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North York, Canada
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I ordered 2 samples in January and was only supposed to only pay shipping and product was supposed to be free. On Feb 3rd my credit card was charged $133.89 which is $99.95 U.S. I did not receive any additional products. I did not notice the charge until March because I was away. I complained to the company, they told me they would only credit a courtesy $50 because I did not cancel my "account". They claim the $99.95 is for the samples as I did not receive any goods, which I told them is outrageous. After calling my credit card company they told me that they could not credit the charges. During this conversation I was told another charge had gone through in March for again $99.95 US$. I called the company back and demanded they reverse that charge and that I would be refusing/returning any shipments and to cancel my account. However I don't have any faith that this will be done because I am reading on this forum that charges continue every month. I have threatened a class action suit. This company practices misleading advertising and unscrupulous business practices. The product samples did not perform as promised and were small sizes yet they are claiming that the February payment is for the sample after I told them I have not received any products. I'm amazed that my credit card company will not credit these charges as I have not received any product. I would like to hear from other people who are experiencing this issue. I would send the company emails and contact Consumer protection Canada as well as the Better Business Bureau. The address and phone number is provided above. If we make our voices heard we will be successful. If they do not credit us we should post these complaints either to their Facebook page or our own Facebook pages and send them a copy so they cannot erase our posts. This is unacceptable and consumers should not allow this.

Mar 28, 2017

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