just give up. Well, no need to give up, lets just get a group of people to sue them for expenses and then maybe they will stop doing to this people. Any business who refuses to return phone calls and makes up their own reason why something cannot be repaired and it is a lie, you know you are in trouble. Please call if you would like to get a group together to file reimbursement of expenses and or new engines/parts/repairs. My phone number is [protected] and I am helping another customer file a case.

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  • Nr
      May 31, 2013

    On behalf of Accurate Engines I would like to state that it is never our intent to not take care of our customers. In addition we do indeed honor our warranties when issues arise.

    We have made many strides over the past 2 years to provide our customers with more information in relation to their engine or vehicle.
    In addition we have added a whole additional staff to address our previous customer service issues due to our company growth.

    We have also detailed our warranty in length and you can view this before any purchase on our website @

    We exercise the same industry standards that other large engine re-manufacturers consistently use.

    We strive to provide our customers with the best customer service that we can and continuously try to improve.

    We also have an independent inspection service that operates nationwide who can verify causes of failure, we are happy to stand behind our product and have instituted the independent inspector in order to provide customers with a determination from an outside party not affiliated with our company.

    While we do make mistakes on occasion many times in these cases we are not the installers and damage is caused upon installation. We understand that the customer may not understand all the technical aspects of an engine installation. Due to this we have made sure that we provide the installing mechanic with all our recommendations for installation in order to make it a smooth process.

    Plenum re-use is a huge issue in our industry and a large portion of the warranty claims here at our facility, once again we have made sure to disclose this to all installing mechanics and we always recommend a NEW PLENUM, cleaning the plenum will not remove all the debris.

    In regards to what we reimburse per hour for labor, this is stated in our warranty contract that is once again available for consumers online to read before purchase.

    This labor rate is once again an industry standard and we use All-Data Hours to reimburse for the labor that we agree to. This is all included in the warranty we provide to our customers.

    In regards to core reimbursement, the policy is payment is sent out within 30 days of receipt of the engine once it has been inspected and deemed fully reusable. Our industry depends on cores to fuel our business and we must receive them in useable condition. We do partial reimbursements if a head or block is the only component damaged. This policy is also outlined on our website for viewing before sale for all our customers.

    We disclose all of our policies on our website in regards to warranty, core charges and I have recently updated our refund policy on all our customer quotes.

    Our goal is to as transparent as possible.

    We as a company have been in business for over 30 years.

    We produce roughly 1500 engines a year in addition to other work we perform.

    You are welcome to contact us with any issues you may have at [protected]

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  • Wa
      Sep 13, 2013

    HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE! They had my car for a total of 6 months!! Car is rendered UNSAFE TO DRIVE because when they put the tranny back in, they did not install motor mounts nor control arm nor tighten bolts, no properly install tranny linkage people!!! PLUS my car was hit and the back fin was broke off as well as a large dent in the back bumper. All I get is the run around!! Put on hold for over 10 minutes on 3 occasions with no one returning to the line. Have requested 3 times to speak with owner, Lanny Hassel, and not one attempt by him. I bet I have made 15 calls in the past 2 weeks, only to be told one thing then the other!!! EMPTY TALK! Salesman talk a bunch of C*** and THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR WORK OR WARRANTY!!! They even had the audacity to ask me to file a claim with my insurance!!! I contacted the BBB and will continue to pursue relentlessly as I do not want one other person to go through the headaches and stress that I have been thru with these SCAMMERS!!! TOTAL SCAMMERS! I am NOT the only one who feels this way! Check out all the bad reports and BBB complaints just in the past 2 years! Wish I did more research before I took my beautiful Acura in to them. I feel destroyed and betrayed by ALL of them. And what a coward for the owner to not call back. If they would have done what they promised, and not pushed me aside with empty words, none of this would have been reported. Now its on!!! BEWARE!!! Never ever ever have I had such a TERRIBLE experience!!! NEVER!!! I am infuriated!!!

