24-7 Ridedriver service to the airport

DO NOT USE 24-7 RIDE! They are horrible! They left us sitting waiting for our pickup to LAX at 5 am. No call, no show. I left them voicemails, called and texted the driver, no response. We had to find a last minute ride to the airport, pay someone else, and got to check in for our international flight 2 minutes before they cutoff check in.

I emailed them and tried calling throughout the next couple weeks, NO RESPONSE. Finally got through to someone after a 25 minute hold. Their only response was that "it looks like a refund has been processed". No apology, no explanation of what happened.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Tustin, CAI asked what happened and their response was "what is the nature of your call?". I said I wanted to speak with a supervisor and she said "I am a supervisor". I pressed for an explanation and her only response was "looks like the driver had car trouble, not sure why he didn't call or respond to you". No offer for any discounts on a next service, no offer to try to fix the situation in any way.
I had used them once previously and the driver was 15 minutes late. That was bad enough but not calling and not showing up and the service I got when needing to speak with someone regarding the situation? Wow!
I will NEVER use them again.

May 04, 2017

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