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2-10 Home Warranty / Save your self hours and hours of frustration and disappointment

1 10375 e harvard ave suite 100, Denver, CO, United States Review updated:
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Failure to live up to contract and or professionally resolve dispute.

Dishwasher, broke - called company sent a subcontractor out.

Contractor said it was un repairable.

2-10 states that I not them have to go thru the kitchen-aide because kitchen aide has a lifetime warranty on this product. 2-10 said they will pay 200 USD towards labor cost. Kitchenaide said in no way is the product covered under warranty as I am not the original owner. ( I CONFIRM THIS AS TRUE! ). 2-10 then treats me like Im lying to them about this information, I encourage them to contact kitchen aide them self which they don't do. I once again contact kitchen aide and get them to email a denial letter, forward it to 2-10 home warranty still with no resolve in the mean time I can't even get rid of the broken dishwasher in the event that someone some day wants to repair it!. Horrible costumer service a complete and deliberate refusal to honor contract. Save your self hours and hours of frustration and disappointment.

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  • Jr
      27th of Jun, 2013
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    My AC was not cooling so I called 2-10 home warranty they sent a contractor from Air Design to my home. The contractor stated my blower was bad so he repaired. A couple of months went by and my AC wasn't cooling so I called again to 2-10 warranty again, they sent out Air Design contractor the guy stated I needed Freon and he repaired a coil. My AC still didn't cool so I called 2-10 warranty again, and here comes Air Design contractor again this time they tell me I needed to replace the coil they claimed to have fixed. Air Design is a joke along with 2-10 warranty. 2-10 warranty is telling me my out of pocket cost is going to be $475.00, it breaks down like this: Disposal Fee =$50.00; Recovery Fee=$95.00; Duck Work Modification;$195.00; Drain Fee=$40.00; Clean condenser coil=$95.00. I am going to cancel 2-10 warranty as soon as my AC is fixed. This warranty company is the worst I've ever worked with and their contractor Air Design is horrible. I am going to contact Randy Travis and Clark Howard (advocates for consumers TV) Its time we expose 2-10 warranty and their cut-rate contractors to the public and possible put them out of business.
    My name is Janet in Jonesboro GA.

  • Ci
      25th of Jul, 2013
    -1 Votes

    Complaint Description:
    We obtained a homeowners warranty through this company when we purchased a new home. When the HVAC unit stopped working they refused to repair. We had owned our new home for 8 days when the HVAC unit (the AC) stopped working. We were very thankful that we had a home warranty and called right away for them to assist. They responded and attempted to send a company out to help with repairs. They agreed to send someone within a few days. 24 hours after filing our claim we discovered that water was leaking through the ceiling directly under where the AC unit was located. Within a few hours our ceiling had caved in. We had been in our new home for 9 days. We called the warranty company and they upgraded the call to "emergency status" and promised that someone would be in our home within 24 hours as we still had water coming down from the attic. No one came. I spoke with them many times over the course of the week but in the end it took them 8 days to have someone come out to look at the AC unit. Meanwhile, it had been over 90 degrees in our home. Finally, a servicing company came and diagnosed the problem. They told us that we needed a new motor and they would call the home warranty company to authorize the needed repairs. Within a few hours this home warranty company called to inform us that our claim was denied in its entirety. Apparently, we had a "pre-existing" condition with our AC unit. Since we had only owned the home for 8 days when the AC failure occurred then the must have been something wrong before we purchased the home... REALLY????? I'm sorry, but isn't the entire premise of a home warranty to cover your home because you have NO IDEA what may be wrong or how the previous owners maintained their appliances? We had a home inspection and nothing was discovered about the HVAC unit. It seems to me this home warranty company does not stand by what it promises, leaving a new home owner stuck with hundreds or thousands of bills. I thought I was protected by this "insurance". Clearly not. Very very disappointed.

  • Ma
      19th of Aug, 2013
    -1 Votes

    2-10. Is a scam. It started. With a plumbing issue.both. Bathrooms where backed up . And had low water pressure. So I put a claim. In with 2-10. .they sent out plumber you son was a pot head how do I Knw this he was high when the three days later. Than they. First told low water. Pressure was because. The city had a restrictor valve on the main line lie #1 he the so called plumber. Said I.had 22psi. Comeing in the house when in fact I had 45psi Becuse. The city came out and ck .so I called 2-10 back because. The three could not find the main drain. So after they of all the new landscaping .they said the had to go .so I. Called 2-10 again told them .what was going on . And. I paid the 100.$ which while talking to 2-10 the plumber took the ck. I hadn't. Flushed writing .he took off .while talking to 2-10 .so. I found the main drain .next day the plumber James. Says the would be there's first thing didn't show up until. 8:00 pm .wasted a another day to only have there son Christian .show up yes high. .had a little cut on is finger .he say he can't clean out my main drain after I had found it and had the cap off so. .all the had to do was run there's machinery. Christian then calls to tend to talk them out of doing it .so i wasted yet another day.called 2-10 yet a again. .so. James the dad call me because. I told him I was going to put a stop payment on the ck .he comes. out. runs his machine and was done in 15min. And gone in 25 min . Found some dry wall pieces. Laying around not wet.nothing.long story. Had another plumber come out fixed had to pay for it out of my pocket ...the problem was fixed .2-10 sucks the did nothing its about the ck out fee that wad it nice racket I'm call the and my congressman and or something maybe they can fix it. .they are scam where's vise squad at ...becarefull. Of 2-10 save your money. Bottom line...mark. Ohio.

