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This company makes it so difficult to cancel. Don't sign up! I emailed many times with cancelation requests, however their cancelation directions didn't provided accurate steps. I ended up paying for several months worths of subscription that we didn't use only because I couldn't figure out how to cancel.

Sep 27, 2015
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  • Va
      Mar 14, 2016

    The same thing just happened to me! I had subscribed for a 1 yr. membership for my great, great, granddaughter, and they automatically renewed it without even notifying me. She never used it even one-time so I didn't want to continue. When I went to their site to cancel it took me to page after page of advertising and I never was able to get to any place to cancel! So I sent a message to their customer service asking them to cancel it as I seemed not to be able to do so. My understanding of the message I got back was that my account would be cancelled and I would receive a verification of the cancellation, just to wait for it. I waited and no verification came but another payment was taken out of my account again so I went back to their site and finally figured out how to get to the cancellation page! It's set up to be very tricky! The pages that come up prior to the cancellation page (all telling of all the benefits of ABC mouse) are all set to come up larger that your screen will accommodate so you must scroll down on each page to find the "next" button. This continues for page after page, very deliberately making it a lengthy process, hoping you will give up as I had to because of time constraints and never get to the completion of cancellation. I hope they get slapped with many suits until they change there "tricky" business practices. Cancellation should be a very straightforward process not a lengthy process like this! Furthermore I would like very much to see the process of "Automatic Renewal" outlawed as too many business are using it to an unfair advantage! They should at least advise you that your subscription is ending and ask if you wish to renew!

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  • Gd
      Jul 06, 2016

    I agree! I had to cancel my membership by canceling the credit card. I later purchased a year for $45.00, but I was not allowed access after about 15 days. This company is a scam! Do not purchase!!!

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  • Ki
      Aug 09, 2016

    I completely agree! They make it very difficult to cancel your account and are very difficult to get in touch with them. This is their phone number that they removed from the website. [protected]. Once you listen to the VERY long instructions and then wait a long time to talk with someone they are not willing to make any refunds even though you did not agree to the subscription. I expected a lot more from a website that is supposed to cater to child development and supporting parents.

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  • Wg
      Oct 19, 2017

    They are STILL billing me 1 YEAR after I canceled it!

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