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Billing me for crown that I did not receive. They say it tooth #28, then when I called them they said it is #27 not #28. $2400 dollars charge for the service I did not receive.


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  • Ri
      11th of Nov, 2012

    The wait is always more than an hour.

    The wait is always more than an hour. They try to up sell you into work you do not need. Under orders of the owner sell sell sell! They would not fill a tooth because they said it needed a root canal when it didn't... So I got it filled elsewhere. They up sold me into a bridge instead of fixing one small problem with one tooth. The bridges temporary fell out four times. The other temps while waiting for my crowns fell out right away on every job they did on my mouth. They told me I would not need a root canal for the bridge they sold me and installed. Then it was so sensitive it did need a root canal because the doctor took off too much of a good tooth. Got a root canal on the house. OK? Not! Because my bridge on the back molar is on a severe angle ripping out the filling above it because of the crown being defective. The edge of the outside part of the crown lines up dead center with the upper tooth and not near the edge like it is supposed to be. The bridges front tooth protrudes and made other teeth crooked.

    Dr. Kotler is a really nice guy but works or worked for a scammer. Jamie is a nice manager and is helpful... I hope they are helpful this week when I bring the attention of this on going problem to them. Last time I went back Dr. Kotler didn't work there any longer. I saw him at a pizza place on the West Side. He kept quiet as to why he isn't there anymore. I think he might of got caught up in the scandals or is avoiding the scam. I will have to bring this an attorney's attention for fraud and malpractice if this is not fixed on the spot in an hour or less. I have been putting in temporary filling from the store since March. I am tired of this bridges problems and the damage that it is doing. I want my upper tooth filled and the sharp edge of the crowns back molar filed down. The bridge is also on a severe angle as it pries the top filling out while chewing. I spent $5500.00 there and want this fixed/corrected %100 at no cost. Or I will have them investigated.

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