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J Nov 01, 2018
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I am a white male and apparently a target of don Lemon. His comments that white males are the biggest terrorist threat in America are not only offensive to me(being a white male) but highly racist and biggoted. Being a gay male I have fought biggotry and hate through out my life. I am so upset that CNN thinks his comments of hate are ok? An apology(which has not been given) is not enough. His racism is deep and his comments are evident that he needs to be removed from his position and CNN should no longer cover up for him or condone his behavior or comments . He should be terminated immediately and CNN has alot of damage control to white males watching their program.


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    Charlie Noble Nov 01, 2018

    How dare you Ms. Lemmon!

    I, a white male, am sitting in a V.A. Hospital today seeking treatment for my service connected disability. I asked for NOTHING but I, a white male, gave you the ability to spew the garbage and name calling you continue to do.

    For ONCE, be honest, place blame where blame is due! Your own “News Service” has reported being robbed at gun point and the CRIMINALS were not White... Try walking down 46th and Honroe in Chicago some dark night and let’s see how that does for you!

    I am not a racist or hater. That ended on multiple missions into Africa and Asia for humanitarian and drug interdiction actions. I helped EVERYONE and even saved the life of the dark skinned person who shot at me... but I am the person you spit out this vile hatred about? How dare you!

    Come to a V.A. Hospital and see the White Males here and say to them that they are the problem... funny part is my fellow veterans, who are not White Males, will address you quickly and support the WHITE MALES you hate so much!

    You are a RACIST! Not me... I have spent years working in underprivileged and storm damaged areas... where were you? Where were your ilk? Surely you want me to keep paying my taxes to help the “village raise the child” and I say that the village has FAILED!

    You have no Honor. Your employer has no Courage. WE, the White Males, you hate have the COMMITMENT to support this country and our fellow human beings.

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