Cohen's Fashion opticalcomplaining about cohen optical freehold raceway mall.


My complaint is about your Freehold raceway mall store in Freehold NJ.
My issues with this store are many, my first visit was ok although the regular doctor was out, therefore I was seen by a visiting doctor who as it turned out gave me an incorrect prescription. I only found out after having my prescription filled at a different eyeglass store mainly because I didn't like anything they had in the store, this is when my experience with this store became horrible.
I returned to the Freehold store and right off the bat I was ignored by Steve the salesman after finally getting his attention I was told go sit down and wait to be called, after abou 20 minutes I finally got to see the doctor. As I tried to explain to Dr. Needleman what had happened I could immediately tell that he was not happy about having to redo my exam, It took about 45 minutes of trying to convince him that the prescription was incorrect, during this time I was talked down to and made to feel like an [censor]. He also constantly repeated that he didn't understand what I was talking about and what DO YOU WANT me to do. Very simply I was asking that he redo the exam. finally he agreed. Having had my eyes checked in the past by a doctor who does not participate in my new medical plan, I tried to explain what my previous doctor did at my last exam, at which time I was told, why are you here? Go back to your other doctor. As far as I can tell this is not the proper way to speak to a patient. After redoing the exam he agreed that my last exam was done in incorrectly and that the prescription was wrong, he also agreed that I would need to redo my glasses, again these glass were not purchased thru Cohen. My next question to Dr. Needlman was being that the prescription was wrong who is responsible for redoing my glasses. His response was that he would talk to Steve about replacing the lenses, I guess Steve refused to replace the lenses because the next step was for the doctor to ask me to put the glasses back on at which time he began physically moving my head around with his hands to try to adjust the angle of the glasses to find out if a change in the angle would make me see better. The change in angle did improve my vision a bit but still not good. Next Dr. Needlman told me that they did not need to change the lenses and that Steve would only have to adjust the angle, mind you I was already told the prescription was incorrect, "how bending the glasses to match my vision is the correct way to fix the problem is beyond me" at this point Steve took my glasses to readjust them at which time I was told that they were not responsible for any damage that might occur. Steve made the first adjustment and without asking if it helped he pulled the glasses off my face and made another change, this time putting the glasses back on me himself while they were still hot from the adjustment process, I made a comment that they were too hot and they were burning my ears at which time he rudely pulled the glasses of my face and threw them on the counter saying ok we'll wait here for them to cool off, while the glasses were on the counter I noticed that one of the arms were bent badly and commented that he had ruined them, with this comment Steve got extreamly nasty and began yelling loudly "now get out and don't come back, go back where you come from and where you belong". Being Egyptian and having and accent this comment upset me at which time I began to cry, I would like to think that this is not an acceptable way to speak to anybody let alone a customer, this to me is harasment! After all this and the new exam and prescription, I was given a new set of contact lenses which again where not correct. Long story short I went back to my original doctor and paid out of pocket to finally get my vision corrected!

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