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Nic Herron has been extremely difficult to get ahold of and from the time we committed to the building and put our money down, he went from agreeable to impossible to get any information from. Unfortunately we made our final payment before he fixed a couple of issues with our building and it's been one excuse after another. The last excuse was his "yard was broken into and all tools taken". I was googling this when I ran across additional complaints about Cleary. Darned people.


  • Cleary Building Aug 06, 2019

    Cleary Building Corp. is fully aware of this particular situation and we have addressed it with our Client. We are working to make sure the project proceeds in a timely manner. I spoke with the Building Specialist assigned to this job, to get more details about the Client’s concerns. Yes, there were delays, many were out of Cleary’s control, not all. Initially, we made attempts to contact the Client to set up a time to do the repairs, but we were unable to connect. When we finally made contact with the Client, they wanted to make sure they were present when the repairs were being done. We attempted to accommodate this request. On the morning of the scheduled repairs when the Client was available, it was discovered, in fact, that Cleary’s fenced-in storage yard had been broken into the night before and tools were stolen from the trucks - which delayed the repairs further (repairs had to be rescheduled again). When we got re-tooled and went to load the steel to be installed (for the repair), we noticed it had been run over by a landscaping company’s truck (not Cleary’s truck). We called the Client about the situation and sent them pictures letting them know the steel was damaged and that we would reschedule once again when we received the replacement steel. Please understand that Cleary has been corresponding with the Client and we do have a plan of action in place to resolve the issues at hand. The delays have been lengthy due to these circumstances and we apologize for those delays. Our focus remains on providing the Client with the highest quality building. As I have already expressed to the Client, I stand ready and available to assist them with any further issues or concerns. - Don Herron, Cleary Building Corp. Region Manager

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