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From the beginning, Coke has made it almost impossible to acquire points for their "My Coke Rewards" Promotion. The web site is hard to navigate (primary smoke screen to keep you from inputing codes for points), the ccodes are hard to read and it takes musch time to discern before being credited with points, then once you've gather enough points they remove the item you were trying to redeem your points for.

Coke lacks integrity and honesty in their business practices!!!

Pepsi and Rc Cola are looking alot better every day (and they taste better too!!!)


  • Wh
    whocares Oct 26, 2007

    All you have to do upon entering the my coke rewards website is sign in on the upper right hand corner, then on the left hand side of the screen under where it says Mycokerewards it says enter codes. doesn't get much simpler than that!

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  • Fo
    Former Coke Drinker Nov 06, 2007

    As of a week ago, Coke locked my "My Coke Rewards" account which had around 200 points in it. Apparently because I had set up two other accounts (which I only ever used one time) which is "against the rules", they locked my account and won't allow me to open a new account. I'm sure I could figure out a way to open a new account, but I'd rather just stop drinking Coke products all together. They obviously don't value their customers very much. Quite a "loyalty" program, huh?

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  • V3
    v3 Jan 09, 2008

    The process is easy; my fiance and I use it all the time, you can even send the codes via text.

    The complaints seem to me like this: The site is too hard or I broke the rules and they caught me, waaah.

    Go drink Pepsi then!

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  • Ba
    barrett Apr 28, 2008

    coke website sucks i try to sign in and it freezes up every time and in todays struggling economy i say SCREW COKE im drinking walmart cola

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  • Pj
    pj4peace May 26, 2008

    Coke took over a hundred points from me when I was unable to enter new code when computer crashed. I started saving again. I had over 300 points which suddenly one day just vanished. eventually, coke reinstated my points. Most recently, coke advised me that my points will expire soon if I do not enter new code(s). When I try, I only receive message that my session has expired. I have a shopping bag full of caps that I have not had time to enter yet because they only allow you to enter 10 a day (though I advised them I drink more than that). Coke is a thief, a swindler, a crook. Taste can adapt over time and RC is starting to look pretty good. For those of you who say Coke rewards works fine; give them time - they'll screw you over too!

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  • Co
    Connie Hall Jun 04, 2008

    I have been entering the coke rewards for months and for the last 2 weeks, I can't get to the site to sign in and enter my points. I've e-mailed numerous times with no answer. I purchased a t-shirt in Apri and still haven't received it either. Please let me know what is going on with the site!!! It's very aggravating!!!

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  • Mi
    mike Jul 01, 2008

    for the past week i have not been able to put point in my account a error message comes up every time i try to enter my password

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  • Na
    Natalia Jul 10, 2008

    I cannot get into the my coke rewards site even though I have the right e-mail addresses and the right confirm e-mail adddress. It will not let me log in.

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  • Ke
    Keith Jul 23, 2008

    Went on a two week holiday. While away they emailed me to say I had a week to enter codes. I got back they were gone. F*UCK YOU Coke...I will drink Dr. Pepper and tell EVERYONE I can about them. By the way I teach at a large university and will work to get their sorry A$$ machines off campus as well.

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  • Jo
    Jonathan Aug 09, 2008

    I think most of you people complain about every little thing that doesn't go you way!!Stop wining! " oooh Im going to go drink Pepsi or Dr. pekker BLAH BLAH BLAH" who cares!! I've been using the rewards program since it started and never had one problem! Im just glad that they actually started something like this..

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  • Ro
    Rob Aug 15, 2008

    My only complaint now with My Coke Rewards is that they removed the coupon for a free 12-pack of Coke products. It was 100 points. I redeemed almost all of my points on the coupons over the last year and now all of the sudden, it's gone. It was replaced by a $1.00 off a 12-pack coupon for 35 points.

    And now, in the "for a limited time" section of rewards, they have the free 12-pack of Coke coupons... for get this... 240 points!?!?!!

    240 points for the same item that was 100 points a month ago???? What a rip-off!! And now, the "contact us" portion of the website is gone. Must have had a ton of complaints!

