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My husband hired Cleary Building Corp. to build our 42x60 shop. The posts were not put very far down in ground like he was told at least 4ft and high wind blew it over only few weeks old. 32, 000 dollars involved - gone in a wind storm. The construction was not what they said they would do, plus it was not level. He called the salesman to come back and fix the doors they didn't latch properly and he never came back. Really bad construction the posts just bent over and then snapped. I would try Morton buildings- buyers beware!
If they had put the posts- they call 3-2x6's nailed together posts had been put in cement and down 4 feet it would have with stood the high winds!!! They will not refund our money! saying its "A act of God" we think its a act of shoddy construction done by Man!!!


  •   Aug 09, 2018

    We are aware of this client and take serious issue with the commentary they have posted. This was no ordinary wind storm, in fact both the National Weather Service and Emmons County Sheriff’s office posted documented wind speeds at 113 MPH. Construction methods did not cause this building to fail, and I will contend if additional concrete were added (even though not warranted per code or specification) the columns would have still snapped given such a severe weather event. Acts of God such as this are precisely why there is insurance, and it certainly should cover a case like this if in fact proper insurance was placed on this building. The commentary posted is bordering slander, and we will take whatever steps necessary to protect our good name, which we have spent over 40 years establishing.

    Thank you

    Ron Kempkers
    Senior General Manager of Operations, Western Division

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      Aug 13, 2018

    Ron there was 113 mph winds in emmons county but it was thirty miles away from the location of this building. I have a wind perometer. And I live not even a quarter mile away from this specific building and I clocked only 70 mph winds.

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