24 Hour Fitnessbeing charged without our permission.

Last year my son and I went to the 24 hour gym. They said that every month they would tells us that we had to pay, but we only went twice. We didn't have time to go after. But secretly they have been charging me from my bank account without my authorization for a whole year. And they said that i filled the form online but i didnt, i did it in person. I asked for a refund but they "can't" give me one. And the employee that attended us doesn't work there anymore his name was eli Acosta. Nobody actually helped with the situation and when it comes to money they always win. I 100% don't recommend 24 hour gym on fry road. Their managers name is Bruce something but he never spoke to us. Instead he made Eric Pena to fix the stuation.

Feb 06, 2017

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