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  • Sa
    sandy Aug 17, 2008

    What the??? Bought a 24 pack of Dasani water had no idea its a product of the Coca Cola Co. So thought I'd play the so called "My Coke Rewards". But the bummer part is you really can't see the code making it impossible to read and not only that it asks for a 12 digit code and it only came with 11. "WHAT A JOKE". Only obvious to get the consumer to purchase their product. Does anyone know where to send them an email? Cuz, I don't see anywhere to send them a message on Hmmmm...Anybody know?

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  • Fr
    Frank Aug 25, 2008

    Similar story as Rob, here.

    My concern is with their ever-changing point value system.

    Used to be a silver AMC movie ticket was 200 points. Not bad at all. Then they upped it to 330 for a silver ticket with a large coke. This was still alright, because of the additional large coke, but it takes a while longer to save up the extra points obviously.

    Then all of sudden, BAMMO!, the same silver ticket and large coke zooms up to 485 points! That's just idiotic. There is no way I drink enough of their product to accumulate those points in a reasonable amount of time.

    It would have been nice for them to at least off the 200 point AMC movie ticket, in ADDITION to the AMC movie ticket with a large coke. That is suggestion number one.

    Suggestion number two is to keep the point values reasonable for pity's sake!

    To top it all off, they took away Powerade Option where you could earn points and gave us Powerade Zero where you can't. I'm still waiting for a logical explanation as to why you could earn points with one and not the other.

    Ah well. I'll still drink Coke. But as far as their rewards program is concerned...well, it's not as enticing as it once was.

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  • An
    anon Aug 25, 2008

    Coke Rewards SUCK!!! They won't put any prizes that are worth a crap: It took 6 weeks to tell me the measurement of a bag and after I ordered it, it was NOT what they said.


    [email protected]

    Let the flood begin!!!

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  • Fu
    fumble Sep 06, 2008

    I have been saving points for over a year. Every time I see something I want, it disappears by the time I get enough points. The wireless headset, the portable mini DVD player, etc. And they keep devalutating the points to where they are almost worthless. I swear my points are worth 1/3 the value they were a year ago.

    This is a scam that they will not get caught for. Except losing a few customers...oh well.

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  • Il
    illegal operation Sep 09, 2008

    I'm so frustrated with Coke.

    They had some nice high end prizes at the start of the promotion, and all you had to do is drink your COKE and save your points.

    Well, that's what I did.
    Sorry, even not everyone drinks a '10' 12pks a day, to get enough for the high end prizes witin the first 6 months.

    The only way to get over 15k points within the first 6 months would be to own a business that bought Coke at costco. And that's not right, there was no way a typical coke drinker could ever get that many points in the first year.

    So now typical drinkers who have been saving up their points, are getting close to those values. But now Coke is telling it's members on it's forum, that 'they are moving away from the higher end prizes'

    What kind of false advertising is this?

    There are some on the Coke forum ( who are furious because they have been saving up for specific items, and finally have enough points to redeem their prize, and then are told it's not coming back, but instead you can use your 15, 000 points on a stuffed polar bear.

    Coke either needs to bring back the prizes at a comparable point value they were when the promo first started, or someone needs to start a lawsuit against this shady practice.

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  • Pa
    Pat Sep 13, 2008

    For 2 weeks I haven't been able to sign in or enter codes for points at Is anyone else having problems?

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  • Be
    betty wanberg Sep 15, 2008

    I have a email dated july 22 that they sent me a coupon for a 12 pack of cokes I never recieved the coupon. on aug.19 i put in 240 points to get a coupon for a 12 pack. They gave me 100 points instead of a 12 pack. Asfor the 240 points They wont even answer my email

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  • Kc
    KC Sep 16, 2008

    My Coke Rewards used to be okay, but I totally agree with Illegal Operation's views.
    Here's a list of items I got and how many points they were.
    See how the points cost increases for the same items:

    $50 Shop Adidas Card...400 Points
    $30 of Sony Style Cards (3 x $10)...240 Points
    Blockbuster 4 movies and 2 20oz Cokes...184 Points
    $100 Blockbuster Gift Card...800 Points
    $25 Sony Style Card (1 of)...500 Points (was 80 points for $10)
    Blockbuster 3 movie rentals...108 Points

    Blockbuster Game Rental...64 Points
    $75 Blockbuster Gift Card...750 Points

    Blockbuster 3 movie rentals...135 Points
    $50 Shop Adidas Gift Cards (2 x $25)...1250 Points (was 400 points)
    2 Silver AMC Tickets...660 Points

    Compare to how many points you now need:
    Rent one movie get one free - 70 points. Used to be 26 points for a free rental.
    Rent one game get one free - 120 points. Used to be 64 points for a free game rental.
    Footlocker $10 off - 280 points. Used to get $50 with 400 points with Adidas.
    AMC Silver ticket - 485 points. Was 330 2 months ago.

