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At the beginning of November 2011 I ordered and paid for a subscription to Elle Decoration through Acclaim Subscriptions and was told it would be 8 to 12 weeks for the first issue to arrive. It is now the 20th of March and still nothing. When I phone I get an answering machine that is full so you can't leave a message and when I email they do not reply. The one reply I did get was that they would check with the publisher in the next week or so and see but of course they have never let me know and so still nothing.
Directly after I ordered the subscription my card that I did the transaction with was used to fraudulently buy camera equipment in the US and so I had to cancel the card.
Has anyone else had this experience with this company? Do they actually exist or are they just a bunch of scamsters sttealing credit card details?

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  • Ri
      27th of Mar, 2012

    I have almost an identical story.
    Ordered Elle Decoration UK via Acclaim Subscriptions on 14 Dec 2011.
    Also ordered Dwell in the same order.
    Dwell arrived as expected in Feb. No sign of Elle.
    Couldn't contact Acclaim, by phone ( no messages returned ), by email on site, or by Complaint on the Acclaim Account Login.
    Contacted Subscription services of Elle Decoration UK, response was quick, indicating that Canadian/US subscriptions were now being handled by and all outstanding/remaining subscriptions have been transferred to them. I called ExpressMag and had them check for any outstanding or existing subscription for me for Elle Decoration UK. They found nothing.

    I can only assume after all this that probably Acclaim dropped the ball, and I never made it onto the subscribers list.

    I have initiated a dispute for the entire subscription amount ( minus the Dwell subscription ) with my credit card company. There are a bunch of forms to fill out so I do not yet have a refund, it is only the beginning to be sure.

    This would be a lot easier if Acclaim wasn't just a black hole for communication, no response. I can only assume since they don't reply to anything that they are a scam... that unfortunately doesn't explain my getting the Dwell issues though...

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  • Gi
      31st of Mar, 2012

    I had the EXACT thing happen to me also. I ordered a French magazine from Acclaim in December 2011. I got a nice card in the mail saying they would deliver in 4-8 weeks. Seemed reassuring. It's now March 31st and I've sent them e-mails asking for an update on my subscription which I paid quite a lot for. No answer. Until I sent them a menacing e-mail telling them I was contacting the Better Business Bureau if I didn't hear back from them. Wouldn't you know it, a response! Here it is:

    'Thank you for contacting Acclaim Subscriptions.
    We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We have been updated by the publishers that the publication for ***** - France has been ceased as of last month.
    Please let us want to order some other magazine or you would like us to issue refund. We can only issue refund via paypal,
    We look forward to helping you with your subscription management needs. Please let us know how we can assist you further.'

    I contacted my French relatives who verified that the magazine is still in circulation. We'll see if I get my refund. Do not deal with this company!!!

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  • Bo
      11th of Jun, 2012

    Same problem here. it's clearly a scam. I ordered a yearly subscription to scientific americal from ( acclaim subscriptions ) and they have been saying that it will arrive in 3-4 weeks for the last 6 months. Email replies are automated and there is no reply on the phones. avoid this company at all cost!

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  • Th
      19th of Jun, 2012

    Scam company!... ordered 3 subscriptions, 1 came others didn't.
    The card that I used was a new card and only used for the purchase of these magazines.
    A couple of weeks later, a bunch of fraud charges started to show up on my account.
    I canceled the card, called Acclaim.. no answer. Their answering machine is made for you to think that you're call is on hold and then you are told that everyone is busy, the fact is, the message is just bogus. The calls go directly to the full mailbox.
    I would stay clear away!

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  • Qu
      5th of Nov, 2012

    I am also a dissatisfied customer of Acclaim Subscriptions. I ordered a comic subscription for my granddaughter which never arrived. Then my credit card was used to purchase electronic equipment in New York which fortunately my bank picked up and so the card was cancelled. I wish now that I had researched this company before I purchased anything. I have not tried to reach them by phone but the email address is no longer valid.
    Avoid this company

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  • Ru
      2nd of Jan, 2013
    Acclaim Subscriptions - Unknown charge
    United States

    Reference #9873 with a charge on 12/06/12. I was charged with a subscription to something by Acclaim Subscrptions, Tel. No. 718-646-0932, FL in the amount of $34.49. I do not order any magazines that cost that much money. I would like to know what this is for and why I was charged with this amount.

