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This company tries to sell you a free trial and then pulls the rug from under you. They promote that you will get a bottle for a small shipping and handling charge what they don't tell you unless you dig through their terms and conditions is that you just signed up for a subscription and they're going to screw you for $99.95 usd in 14 days after you order, and every 30 days after that.

I ordered the rapid wrinkle cream and the maximum moisture cream on december 5th and got an e-mail from them that I was charged us$3.95 and us$4.95 respectively, then on december 21 I got charged without any notice $123.49 cad and $137.66 cad on january 1st. When I called I finally found out that I was signed up for a subscription service and that they refuse to refund me for the service that I never wanted nor the service that was sold to me.

Oh and on january 8th they charged me again this time $122.03 cad.

On their site you will not see any mention of a subscription or a $99.95 charge unless you scroll all the way to the bottom and click the grey link on the light grey background that says "terms".

They'll hide behind the legality of what they do but make no mistake it is a scam and they will not refund any money because they hid it in their terms.

Abella Mayfair

Jan 11, 2017
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  • Tr
      Jan 12, 2017

    TOTALLY AGREE! I just noticed the $138 charge on my credit card. I will be stopping immediately and posting to all social media for people to BEWARE!

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  • Pa
      Feb 03, 2017

    This company scammed me for nearly $400 Canadian dollars. They continually change the company name to throw potential victims off. Tru-Bella, tru-belleza... all the same horrible people. I am a senior on disability. This was not a trivial amount of money for me to lose. I am now wary of doing ANY business online.

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  • Mg
      Mar 15, 2017

    I got the same scam for $89.79 and $99.95 = $189.74 USD with a company calling itself Perfect Nutra Solution. What I did: I contacted my bank immediately and cancelled my debit card. You can reorder a new card and normally you have possession of it within a few days. Anyway, I wrote a letter of complaint disputing the charges to my bank and stated I did not authorize this charge knowingly. I contacted this scam company as well and returned their products and made sure they had to sign for it when they received it. They said they refund me 25% ($24.98 and $22.44 = $47.42). My bank, First Interstate Bank in Montana, did their investigative work and said because of the scam company's partial refund, there was nothing they could do. The bank branch however, decided to accept the loss for these transactions as a one time courtesy to me, and refunded me the balance ($74.97 and $67.35 = $142.32). Always fight back. Do whatever you can do to stop these scammers from taking our hard earned money. I hope this helps someone.

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