    The rest of the stuff on the site now is crap. You used to get a PS2 for 1800 points. Now for 2000 you get a Coke bear...
    The Celestron Telescope (which is about $20 on Amazon I think anyway and isn't very good apparently) used to be 1000 points 3 months ago. Now it's 2080 points.

    I still drink Coke, but less than I did. Entering codes really isn't worth the time and hassle anymore so I just throw them out. Even the 20 point 24 pack codes...

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  • Kc
    KC Sep 16, 2008

    I apologize - the Celestron telescope wasn't $20 - it's $30.95 and got 2 stars out of 5...

    At a generous $6 for a 24 pack:

    2008: $600 of Coke = $30 telescope.
    2006: $120 of Coke = $50 Gift Card for Adidas...

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  • Co
    Cokesucker Sep 17, 2008 sux as a website, it is slow to the point of being impossible to navigate. It's not worth it to buy their product when it takes an hour to redeem points, if you can even make it that far. Squirt is a much better product, and it doesn't have an enraging website! I've been on for AN HOUR and STILL haven't completed the transaction for 1 STINKING LOUSY 20 OZ. BOTTLE! I won't be purchasing any more Coke® products, period.

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  • Fo
    foxxyy Sep 18, 2008

    Well first of all, I can't complain TOO much over something that is absolutely free to me. If I'm being honest, I should be appreciative and grateful to coke for giving ANYTHING back to the people to show their gratitude to customers. And yes they don't make it SO easy, because the easier people get free gifts, the more money they lose...duh, common sense and logic people!! I work at a place where we purchase the 32ct. cases from Sams. The points on each case is 25 points. If it were 3 or 10 points I wouldn't waste mytime and then whine about it. My complaint is pretty legit I feel. I'm just a little dissapointed that they have no good stuff left. I got the toaster oven, the crock pot, and in a few days I'm going to get the digital frame and the polar bear, then I feel like not even wasting my time anymore, because the only things left will be the stupid sweepstakes! So those that got the cool stuff in the beginning, consider yourself lucky! I've only been playing around a month, but I enter 250 points a day! Poor people who only do 30 - 100 points a day, it must take MONTHS to get anything decent!!

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  • Ka
    kathy oleary Sep 22, 2008

    hi-had a problem entering codes from dasani water cases, i e-mailed and got a response back, was told to let you know how many codes i had and the credit would be added to my points. i had 6 codes i could not enter.quite honestly, swear to god, i can no longer find my codes. is there anything you can still do? thank you. kathy oleary 8289 janis st, riverside, ca.92504 [email protected]

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  • Stop complaining. If it work, then you are still getting something for free no matter what the number of points. If its too hard for you to understand how to work it (Ok, can we say slow) or if the website is messing up get over it. Pepsi aint exactly giving out free cars, and RC Cola darn sho nuff aint giving away nothing. U supposed to drink it because of the taste (Pepsi tastes like mop water in my opinion) and price, and in my point to support a company based in my city. Get over it! And with the economy the price of everything is going up so what makes u expect that point value on wouldnt decrease!?!?! WHY DONT U INVENT YOUR OWN FLAVOR OF SODA AND THEN DO A REWARDS THEME YOURSELF.

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  • Sa
    Sandra Hibbs Oct 08, 2008

    My husband printed out some coupons buy 1 get 1 (12 pack) free. So far I have found two stores ( walmart and Super Fresh) that don't accept these coupons. Guess we will be ordering them to be sent any more.

