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access wireless is a complete joke. I lost my Snap benefits and just started getting SSI and tried to get my access wireless switched to SSI. I spend 2 weeks trying to get it done. First they asked for my reward letter from SSI so I sent it to them via USPS. They never contacted me. So I tried to contact them and the rep. was in India and she had no idea what I was asking about. So today I called them again. and said that SSI is not part of access wireless. They have no clue. The need to read their own info on the requirements of access wireless and that SSI is in fact so. Also they said my reward letter was not proof of income. And was rejected. But they never bothered to contact me about it. They asked for a copy of my reward letter and I sent it. It is proof of income, are they stupid. Then they said I need 3 months of bank statements as proof of income. I just started SSI in October. The income just changed. Then they flipped it around again and again telling me that SSI is not part of access wireless. Then it was and was not. I finally told them just to remove me from the program. What is wrong with these people. Ck right here who qualifies for Access Wireless I think it is clear that Supplemental Security Income* (SSI) is one that list

Nov 30, 2016
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      Jul 06, 2017

    Why do they provide all of these numbers for customer service in all you get is the same recording? They never give you an otion to speak with a live agaent which is [censor]! They charged my credit card for unlimited talk text and 1g of data and then cut my service off but sent a text that it was added to my account. But only thing they added was data and took the remaining minutes I had left so now I am stuck with data and no call usage. This company is a damn scam. The absolute worst!!!

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