24 Hour Fitness USArohnert park 24 hour fitness: loud radio

I have been a 24 Hour Fitness member for well over a decade. I exercise regularly, have a trainer, and by-and-large enjoy the Club. Except for two problems.

First, the RADIO/PA system is sometimes so loud that I do not hear my own music which is a big part of my enjoyment when I exercise. In these cases, I go to the desk and ask the attendant to please turn the radio down, which they have done in every case so far. Today, the radio was especially loud. So, I went to the desk and ask the attendant please to turn it down. She said: "The radio is at the normal level and I will NOT turn it down." I asked her if I could speak to the manager. She said she is the NEW manager! DO YOU screen your employees for their courtesy to the membership? This lady did not give a damn that a Club member (that is what this gym is classified at) has a right to enjoy HIS music and the radio should not be loud to disturb him.

Would someone please call and ask her to be responsive to such complaint? If she continues to ignore my future complaints, I will have to consider leaving the "Club."

A second problem is the fingerprint reading machines. They work half the time. Can anything be done about them?

Thank you. I would appreciate a response. My phone number is [protected].

Kamran Nayeri, Ph.D.

Nov 27, 2018

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