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These people are facilitators of fraud and deceptive practices, if not frauds themselves. First order I placed they charged my credit card immediately. A few days later I got confirmation from one of their alleged reseller that the book had shipped and a postal tracking number. Several weeks later, no book - and then they claimed they mistakenly issued the tracking number. Liars. How do you mistakenly issue a postal tracking number?

Second time, offered a book I wanted. Fortunately I kept a copy of the listing because once again they charged my credit card and days later shipped a book. Not the book I ordered. Once again blamed their alleged reseller.

I would not recommend for any purpose.

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  • Do
      Mar 23, 2010 - unauthorized charge
    United States

    Charge of $98.03 on Visa Citibank unauthorized.

    Was advised charge would be, but never was, removed.


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  • Li
      May 25, 2010

    I wish I had checked these boards before ordering. Over 4 weeks ago my order status listed my book as being shipped. This was supposed to take 7-10 dys. I'm still waiting and the bookseller now tells me that it was a "late shipment" even though they listed it as shipped when obviously it wasn't. I spend a lot of money on books & never had problems ordering anywhere else before. I am glad I did not spend a lot with Abe Books as I would be very angry right now. I will NEVER buy from them again. I hope other people do their homework before using them.

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  • Sa
      Oct 06, 2012

    I have had an up-down history with Abebooks. HOWEVER, I have had many awful experiences with one of their biggest sellers, Thrift Books. The problem is that Thrift books goes by many names, including Motor City Books, Green Earth books, Blue Cloud, Atlanta Book Company, Yankee Clipper Books, Books Squared, Silver Arch Books, Free State Books, Sierra Nevada Books, and maybe others. More often than not the books I have received from them are NOT anywhere near the condition described. My beef with Abebooks is that they do not and apparently will not openly identify which sellers are Thrift Books sellers. When ordering from any of the listed sellers, I would be extremely cautious. My advice would be to shop elsewhere, even if it costs a little more. you'll be happier in the end.

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  •   Nov 25, 2014

    International expedited shipment from Silver Arch, St. Louis (Missouri) - (Thriftbooks?), first book not arrived after 3 weeks. Contacted them now I'm waiting for a 2nd copy they said they sent my way. I will check back here if either books arrive, if ever.

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  •   May 05, 2015

    Guys just an update. Their books go through USPS and arrive in Switzerland and from there it took ages to get to me. Ages... .but they arrived. The first one, then 3 weeks later the 2nd one. I offered them to buy the 2nd book too but they said to accept it as a goodwill gesture. So kind. I gave it to my neigh our for his birthday. So Silver Arch / Thriftbooks send their stuff, just add 2 more weeks to the quoted shipping time. It's just like when ordering from China, sometimes 15 days and sometimes 45 days!

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