2-10 Homebuyers Warranty / Failure to handle claim in a timely manner

10375 E. Harvard Ave. Suite 100, Denver, CO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800 743 4210

filed claim on 6/20/11 for A/C not working. First, didn't have local contractor so asked me to find one. When I couldn't find one that would deal with a/any warranty company directly, they "found" one on the internet. When that local contractor agreed to come out and then told them the outside unit and air handler needed to be replaced, they thought it was too much $. So they brought in one of their contractors who operates 2 HOURS AWAY. Guy came in & said same thing but they settled to just change out outside unit. When workers got here, they looked at air handler and said "NO WAY" could they hook up new outside unit so a/c would work. After sending email to customer care, got immediate response BUT they can't come out until 7/26 (they hope) to get air handler replaced. meanwhile, lost 1-week renter at $2000 due to ineptness of this company. I plan to cancel contract the second this a/c is fixed.

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