123bingo / fraud behavior

Sitka, AK, United States

Ok, I have finally had enough of this bingo site! At first all was well, I deposited about $1500 over several years, cashed out like $600 which isn't too bad considering most of these sites are not even legit. But in the course of the last 1.5 yrs I have noticed a change in their customer service, and change in the winning cycles and new players showing up out of no where and winning winning winning! I mean like every other game, whether its bingo or slots. One name in particular is Emerson. Its has come to many players attention that this isn't a real person, but one of the CM's and is a plant for the room to win games, especially if it is a high payout game. The CM's have become extremely rude, condescending and will not honor bbs during chat games whether you earned it our not. If you complain to the company, they ignore you, if you get emails with free play chips, they refuse to honor them.
Last week, "Jay" had the nerve to tell me that he wouldn't honor my free play chip because I have not made a deposit in 10 days. Even though the email clearly states, NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED. And even though I claimed the code and it came through. He is a POS, has no idea how to play the game and doesn't give two hoots about good customer service.
So when we all complain about the feds not allowing online gaming, this is one reason why!! This place is out of costa rica I believe and could care less that they run it like a ponzi scheme. Do not give this C O N A R T I S T S any of your hard earned money, and if they get abusive with you, please file complaints with anyone and everyone online so they can see exactly what is up at 123 bingo before they rip off anyone else!!

Jun 24, 2015

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