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  • Sa
    Sam Oct 09, 2008

    Coke Rewards program sucks! After years of entering codes, I didn't notice the 'warning' email mixed in with all the other junk mail. I did not know there was the 90 day policy. I lost 1, 294 points!!!

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  • Ha
    hates coke Oct 09, 2008

    coke rewards SUCKS A$$. they took away all the blockbuster prizes worth getting. they also keep raising the required points to ridiculous levels.

    SCREW THEM. i download all my movies from torrents on the internet now. full dvds with menus and everything for FREE (except the $0.30 for the blank dvd). i get all the new releases without paying a dime. this is what they get for being total d1cks to their customers.

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  • Bo
    bobby Oct 13, 2008

    can some1 say protest?

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  • Ka
    Kaykay Oct 16, 2008

    I agree with many of the comments posted here but seriously no one is holding a gun to your head, making you go to the site and use the reward program. I have been a member for quite some time but only recently became a regular. I get the codes from my mom who is a total Diet Coke addict and then the ones I collect on my own for being an addict in my own right, lol. My only worry is, do they ever really send out the "big" prizes?
    Let me explain...
    Some months back I was able to save up for an Ipod dock, at that time it was 761 points, I believe. I redeemed, all excited I would be getting this dock. Well weeks went by and it never came. According to the site the prize had been fufilled but I never received anything. So I emailed Coke with all my info and they said there was some sort of problem with my address...I have no idea what it could have been since we always had stuff sent to the house we lived in at the time from places like Amazon and the like. But they refunded me the points so it was all good for the time being. I went back to saving up points, figuring I would redeem for something bigger and better, see what happened. A few days ago I finally decided to have a good look at the prizes to see what I liked. I had almost 2500 points. I redeemed once again for the dock. I also redeemed for a magazine subscription and a Pirates of the Carribean poster (hey I have a 5 yr old son, lol). Right away I got something that told me how to get the magazine sub. started and got confirmation from the actual magazine I would be getting my isssues soon. The next day I got an email from Coke saying my poster had been sent. But here we are 5 days later and still no word about the dock. So I am thinking maybe the "big" prizes they just never reward? Maybe they will wait and wait til I say something AGAIN and then give me back the points (which, BTW, went up to over 1000 for the dock now!). So we'll see...I want to be positive and think I will get everything I redeemed for but who knows?

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  • Bo
    Bobbie Oct 22, 2008

    Ii have some points and want to enter sweepstakes. For the past week it will not let me enter ant sweepstakes. anyone else having trouble? I send them emails and all I get is we are working on it or maybe somthing wrong with your computer. Well there is nothing wrong with my computer.
    I am also mad about raising the number of points you need to get items. Do they think we are dumb, I think this is false advertising!

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  • Sa
    Sam Parla Oct 31, 2008

    I have been doing my coke rewards since the time it started and had NO PROBLEMS with it. i have had problems emtering points from fridge packs of Dasani water but I emailed them and a day later they credit my account. I have redeemed many prizes from the coke wall mount bottle opener, to the Harvard basketball shootout to universal tickets to skull candy earbud head phones. I LOVE THIS program. You guys must be doing something wrong.
    and screw pepsi for dumping element 79 for their advertising agency. their commercials suck since pulling the plug with element.

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  • Na
    Natalie Nov 04, 2008

    i've been an avid diet coke drinker... i've saved all the coke caps, i could possibly find... by dumpster diving, word of mouth and to finding an empty dis-carded bottle with the cap, still on. i've saved 1800 points, to this day... and have coke take all my points from me, for not recording them on the computer... i still have another 2, 000 to 3, 000 points left to record. my heart sank when they first took my points from me, about 800, then i just had another 1, 000 taken from me. for not being able to record them. i do not always have access to a computer. i feel so bad for not being able to afford a decent computer. i still drink diet coke, maybe with enough caps, i could of earned one.

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  • Sh
    shawn gilbert Nov 06, 2008

    I tried to enter my coke points and the computer kept freezing. Finally when I was able they took my 2000+ points I had entered and I have no way of contacting them. Can someone let me know if they have a way of contacting them?

