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Complaints & Reviews

clinique face cream spf50

Hello! I bought a tube of Clinique spf50 leaving Nz at duty free.

I used for 4 days and then noticed my face was red and blotchy and uncomfortable and felt lumpy and a bit slimy. I stopped using the sunscreen and my skin began to recover... it took about 3 days.

I have never had this type of reaction to any sunscreen or cream. I do not not have sensitive skin.

All other products I used were the same as I normally would including shampoo and conditioner and skin care products.

I can't see a batch number on the tube and no longer have the box.

clinique face cream spf50

clinique perfectly real compact makeup

I just spent about an hour chatting with various reps on They are not able to find my order after I stated that initially I didn't have an account with the site and I often checked out as a guest, especially if I wasn't home with all of my various passwords at hand.

The reps were pleasant and respectful. That is not my issue. I have a compact that cost almost $30 that has grainy lumps in it. I only save invoices as long as it takes to verify that (a) my order is correct and (b) the $$ amount is correct on my credit card. I have never had a problem with any Clinique product before this. Who knew.

I asked if I could send in the current compact that I have and exchange it for another. Same shade, same everything. I was willing to send at my own expense. I never asked for $$ or a credit to my credit card. Product for product is all I want. The makeup is not comfortable to apply. What normally appears creamy and smooth is very grainy. I have rosacea and I need to have somethin smooth applied to my face. I can't imagine that I'm asking for something outlandish.

Normally a company stands behind it's product if something is wrong with it. I asked if there was someone I could speak with who can understand this this product is not up to par. My answer was not without an invoice. Well, the green Clinique compact with the bumps in it certainly proves that it's their product. The label states exactly what it is. I guess they don't care.

I'll I want is an exchange of product. Doesn't seem that complicated.

clinique perfectly real compact makeup

foundation and service

I went to David jones at kotara and bought the new beyond foundation as advised by the consultant. I explained to her that I have sensitive skin and the product I had bought in the past was no longer available as it worked great. When I used it my skin reacted badly and it was too dark as well, very thick. I specifically asked for a liquid foundation so it would look better. I tried to return the product and she refused and was rude to me. I was so upset as I paid $55 for it hoping I would have the same result as the previous foundation I use to buy. I'm afraid now to use Clinique, as the reaction was so bad. What can I do about it? I still have the receipt and haven't used it since. Its almost full

clinique quickliner for eyes


I'm writing about a recurring problem I've had with Clinque Quickliner For Eyes. Several times with subsequent pencils, when they reach the end (which is hard to determine because of the clouded pencil), the end breaks off and goes into my eye.
Ordinarily I've been able to flick it away from my lower lid, but this morning, it got lodged in my lower lid and it took me a long time to retrieve it. This seems very dangerous to me.

Sandy Hillard

not impressed

You probably didn't expect that Clinique products can be bad. This company has a great reputation because many people are happy with what they sell.
But there are other people who weren't satisfied. Moreover, I wouldn't claim their products are the highest quality and bring result. Yes, people are different, have different types of skin and so on and on.
However, their Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream is absolutely useless, my wrinkles haven't changed and not disappeared, even though I followed all the instructions. It also was really overpriced.
What I can recommend is to read reviews before placing an order.

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purchase of clinique aromatics perfum on

Good Day,

I am writing to you with a big disappointment. My mum and I are big fans of the Clinique Aromatics perfume and has been using it for some time. 3 months ago I order the perfume on taka lot .com which was a gift to my mother. We received it well packed but to our surprise and disappointment the perfume does not smell at all like the aromatics we know.

The order number is 1099627 : Clinique Aromatics Elxir-Eau de Perfum 25ml-for her(parallel import) delivered on the 07th of June2017

Men's oil control exfoliating tonic

I've used this since college (over 25 years) and find the formula has weakened over the past several years. The sting or tingle it was known for is gone and it is far less effective. In fact, it feels oily. I have oily skin and have had more skin breakouts of late. Please return to the other formula 4 1/2. I live in the south eastern US and we have a very humid climate. I have more of a baby face and am subject to breakouts.

Not the best

I'm not satisfied with Clinique service and their products. I have purchased something from this website and returned the product because I did not like it. I also had a small allergic reaction to their products. It took them forever to refund my money and I argued with them a lot. I have no idea why it took so long but all that time I was in a stress and I really thought they scammed me. I do not recommend buying from Clinique.

Online Shopping

I purchased items from Clinique online. An amount was deducted from my bank account but I never received an order number. I contacted the call centre a day after who advised it was a technical error and they will confirm the order and call me if they encounter any issues. A day after I didn't receive an order number or call. I contacted the call centre and spoke to the rude Carol Maleka who is a CONSUMER SERVICE MANAGER. Carol is extremely rude, she basically argued every statement and asked me how they/ Estee can avoid technical error like I flipping work in the technical department! She was a total b who acted on an emotional response. When I asked for a refund she told me "the money is there" not sure where? The money is still reserved for Clinique so I cannot understand where the money is. Carol continued to argue pretending she is the customer and I should respect her! Clinique did not help me pay for my order, so please do send your staff "Carol Maleka" for proper training on banking, technology, respect and understanding how to react in a professional manner. I am totally disgusted!

Online Shopping

I purchased items via online shopping. The money was deducted off my account however I never received an order confirmation. I contacted the call centre a day after and was advised that there was a technical error and they will process my order and if they need to query anything they will contact me. A day after I still didn't receive my order number so I called the call centre and spoke to Carol who was so rude to me. She actually argued everything I said to a point where I had to tell her I do not want to argue with you. The order was eventually cancelled, however I nit not even sure if my money will be refunded. Hello to the rude, disrespectful behaviour from Clinique Managers and Staf[censored]

Product is not good quality anymore

Clinique is advertising its products as very sensitive to skin. I was using them for half a year and had no problems what so ever but in past several months I started to get rash around my nose, weeks later it got even worse. I decided to stop using Clinique for a while and since then no signs of rash. Either quality of product changed to the worse or it has long term negative effect.

rude and unhelpful

I went to clinique to purchase a beauty item and the two women working there were flat out rude and...

Waking me up in the middle of the night

I do not know where Clinique got my cellphone number. They sent me a service message at 23h30, while i was asleep, waking me up. How dare they? could I please have the name and cellno of the CEO and responsible person in order to wake them up at random at night.

I nhave used Clinique products for 25 years, but never again.

Dr.Jennyfer Faridy Cocco

I went in for a Breast lift, paid 6, 650 and did not get good results at all. The scaring is terrible, the...

Rude customer service on the phone

I order from Clinique yesterday. I was really happy with the service I got from Belk. I want to go back and buy some more from her, but because I couldn't go yesterday, I decided to order online instead. I wish I have never order it online. I probably wouldn't have to experience the bad experience.

I place the order. Later I got an email that said it was unable to process through and for me to call them. I call the phone they provided me.

The guy I talk to on the phone was KIT. I ask what's wrong with the card. He told me the address didn't match. I ask him if I need to call the bank. I need to know what I should do next to make the order go through. He told me I don't need to call the bank. He just kept on repeating the address don't match. I told him maybe it's because I just change the address that day. My husband had forgotten the address on the card since we move so much and I have updated it. I ask if that could be the problem. He just told me the address don't match. Why is he arguing with me? He was so harsh with me. I don't understand why he would want to argue. I am so UPSET!


I ordered some health and beauty cream from Macy’s it’s the soap, astringent and face lotion that...

Rudeness/Age discrimination

I worked in retail for seven years so I do not consider myself an unreasonable person when it comes to...