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  • Wa
      Sep 13, 2013

    ANYONE who has had difficulty with accurate engines please contact me [protected]

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  • Wa
      Sep 13, 2013

    The above picture is of my back bumper where my car was hit and dented as well as the fin has been broken off!!! As well as my car sits due to NO MOTOR MOUNTS INSTALLS AND CONTROL ARM NOT PROPERLY INSTALLED!!! 6 months FOLKS!!!

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  • Ma
      Sep 21, 2013

    Date 09/21/2013
    Mark Allen mason mi, I called last year and talked to Ron Heramea at accurate engines, they picked up my '05 Yukon pulled, rebuilt and replaced the engine. In march I was headed out of town and reached Cadillac, mi and lost oil pressure. I called accurate engines, they took care of the problem and I had the vehicle back In a week or so. I have another issue with oil pressure and the vehicle is there at this time.
    Now, lets examine why you people have problems. Number on no one is perfect, hence the word warranty. Second in the world of business you can't make everyone happy. I run a heating and cooling business, and I strive to make all of my customers happy. Many factors come into play here in customer satisfaction. I have been to Lanny's shop and spoke personally to him. First of all he never wants an upset customer and would go to great lengths as any one would to make his customers happy. Word of mouth is the best or worst advertising. Come on you guys are you really telling he whole story here, or are you looking for some one to blame. If you over heat that engine it's junk and its your fault. So, to the person above why haven't these parts been put in on your car? Did your check clear? Things here are not always as they seem. Dents in your bumper, was it towed there? Did some hit while it sat in their lot, and don't you have insurance? Remember when you point that finger at some one how many point back at you. We are all human and ALL fall short of the glory God.

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  • Wa
      Sep 21, 2013

    Believe me I can agree with you totally at times. And Yes, I AM telling the whole story about my car. No, they have YET to contact me. I have filed complaints with BBB as well as Attorney General and will continue if need be. They have admitted to fixing all issues at first, and now they are laying the blame on the transmission guys. Its actually very sad how they are handling this truly. And when you look at the many MANY complaints in sites as well as the BBB, its pretty clear something has gone awry, especially this past year. They are doing the same thing to customers, especially the ones that do not live close by. Its kind of sickening. They installed my transmission, did not tighten bolts, did not or broke motor mounts as well as control arm and SOMEONE hit it. If I was a business person (which I did in the past) then I would do anything I could with each customer before I would put them on hold and not come back to the phone over and over again and give STRAIGHT answers. And as far as Lanny, who is this guy anyways? I have asked repeatedly to speak with him, and was assured he would call and APOLOGIZE personally to me, and that has yet to happen. There is no way I would trust this company at all. I think they love to hassle their customers, especially the irate ones. Its enraging the way I have been treated, and the money I spent, $3300 PAID IN FULL and they started working on my car in March, it is NON DRIVEABLE because whoever put the car back together, didnt know what they were doing and Accurate flat out refuses to rectify this problem. The tranny guy did NOT deal with the replacing at all. I was VERY patient and understanding in the beginning, and now..not so much... Its end of September, and my car still sits, when all they had to do was either come get the car and repair it correctly, meaning put control arm and motor mounts in, or have a shop near me do it. But no, I just get hassled around and shifted between John and Janessa who says one thing, and NOTHING gets done, but hey, they have YET to attempt to solve this issue and now they are trying to blame the tranny guy WHEN HE DIDNT INSTALL THE TRANS ACCUTATE DID! Who does that in a professional business? I mean who really? If ya done believe me, then go read on Better Business site, and believe me there are MANY, especially this year!!! They do NOT CARE what they do to their customers! They talk a bunch of c***, make you believe you are on good hands, and its all a lie. That is my experience with them! Obviously, they have been in business for quite some time, but maybe its time to get out, because they certainly can not deal with things properly when things do not go as they should. I did nothing wrong except trust them to provide a service, and there is NO TRUST what so ever. It is despicable how they have treated me. I have lost so much sleep. I just want my car fixed. I have cried many many times. I am exhausted from running around getting my ducks in a row. But I will NOT give up! These people make me sick and I will shout it from the roof tops if I have to! You are obviously a friend, and feel the need to stick up for your friend, maybe even at their asking, but, none the less, it is obvious that they are not doing well in the business/customer satisfaction. Maybe they like to get sued? They could prevent it all, and save themselves time as well, if they just corrected their wrongs. I mean isnt that what we pay for????????

