Acanac / Modem High Jacking, is this the new customer retention?

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Modem high jacking, it's a mix of terrible customer service (email-only really, who does this), and incompetence or outright deceit...they have to pick one. At the beginning of my service with them, during a modem change, it took them 21 days to get their records straight so that they could get a new modem I purchased provisioned onto the system properly. That means for 21 days I was without internet service...just so you understand the impact.

Upon cancelling my service within their contractual guidelines they also managed to bugger this up...although not seemingly as detrimental, as they've left me on their system and I'm not paying for extra time. They've got a surprise coming if they try to charge my credit card from this point as it will be pushed back as fraud.

But they have high jacked my modem so it can't be provisioned for new service with my next company!! The other company is Start Communications and they have been absolutely fabulous in monitoring the situation and doing their best to acquire access to my router and to provide me feedback of their attempts and communications with the Rogers technicians who handle the provisioning. It has been a full week now that I was supposed to be switched to the new company, but am still stuck as Acanac has failed at cancelling my service and releasing my modem from the original date. When I prompted them 3 days later to remove my service, they claimed to have done so. When I followed up days later to complain again, they still claimed that they sent the modem release request through...interestingly it stands that they forgot (?) to disconnect my service from within their company. Seriously, what gives? Based on the negative press they have against them on the internet, they certainly know how to cancel out service for people.

So why is my modem being high jacked by Acanac and what do they have to gain? Is this the notoriety they wish to sponsor for themselves, the lack of competence to run a business or straight deceit to their customers? Once again, they have to pick for themselves which one applies to them. Be honest now Acanac, your fans are waiting.

Mar 24, 2013
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  • Al
      Apr 05, 2013

    I have exactly the same situation. Three weeks ago I asked Acanac to terminate my account and to release my modem on March 30, 2013. On April 1, 2013 my account was still active. On April 3, 2013 after second request I received confirmation that my account was closed. But today is April 5, 2013 and my modem is not released, and I am unable to book the activation date with my new ISP and I have to stay without Internet at home minimum for two weeks. But the worst thing that I don't see any willingness from the Acanac to support me. I asked them to tell me when they expect that my modem will be released and they ignored it.

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  • Ag
      Apr 05, 2013

    Hi Alexii, Sorry to hear. I also filed a complaint with the "Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services" at their website
    I had moved to Start Communications and they monitored this delay extensively and provided all sorts of support. I'm not sure who you are moving to but if you had your initial move request in place, they shouldn't be penalizing you for Acanac's incompetence delay. It blows my mind that they are uncapable or just unwilling to release customers. It's like they go out of their way to generate as much bad press as they can for themselves.
    Maybe file the complaint at the website above, and rent a modem for a month until the CCTS resolves the issue for you. That's one way around it.

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