  • Di
      20th of Dec, 2013
    -1 Votes

    2-10 is the most worthless thing to have on a property ever. Paid $70 for some dufus to come out and look at my microwave-oven combination. Tells me magnato and diode are broken, can't find the part number as the mfg label had worn away due to cleaning. Lousy company gives me $250 to replace a SS microwave and oven combination. Taking them to small claims court along with my realtor for using them.

  • 21
      23rd of Apr, 2014
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    2-10 is the worthless and they have no idea what they are doing other than fleecing. Got bummed twice with me having to pay the initial changes to the contractor who came in and they did not do anything. I had to get it repaired through another contractor. Very horrible customer service too. Would definitely advise against using them

  • Au
      28th of Apr, 2014
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    NO NO NO - 2-10 Warranty Corp is horrible. We had an issue with lighting. I called to tell them our lights in the living room were not working. They asked if I had checked the breaker...OF COURSE! Then they told me it was not covered because it was a light.'s my entire line of can lighting in the ceiling. Sorry, we don't cover fixtures. It's not a fixture...there's something wrong with the electrical. They wouldn't come out. I called back again to talk to someone else. They told me the same thing because it was all documented. Finally I got through to someone else to explain. They told me someone would call me within 24 hours. WRONG! Three days later I got the call. Two days after that, someone came out. They didn't have the small part needed. Ended up coming back two weeks later to fix a $25 part. Cost less than my deductible. This company is a joke. I just received my renewal letter - NO WAY! Run away from this money making machine. If we took someone's money and didn't complete the job we committed to...we would get sued. This company found a loop hole to steal.

  • Ja
      1st of May, 2015
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    1st of May, 2015 by Jamie F.

    I can tell you in Blackwood, NJ they are a scam. I had them in 2013 when I bought my home and was denied a claim. I called for service in Apri 2015 because I didn't have any hot water, the contractor came out the next day to check out my tank. I was in my home only 1 year. He called 2-10 with the diagnosis that I needed a new hot water tank. They told me since I never flushed out the tank it wasn't covered, mind you I have only lived there for a year! The contractor confirmed that it's very rare that they cover ANYTHING. I work for Attorney's so I asked one to help me. He emailed them to return my fee of $417.00. I feel that's the only reason why they returned it. Of course I'm out of the $100.00 for the deductible but I'm just happy I'm done with them! I thought it was pretty strange that my money was removed from my account 5 minutes after I gave them my my information. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  • Ja
      1st of May, 2015
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  • No
      14th of Jun, 2016
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    Horrible experience. My dishwasher wasnt working well (dleaning or drying well) then the upper rack was loose. One day the upper rack collapsed. Opened the dishwasher door and the whole thing went down - we couldnt even close it...
    Good we are covered! we have home insurance, BUT waht a waste of time and energy. The first contracter came after calling and complaining - 5 days later!!! He took pictures and told me the diagnosis will be ready in 24 to 48 hours. After 2 weeks we didnt have any diagnosis - after calling 3 times, comaplaining and finally talking to the supervisior, they sent another contractor. The last contractor showed up after 5 days. He came, told us the dishwasher is fine, that we are not using the right detergent, left samples and put the old upper rack in place!!! The upper rack is obviously broken and just about the collapsed again!!. I just got an email saying that the "new parts" will arrive in 10 days. We are talking about probably 2 months (altogether) to have a simple dishwasher fix. I could have gotten a new one for the amount of money and energy I am wasting dealing with this horrible company. Save your money and pay out of pocket. If someting simple happens to your house and you have time and patience, it may be OK, BUT if there is major job to be done, something needs to be fixed ASAP - this is not the solution. It will take 1 to 2 months to get something fix with this company. PLEASE dont waste yur money!

  • Sa
      25th of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    2-10 has turned into one of the WORST home warranty companies around !!! When we first went with 2-10 about 12 -13 yrs ago we felt like they were an upstanding and honorable company, who stood behind their word and did what they said they would do. However, since we bought our current house in Dec. of 2012 we have NOT been able to get ANY help from them at all. There is NEVER any service companies that "service" our area, and NOBODY will come here under 2-10 because, according to ALL OF THEM, they can NEVER get paid by 2-10. So here we are for the past 4 years paying for a service that we can NEVER use because there are NO SERVICE CONTRACTORS because 2-10 will NEVER pay them.

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