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As a “FORMER” customer of the site for a few years..I Can honestly give my personal opinion of the site…

Yeah it has nice promotional offers, crazy deposit. bonuses which is awesome, vip incentives for those active depositors etc…BUT AT WHAT COST?

sure you make that $27 min deposit …claim that 500% deposit bonus for example but there’s a catch..The site has always been known for being CHEAP but to penalize players for claiming that 300% bbs earned from playing cgs along with That bonus u got when u deposited is CR* @P! This is what they do.  They deduct every bonus buc. U claimed from ur deposit along with The promotional bbs u may have gotten along with The bbs from cgs.. from ur actual cashout request.  So if u made a 1000$ cashout but u claimed 500bbs they will deduct 500 from The 1000 leaving u 500$ you are allowed to receive from your winnings. GET IT? They cheat and are stealing from its customers so they dont have to pay out The ll winnings from The players…they are pretty much paying out 50% of The total winning or less or a bit more..which isnt really that much IF u think about it.  It shouldnt be less then 100%..SMART 123BINGO BUT thats not proper buisness ethics in my personal opinion.  Why else DO they spam the site with these. Promotional offers etc.  (( THINK ))

Now beware of claiming any proMotional offer or free chips ..cause Once you do. ur deposit is worth peanuts.  instead. Of making that large cashout request you were hopping to make. U are left with a max.$100 cashout usuall y. Not to mentioN minus The processing fees etc. SO WHAT ARE U LEFT WITH ? Lol sure its free $ but its not really worth it having to meet the requirements etc just to get that 100$ check or less in my opinion…lol

NOW let’s talk about the so called 123 ghost players..most sites have Em to steal the majority of the sites winnings so they don’t have to pay out as much…here we go again …CHEAP!! dont u notice players u haven’treally seen as much come into the room and bamb theyre stealing the majority if the bingo games being played or the higher prize d games from time to time..I  Remember a player named..D.  ..playing and winning.  But one day the site went down and When it went back up after hrs and angry players. That GHOST PLAYER came In and started talking with the chat manager the room and said it was live help agent.  L. Checkin on the players.  hahaha do you want to know the exact names if whom im talking about ? Hmmnn..   lol…

NOW lets talk about how The sites rigged and how they manipulate The outcome of The games on The site…notice some games (slots, casino, etc) Will play faster then others. They are controlling The speed of The game and outcome of The game..why DO you Think The game freezes and stops after u make That bet then Will say..TECHNIQUAL ERROR..then u have to refresh The page to finish That game..its Them manipulating the outcome of The game. Happens to me when i play slot gamee l.l. or blackjack all The time.  o r IF u purchase bingo cards mins Before The game starts then freezes..U wait a min  or two but still no change…So you refresh The page but look The game started already but ur not in The game cause they didnt want u in The game….lmao….Watch out for little things Like this its not a tech glitch IF its been happening for years and hasnt been fixed 123bingo

Now alot of loyal not so smart players Like myself caught on to wats goin on and started talking The truth and complaing in The rooms etc so The gave them a vip rep to cater to their needs and gave Them special treatment but it doesnt help IF The rep døesnt DO their Job and assist you when needed Etc…they created this to show their appreciation… YAY RIGHT..MORE LIKE TO SH*UT U UP…LOL..

The saff is unreliable, unprofessional, unknowledgable and Will tell u fals e info at times..watc h out! Even The manager is too . LOL if The site wants to get rid of u and have  U off the site they vwill screw up
ur account…BEWARE …BAD BAD BAD..

NOW ASK URSELF..IS THIS THE KIND of site u want to Pay into ?===no

May 29, 2015

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