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  • Lm
      19th of Feb, 2013

    Same story from me.
    I ordered and paid for, a Scientific American (Canada) subscription for a friend's 80th birthday on August 24t 2011. I was informed that the estimated Delivery Date would be November 02 - December 14, 2012.
    It still hasn't arrived 20 February 2013.
    I tried to find out what had happened and the web page told me that my email address did not exist (I've been using the same one for the past 10 years). Then I tried phoning them, and leaving a return phone number, but nothing has happened.
    They have their money, and someone tried to compromise my credit card...not sure if it was them. Now I have a new credit card...with all the associated problems.

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  • Jo
      5th of Apr, 2013

    Me ha ocurrido lo mismo que a todos ustedes.
    Comprés una suscripción el septiembre de 2012 y a la fecha nunca he recibido una revista. He realizado varios reclamos y las respuestas han sido del tipo: hay que verificar su dirección, codigo postal, hablaremos con el editor, hemos obtenido una nueva fecha de envío, etc.
    Hace algunas semanas la división antifraude de mi banco (Banco Santander) ha bloqueado la tarjeta de crédito que utilicé para la compra al detectar cargos sospechos en Europa.
    Lamentablemente, creo que daré por perdido los US$40 gastados en la suscrpción.
    Me temo que son una banda de estafadores.

    Punta Arenas, Chile.

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  • Jo
      5th of Apr, 2013

    I have thought the same as you all.
    I bought a subscription on September 2012 and to date I have never received a magazine. I made ​​several complaints and the responses have been the type: you must verify your address, zip code, we'll talk to the editor, we have obtained a new shipping date, etc.
    A few weeks ago the fraud division of my bank (Banco Santander) has blocked the credit card used for the purchase to detect suspects charged in Europe.
    Unfortunately, I think that I will forfeit the $ 40 spent on suscrpción.
    I'm afraid you are a gang of swindlers.

    Punta Arenas, Chile.

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  • An
      9th of Jul, 2013

    I am experiencing the same thing.
    In March 2013, I ordered my subscription of Cosmopoltian US from Hong Kong and didn't mind paying the extra for international shipping fees. I was told that the first issue would be June 2013 and I was even told that if I didnt receive it by the end of the month that I should contact them.
    When I did - nothing. NO acknowledgement of my claim. NOTHING.
    Now I am requesting them for a refund. But probably not likely that I will receive anything. Anyone successful at getting a refund from scammers like them?

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  • An
      11th of Nov, 2013

    Same problem here. I ordered a suscription to Design Issues from Spain in June 2013 and received nothing. Requested a refund but did not get any reply. Scammers!

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  • De
      20th of Mar, 2015

    I am realizing that I too have been scammed by this fake company.
    My story is similar to all of you who have posted a review. I got a reply by a Carlos for my first email of complaint about not receiving my magazine subscription. He told me to wait another 2 weeks. But still nothing, zero, nada. I have sent 2 other emails, no reply. ###. They are probably from Nigeria as they are well known for scams like this. ### I will spread this all over social media and anything else I can. Ripping off innocent people. I will report them too after I finish this post.
    I am fuming!

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  • Ra
      28th of Sep, 2016

    Crap.. I should have read reviews before subscribing.. It's been almost 8 months and we have not received the copy of Popular Mechanics. Have sent several mails and I am getting the reply by one Mr Carlos that issues would be coming in such and such time and that time is never coming.

    Ravi India

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  • Pe
      21st of Aug, 2018
    Acclaim Subscriptions - Subscription fees
    South Australia

    Hi There.
    I have had a Subscription fee of $194.70 that you have TAKEN out of my account.
    This is illegal. Can you please return the funds back otherwise i will need to take other actions.

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