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  • Wa
      Sep 21, 2013

    Please, all of you contact me please!!! banic.[protected] !!!

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  • To
      Jan 02, 2014

    Hello, , , I run a auto repair shop .
    My customer purchased a engine from accurate engines .
    I received the engine and upon inspection while installing plugs in the remanufactered motor
    I noticed in number eight cylinder that the top of the piston looked cracked.
    My initial thought was the engine was poorly assembled.
    We installed the engine anyway .
    The engine was a 5.7 hemi. For a 2004 dodge Durango.

    Upon installing the engine and following all correct procedures the engine started to make a
    Light hollow pecking sound only a minute after first startup.
    Engine ran 4 minutes and died.
    Would not restart.
    Engine was taken back down to inspect problem.
    We pulled timing cover and intake .
    Timing was fine.
    Although when intake was removed we discovered that engine had dropped 4 intake valve seats.
    So as per there warranty engine was removed and sent back to accurate engines.
    Today 1-2-2014 we received E-mail stateing engine was overheated and caused valve seats to drop.
    I in my many years of doing auto repairs never heard of this.keep in mind the engine ran only 4 to 5 minutes tops.
    They are not wanting to honor the engine warranty.
    customer paid over 3, 000 dollars for the engine.
    Here we have his vehical dismantled again ...
    This company is HORRIBLE.
    I will be calling them in the morning to discuss this .
    All in all
    I WILL never deal with or recommend this company to anyone.
    If there is anyone who would like to speak with me about the situation please feel free to call my cell number.
    I will spell my number in words to weed out the auto-spam crap
    Six two zero dash two one zero dash one one three zero.
    Tony .

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  • Un
      Feb 10, 2014

    Accurate Engines. What can I say. They suck? I am currently in the middle of a dispute with these idiots. Their dispute letter to my credit card company basically is calling us liars! The audacity! "We sent the "exact" engine ordered . ." Bull crap you bunch of liars. Actually I should say our salesman Tom is the liar. Accurate Engines talked with our mechanic telling him to do this, do that. WTH? We wondered after 1.5 months if we were the experiment of the year!


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  • Yo
      May 20, 2014

    I agree with just about everyone regarding the horrible product and customer service. I have been dealing with accurate for over a month now and my situation is similar to Tony's comments on 2 Jan 14. My engine came with the words
    "SHIM" in big letters on the valve cover and obviously had been milled down substantially. It was also missing a couple of gaskets but at $14.00 to replace, wasn't that worried about it. My installer contacted me when it arrived and informed me about the engine's condition and we proceeded with the install, assuming it was up to specs, etc. After start up, the engine ran for about 15 minutes then died and would not restart. My installer contacted the company (which took a while to get in touch with anyone) and like just about everyone else, could only speak with Jennessa in the warranty department. He was looking for guidance on how to proceed and, as I was, assuming they'd offer to let him take a look at it, correct the problem, and be reimbursed according to the warranty. Just like Tony's shop, the only thing they would accept was to return the engine to them along with four of MY parts so they could look at it and, as you could guess, their "independent" inspector indicated the problem was overheat (again, only ran 15 minutes before shutting down) and therefore would not honor their warranty and I would be billed to correct the problem. Only once have a talked to anyone after receiving the engine and on three occasions Jennessa has refused to let me speak with a manager or the owner. Most of our contact was via email. This overheating issue seems to be a common practice with their engines and my installer, as many probably do, believes the engine was improperly machined, milled, bored, whatever they do and should have never left the factory. I've read where most of the engines are nice and painted so really...big words "shim" on the valve covers? Oh, the part of the engine that failed guessed it...on the side where the shim was. I agree with anyone who thinks this company should be out of business

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  • Ba
      May 21, 2014

    My son has had and is once again having issues with this company. They do not return phone calls or emails. I am going to suggest he get the Better Business Bureau involved also. If that doesn't work then get an attorney involved!

