24-7 Ride / ground transportation to airport

Tustin, CA, United States
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DO NOT PATRONIZE THIS COMPANY! I booked a ride home from LAX with this company 5 weeks before my planned return flight home from an overseas trip. My pick-up time was scheduled for late afternoon around 5:00pm. They sent me an e-mail, at 9:30am, the day I was to arrive, saying "unfortunately, we have experienced a scheduling conflict due to an unforeseen circumstance, where we are forced to cancel your reservation with our company." I didn't receive the e-mail, due to my 12 hour long flight, until I had already landed. When I called to inquire about why my reservation was cancelled a full 8 hours before my pick-up time I was told by the receptionist that she "had no idea. Maybe the scheduled driver called in sick, or the air conditioning in the vehicle was broken." Really? As a supposed transportation company, you don't have the ability to work out your company's own logistics problems and honor a reservation that you accepted. This company is horrible and they could care less about their customers. Never again!

Jul 04, 2016

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