Coit Cleaners, Buffalo, NYDamage to sofa


I hired Coit Cleaners to clean three bedroom carpets and while they were at my house I decided to have my three year old sofa cleaned. BIG MISTAKE! They proceeded to steam clean my "solvent clean" only couch. My couch is now faded and covered with streaks. The technician asked if the couch had ever been cleaned before and I told them no. That didn't matter, they steamed cleaned it anyway. After my first complaint, they sent a second technician out who admitted that the couch should have been cleaned in a different manner and that the mat of the fabric would have been better. After the second tech left and the sofa dried, there was little improvement. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau but Coit insists they have done nothing wrong and that's how a three-year old couch should look. It was a pretty expensive sofa and I expected it to be better, not worse, when they were done. So disappointed with Coit. I thought they were a reputable company and I trusted them to do the right thing. Just didn't work out that way. We will be heading to small claims court...

Damage to sofa

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