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Ordered a single part months ago and have yet to receive a working part after 5 attempts! All I needed was a window switch for a 2004 Nissan Titan.
First switch sent was the wrong one. It was for a King Cab, not a crew cab. We sent a picture to him and it still was wrong.
Second switch sent, for a crew cab, but it was for the wrong year and wasn’t even close to what we sent him in a picture that he asked us to send again.
Third item sent, not even a window switch, they (some out of state wrecker) sent the four wheel drive selector switch.
Fourth switch, came dirty and in bad shape, tried it, all but front left window switch worked.
Fifth switch sent, all but back left window switch works.
He claims that I'm lying to him and that this is my fault. Not sure how that can be...
Refuses credit claiming that it's not in their policy to refund, only exchange. He is rude, mean and totally dishonest.

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  • He
      Jul 12, 2011

    That's why I hate working on cars/trucks. Always the wrong part.

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  • Ca
      Sep 03, 2011

    I dealt with this company too, and I could not agree more. They were dishonest, stole from me and work in bad faith. My advice is to be very careful when dealing with this company and have everything written down in case the owner starts lying...which he did with me and I could not prove my side because we did everything over the phone.

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  •   Nov 05, 2011

    This is Charles of 4-Auto Parts LLC. Mr. Forrest you need to stop lying and posting these false reviews! You know I refunded you and your wife Jennifer your full amount of what you paid $115.00 on 7/12/2011. Our policy which you signed and agreed to clearly states; "4-AUTO PARTS HAVE A NO REFUND-EXCHANGE ONLY RETURN POLICY. IF A REPLACEMENT IS NOT AVAILABLE A REFUND WILL BE ISSUED." As you've stated yourself, we sent you 3 switches and each time you received the switch, you claimed it didn't work! I guess we just have non-working parts laying around here just waiting to waste our money on them by shipping them out! Seriously use some common sense! These were tested prior to sending them to you! Also, how in the world am I dishonest when I'm spending money out of my pocket on shipping cost to keep sending these switch to you which you claimed didn't work? You are the dishonest one, you claimed you were going to send me back the switch if i refunded you and you knew you wasn't. Hopefully you and your wife are proud of yourselves by being able to steal $115.00 from me by bugging me so much about a refund! Seriously you need to stop with the lies, people with no common sense might believe this nonsense!

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  • Da
      Jun 05, 2013

    Dishonest, lying owner. THE WORST customer service I have ever experienced. Did a bait and swap with a part I returned. I wish I had seen the Better Business Bureau report on him before I did business...

    The Attorney General of Kansas filed suit against 4-Auto Parts, LLC for violations of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act related to the internet sale of used automotive parts. The court granted the Attorney General's request for a temporary restraining order.

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  • Dk
      May 28, 2014
    4-Auto Parts LLC - Wrong part no replacement
    4-Auto parts ll
    8026 S Benton
    Kansas City
    United States
    Phone: 816-256-4479

    I ordered a part from this place and they sent me the wrong color, when I called and told them about it he said I didn't know what I was talking about. This type of part cones in black, unfortunately this was not new part it was off another car with a salvage yard stock number. Treated me like I was stupid called me names and even stated that the mutual acquaintance order the wrong part. After a few days he called his friend and stated to return the wrong part and he would exchange it. We only opened the end of box and seen color and salvage tag, on the incorrect item so when we returned his packaging and box with the part he packed back to him and insured he stated damaged. Not an issue we insured package we would call it in, more name calling think he didn't expect insurance. Called claim in to UPS when they arrived the rep was told oh so sorry we accidentally tossed the package away. A company that deals in shipping and insurance knows the rules. No refund, no exchange, no return of said damaged part. After all the name calling and rudeness he states if I call and beg and apologize for being upset he would think about sending me the correct part. Bad business., sure the BBB, Attorney General, and my credit card company may differ with him. I have all the comments he texted, the recordings of conversation and letters from UPS. This man will steal your money with no remorse.

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  • Sc
      Jul 21, 2016

    We are another salvage yard in Kentucky - they did the same to us. Supposedly shipped parts, never showed in UPS system. After weeks the sent another set that were damaged and refused to take them back - $860 down the drain. (oddly the first set was "delayed in shipping" because they needed to order a back cover from Audi - the second set that showed up had a new cover... hmm.) I tried to send them back at my expense and would have paid a re-stock on the better of the two, but no help. I have an angry customer who has an even more angry customer and I have $860 in a set of $500 lights! Customer service is the worst. Charles is a P at best and I would be ashamed to act like he does.

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