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In November 2018 I signed up for an Accor Plus membership. The salesman was very convincing over the phone, he has called me on my work phone and I asked if I could think about it but he wouldn't let me go and added all these extras on my membership so I signed up in a matter of minutes, the call was over. A few days later I was looking into the membership further and realised I have no use for the membership and read the T&Cs to find out there was a 10 day cooling off period.

I contacted Accor plus to have my membership cancelled and my fee refunded. I had to try contact them continuously for over two weeks for someone to finally call me back on 17 Dec 2018. The representative over the phone tried to convince me to stay but finally agreed to cancel the membership and assured me that the funds will be refunded as I had asked for a cancellation within the 10 day cooling period.

Since 17 Dec I have been asking for my confirmation of cancellation and my refund NON-STOP. I've continuously tried to contact them. I even posted on their Facebook and that was the only time they replied, asking for my member number. I replied with my member number and then no reply again. It has been almost three months and I would just like to have my membership cancelled with a confirmation and my money returned to me.

Feb 5, 2019

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