24 Hour Fitnessthey steal your last month's fee

J Review updated:

When you sign up they charge you your last month's fee upfront.

I cancelled my membership on 6/22/09. But on 6.26 they charged my credit card $89 on 6/26 for the month of July 2009.

When I called to tell them that I had pre-paid for the last month when I signed up for membership, they gave me some non-sensical explanation about how there was a 30-day cancellation policy and therefore I was not entitled to a refund. It's bad enough that they impose a 30-day cancellation policy, but this explanation made absolutely no sense. So basically, they made me pay twice for the month of July 2009, once when I signed up and again on 6/26. The guy I spoke with on the phone could not understand how this was unfair (either an idiot or a good actor).

I believe they do this thinking that people forget that they pay for their last month upfront and when they are caught them on it, they give you this 30-day notice explanation which makes no logical sense.

24 hour fitness is dishonest and I will never join them again!!!


  • J
      May 27, 2011

    i used to be a manager there. you didnt pay twice for july. your membership should have lasted all the way to the end of august.

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