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  • Ju
    Just a Average Person Nov 07, 2008

    I am very unhappy with the mycokerewards site, since I began a few years ago I have seen the value of the points drop dramatically where it is not worth perticipating at all! You are not giving us any deals at all, now you came out with a 29 pk, 12oz. cans with no code to put on your account. I'm a loyal coke drinker for years byt I really am also considering changing because coke deals aren't for the average working person anymore. Coke is not offering any decent deals as they once did. Coke people must think we're all fools. Sorry Cole you aren't it anymore in my book.

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  • La
    Laura Nov 08, 2008

    I just redeemed all my points, save 2, and don't plan on tracking any more points. My decision was based on the fact that there is no way to keep up with the point increases that Coke places on their rewards.

    This will be good for my beltline. I have no more incentive to buy Coke and I redeemed all my points in coke coupons which will be in the Christmas Cards I send out this year.

    On a side note, did you know that the Mormons own most of the stock in Coca Cola? Yep, every time you snag a coke you send a missionary to someone's door...

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  • Mu
    Mukarram Saify Nov 09, 2008

    Dear Sir
    I am write From Malerkotla Punjab India
    i have parchase a limca is very dirty raw muskmelon, rubbish, its a very bad
    now i inform in cocacola india but he not respounce-n-action agaist it
    i think coca cola company is very imagefull company
    if i will go in media and action agaist consumer coart
    please take action
    Name Mukarram Saify
    379/A-8 Loharan
    Maler Malerkotla
    Cell +919417502002

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  • To
    Tony Solomon Nov 09, 2008

    I sign in to coke rewards and try to enter my points, only to be told that my session has expired. That blows my mind, since I cleaned out temp files and just signed in. This is very annoying. So is the 10 codes per day limit.

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  • Im
    ImNotGrace Feb 19, 2009

    Unlike the others, I have no problem w/ the function of the widget or getting into or entering codes to the site. My gripes are the downhill slope of the "prizes" and now there new "Enter as many codes as you want"... up to 120 points a week.
    Basically it’s all become one big joke. They use to have good rewards, now the only things they have are discounts to things most people don’t really care about OR spend points for sweepstake entries, mainly the sweepstakes. They also eliminated 15 number codes, without any real notice. And then they were exclaiming how you would no longer be limited to enter only 10 codes a day... YEA, great... hmmm, there’s a new catch, you can now enter as many as you like- up to 120 points- A WEEK! This is for those of us dedicated Cokers. How’s this a help, you cut us from entering 700ish points a week to 120, but hey we can enter them all at once!
    Frankly the whole thing has gone downhill, not sure why I keep up w/ them. I prefer Coke much more than Pepsi but frankly getting this cheap and trying to pass it by us as a good thing for our benefit is a complete insult to any type of intelligence.
    And imagine this- there’s no place for comments or feed back on the site. Not even a way to contact Coke or the web master. To contact anyone there you have to go to and use the contact-us at the bottom of that page.
    Frankly I think we all need to start voicing our feelings there, maybe then someone would truly think about WHOM they are actually designing there "Rewards" forand for WHOM they changed the rules of entry.
    Just my 3cents.

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  • Ta
    Tara Feb 23, 2009

    I agree! Coke Rewards has gone WAY downhill!
    I am thinking of not even bothering anymore.
    The AMC silver and gold movie vouchers were what drew me there in the first place and they seem to have gotten rid of them! Totally sucks!
    I sent them a complaint and never heard anything back. I think we should all stop saving the codes and instead ship all of them to the President of Coke!
    All the rewards are now are cheap products with Coke's logo on them or magazine subscriptions or wow. for 1700 points I can get a $30 table top grill that would cost me $3k in coke products to get!
    Does Coke really think we all are that stupid???? ### 'em!

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  • Ma
    marcos Feb 24, 2009

    I agree with everyone else. The points are now practically worthless, the site is hard to navigate, and the prizes are almost all crap. Entering points has now become even harder because they've filled the site with TONS of ads--all of which have to properly load before you can enter your next code. And these ads change after each submission, so you just have to wait and wait and wait before you can do anything else!!

    I had over 17, 000 points before the big switch to 2, 000-point-only top prizes, and the range of prizes I was offered was a joke. Settled on the KitchenAid Mixer (which I already own) because that looked like the only thing I could get any money for on Ebay. What a huge waste of time!!!

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