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  • Ly
      Nov 13, 2014

    How they put their phone number and tell you to contact them. lol I have had 2 engines 1 gone in 8 months the other lasted 6-7 weeks!!
    I have a case with the BBB, Secretary of State in Michigan, and want you all to watch Fox 17 news. There will be as story on Accurate in the coming week. Contact me about a class action lawsuit . These people do wrong to everyone and keep getting away with it. They will not refund the bad engines they sell.Lets stick together contact me [protected]

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  • Be
      Jan 20, 2015

    Please believe these reviews! I am in the midst of this same thing with accurate. I personally pulled my engine, delivered it for rebuild and picked it up. Did a very clean install and within 5 seconds if starting it for the first time a very distinct top end noise started. Shut it off and Noticed the next morning oil leaks from both front and rear main seals. Took the vehicle to them for further diagnosis. A couple techs came out and listened and were both confident the engine had a collapsed lifter. Made an appt for two weeks later for them to pull the engine replace leaking seals and repair said lifter. We dropped the car off for the 7-10 day repair. Drove by four days later and it still sat outside. I called and inquired if it was still on schedule (took two days to get anyone to talk to me) and was told again what the issues were and they were all booked up for two more weeks!?!! We were asked to come pick up the vehicle again and drop it off again in two more weeks! I explained we were told the repair would be happening at the first appointment as we had already had a diagnosis done by their techs. Apparently both my wife and myself misheard when we were told the car would be ready and repaired in 7-10 days. Hmmm strange. That was only a "diagnosis" appointment, even though we already did that. Now its back there for the second "appointment" to be repaired this time and two days into my seven to ten its still sitting in the same spot. I called again and was told a specialist was coming to verify that the seals are actually leaking. Must be the dripping oil is not good enough. We will see how this turns out but the are very good at making excuses and avoiding honoring any type of so called warranty. So far I'm seeing red pissed, do no fall for this company's bs. They make you feel all good until they have your money then its a different story. TRUST THESE REVIEWS!!! I DIDNT AND REGRET IT DEEPLY! We are out a vehicle and 2400 dollars not to mention our lost time and gas money getting to our "appointments" DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BUISNESS!! THERE ARE PLENTY OF ENGINE BUILDERS IN WEST MICHIGAN, GO ELSEWHERE!!!

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  • Mp
      Jan 10, 2016

    Bought an engine from accurate. The first time a A++ shop installed it for me. Within 500 miles 5 rockers broke and probably cracked the engine. Sent the engine back and per their warranty we were to have our engine returned within 7 business days. Uh no, it took over a month. In the meantime had to rent a vehicle. Finally got the engine back and re-installed by the same A++ mechanic shop. Within 500 miles had problems with the engine yet again. Sent it back. They would not return my calls and started emailing. They wrote to me 4 rockers were broke and most likely the engine block was cracked and would send me out new engine. I then asked for a new warranty as time is ticking and this IS the second engine. Well, they refused and are now saying they don't know what's wrong with the engine when 4 weeks ago the told me what was wrong and was sending me a new one. I said I would need to escalate the situation. That's said, they will not write me back nor take my call. It is now going on almost two months with no resolution and no engine. I have all emails stating what was wrong and would be sending me a new engine. Yet three weeks later they said they don't know what's wrong with the engine. Sounds to me, they did not like being notified this would be escalated and like with others trying to find any excuse to blame others when in fact they already admitted it was a problem with their engine and would send another. I have the emails in chronological order for further escalation. I have no engine and at this point I want a total refund. If not I will seek help from a consumers advocate group, the states attorney and the BBB. Although the BBB can't do much since they don't belong to the BBB. With the amount of complaints I know why. That said out of pocket this has cost me over additional 1500.00 in towing and car rentals. Oh yes, the additional 400.00 for storage at the mechanics shop. Theses costs are outside of what I paid for the engine. I will keep others updated on the progress. It's now been 8 weeks without an engine...not only that the second time they have put me and my family without a vehicle. They will lie to you, are belligerent, won't take calls, nor return emails, if they do return emails it typically takes a number of days. This is a scam operation and others need to speak up and take action.


