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My name is Dedrick McCarvy, (#[protected]) and my home flooded in the Historic Flood in Baton Rouge Louisiana on August 14, 2016. I made a claim through my insurance company and insurance proceeds were sent in my name and CitiMortgage. The devastation of my home flooding was minor in comparison to the devastation of dealing with CitiMortgage and getting funds from the insurance policy that my hard earn dollars has paid for. I understand that CitiMortgage has rules and guidelines in place to help protect their investment. However the homeowner has an investment also. The hurdles and obstacles that the homeowner has to go through in order to get insurance funds to be able to recover from the natural devastation is ridiculous. The staff is incompetent and frustrating to deal with. The level of inconsistency each time you call CitiMortgage is unbelievable. The processes that are designed to protect CitiMortgage's interest are the very same processes that are at the root of allowing homeowners to be scammed by contractors. It is more than a year after the flood and CitiMortgage is still holding my funds hostage. I cant keep a good contractor working because CitiMortgage insist on paying out my insurance money in small pieces. Pieces of payments that are not enough to get work done. CitiMortgage prefers to give a contractor who has no interest in our home complete control over our insurance funds rather than allow us the homeowner any control in protecting our investment. Have some empathy for the homeowner who has already suffered enough devastation. Stop making it worst. Why is CitiMortgage's process so homeowner unfriendly? CitiMortgage claimed to have sent me $15K that was never paid to me. To this day I don't know what happened to it and neither does CitiMortgage. All I want to do is repair my home and returned to a sense of normalcy. Would you (CitiMortgage) please release the remainder of my insurance funds so that I can at least do that. I don't believe that is too much to ask. I am tired of begging for the very funds that was put in place to protect my home. It is sad, heartbreaking, and disgusting on so many levels. CitiMortgage has brought me to tears far worst than any flood or hurricane has ever done.

A Devastated and Disgusted Homeowner

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