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  • Be
      Jan 10, 2016

    P- sorry your dealing with these ordeal cost me 5 maybe 6k total... I tell everyone with ears about that dump...AVOID AVOID AVOID...good luck, your going to need it...they are experts at deciet and avoiding you

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  • Jc
      Jan 20, 2016

    Kim at Accurate Engines was so unprofessional, they lied about my core refund on my old engine. I had my old engine tested to see if it could be reused and the shop said yes. I wanted to put a new engine in my truck so I purchased one from them. I was in the process of ordering another engine from them for another vehicle that we own but decided not to after they lied about my core refund. I will never order from them or use that business for anything. They are very nice before they get your money but once they receive payment for anything you will be lied to, put on hold, told different excuses but never will they give you any resolution to the problem. I hope the BBB are aware of this business and their practices.

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  • Yn
      Jul 08, 2016

    This company is by far the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. They do not honor their words. It was incredible. I was a medical student in Michigan who matched at a residency program in Arkansas. A few weeks prior to me moving to Arkansas, I had some engine issues. I looked around read about a few companies, and even though there were a bunch of bad reviews on that company, I decided to go with Accurate engines because I had a good feeling about the sales person I spoke with. His name was Jon Saab. And this was one of the worst mistakes I ever made. I specifically asked Jon if they had an already rebuilt engine at the shop. He said he looked and told me yes he did. After which, I told him that I was crunched for time and that I needed to be in Arkansas for work in about 2 weeks. He told me that the whole process of installing the engine in my car and shipping the engine back to me in Pontiac Michigan will take no more that 10 days. I waited about 12 days, and gave them a call asking where my car was. Jon said that there was a part that was needed to rebuild my engine on back order. That made me confused because according to Jon they had an already rebuilt engine in stock. Mind you, I was a medical student so I was very broke. They told me that the car wasn't going to be done in time for me to go to Arkansas. Jon transferred me to Some lady name Janessa, and Janessa told me rudely that my only options were for them to send my car back to Michigan with a messed up engine or for me to pay for a car rental and wait for them to send me my car to Arkansas. I asked to speak back to Jon because Janessa was very rude and had no customer service skills. After speaking to Jon, Jon told me that he spoke with the manager and they agreed that they will cover for the shipment of the car to Arkansas and cover half of the rental. Jon even emailed say that they will do that and that they will honor their words. They did not honor their words to say the least. Not only they did take over 20 days to fix the car, but I had to cover full price of the car rental (which was $425.13) and pay part of the shipment of the car. After receiving the car, I spoke to Jon and ask about the reimbursement for half of the car rental. Once again, he reassured me that I will get reimbursed. After a week of calling, someone finally called me back. And it was Janessa, and she said that they will not honor the payment for half of the car rental because Jon had no rights to offer for the company to cover for half of the car rental. Mind you, Jon Saab told that he spoke with the manager and the manager agreed to it.
    And oh yeah, the engine is leaking oil already. And I only had the engine for less than 2 weeks. I really do hope that this company closes down because I have never seen so many incompetent people working in one place. I usually don't go on websites to write reviews, but their behavior is unacceptable and I really do hope that people read my review and not make the same mistakes I did by letting them work on your engine.

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  • Dm
      Nov 15, 2017

    The pics are of my second motor that Accurate sent but the mechanics won't install. Scarred cylinder walls, debris in the oil pick up screen and it's cracked. Milky oil in the oil pan with metal flakes and that's just what I have so far in pics. Stay away from these con artists.

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